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    A different small building with a great look!
    You did a wonderful job on this one! Thank you!
    Nicely done! Great job
    Another beauty!
    Great job one more time!
    Truly beautiful and well done!
    Very beautiful buildings! Great job as always
  1. Wow looks very good. It's huge project, looking forward to this one!
  2. matias93: thank you very much! So I made a test with the steps of the stairs and I got 26,5m to the tower. When testing with the men on the front measuring 1,65m I got 25,5. So I decided the real thing is about 25m. Also, it's known the building's bricks were reddish, so this part is fine SimCoug: thank you! I think this station may look good in your CJ since it has a historic look I'll export the model in HD and SD. The modelling part is almost done now - I'm studying how the windows really looked - and I think this building is very fun to do. BTW there's also a little European station on the JP's infinite projects backstage
    Wow it looks so good!! Regarding the .lot and .desc files, I'm sure some of the great lotters and modders will make this model very useful. It's wonderful to see you around uploading a file again, can we expect more?
  3. @RandyE I tested it on Firefox and IE and it looks fine. I don't use Chrome to test with it as well. However I noticed that when I change the zoom level (Ctrl + on Firefox) the same 'problem' happens. Can you check if your pages are in the default zoom (100%) ? Fantozzi beated me, but I'll let the image as an illustration (BTW, is beated a real word?) @Fantozzi Fixed! Thank you
  4. Looks great!
  5. I don't know if another moderator edited it, but it looks perfectly normal here.
  6. You are the 4th member with more Brazilian BATs produced, did you know? I agee with Bastet, and IMO you should try to be the first one I was thinking about doing an old train station from my town which was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century to the construction of a new one. However I've only a few pics from it and I need to know it's dimensions. Do you have any tips to do it only with these pictures? I was thinking about using the steps from that stair on the left of the first picture as 17cm each since it's default nowadays, and then the platform would be 68cm. But I don't know, maybe you've a better idea or technique BTW I'm not working with my projects since the last previews due to many exams at the uni, but I hope to release something as soon as this exams period is over