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    I love it!!! 5/5
  1. Wonderful work.
  2. OMG, I love that little building.
  3. I love it!!!!
    Great Work!!!
    Wonderful work!!! 5/5
  4. Hanson784- Lol, that has to be a lot of pollution. BIWDC- Thank you. Hotwheeler- The windows looked like that back then.
    Great work as always. 5/5
  5. cmdp123789- I might mod for the game, I'm still thinking. Ceafus 88- Lol, yeah your right. NYBT Peter Stuyvesant What do you guys think about my windows that I have changed, I still have more work to do.
  6. I love them, I do miss you making these type of building, they are so damn cute.
  7. Oh my, I love the texturing.
  8. I have thought about it, I would need to learn how to mod the buildings in the game. You do have Feindbolds Buildings for steam so he's like an Aaron. He's great with the tenement buildings I make, but he has not touch the early 20 century, mid 20 century style, and art deco style apartments
  9. Last I remember I need to do with the Beekman Hotel Tower is work on the windows on the back of the building, the texturing of the ac units below the windows, and the nightlights.
    Great Work!!!! 5/5