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    Great job!!
  1. Always a pleasure to admire your images *_*
  2. Nice city with a beautiful coast!
    Great job again! We had Fordism, Toyotism and Taylorism in the past, tell us your secrets to Diegodelllanism
  3. Another wonderful entry! That's amazing! I can stare at this image like forever.
    Another great work! 5/5
  4. mipro

    That's incredibly detailed, great job as always, Jason.
  5. Perfect!
  6. Welcome to the 3,000 club! *:party:

    1. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      Thank you :)

    Amazing job again, Diego! Thanks for this one
    Very good job!
  7. Amazing! I have to say I'm not surprised because you never disappoint us with your textures. Truly beautiful work.
  8. Truly beautiful!
    Lovely building! This kind of narrow building is not common on ST. Thanks for bringing this one! 5/5
    Thank you very much for this pack! They all fit perfectly in my cities. Your dedication doing BATs is amazing