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  1. Precariat. I'm a uni student, I have basically zero money. That's probably the main factor in that.
  2. 5862. Well now, it's been a while.
  3. 5331. I think this comes under the fallacy of the broken window. Money spent on road repairs and the results of degraded roads is money that likely would have been spent elsewhere.
  4. 5305. I've finally finished everything I needed to do for my honours year. I've been thinking about getting back into SC4 now I have free time.
  5. 5169. Someone tried to rob the corner store at knifepoint last year, they got hit over the head with a bottle of wine and ran off. He then tried to rob two other places in the same way, but failed and fled both times - the second time when a car stopped outside, and the last time when the staff refused to give him anything.
  6. Hey! What's with this bumping of old threads... Oh my!
  7. 5132. I wonder how hard it would be to make the hair and eye colours in my avatar go through the full spectrum. I might have a go at doing that.
  8. 5125. So that's a DNF for DNF?
  9. 5119. Almost 11 years after its release, I finally finished Half-Life 2.
  10. It wouldn't be the rate that matters, rather whether you can feel the pulse at all. If you can feel the pulse at that location, the blood pressure must be at least that high.
  11. 5079. And the UK, which I don't think was ever a British colony. Perhaps more accurately non-North-American places formerly owned by Britain, except Caribbean ones, with some other exceptions (like Egypt, where British rule didn't really stick for long and drives on the right). And also East Timor, which was Portuguese, then independent, then Indonesian, then independent again and only borders Indonesia; Indonesia, which was Dutch but only borders left-hand-driving countries; Macau, which was Portuguese but imported most of its cars from Hong Kong (which was British); Mozambique was never associated with Britain (but for some reason is in the Commonwealth of Nations, the only country not once owned by Britain to be so), all its neighbours drive on the left; Suriname for reasons that no-one knows (it was partially British, but Dutch since the 17th century, it didn't change when the Netherlands did in the late 19th); Thailand was never British and is almost entirely surrounded by right-hand-driving countries, still drives on the left for some reason. EDIT: and Samoa switched from right to left in 2007. Just because something is popular, like driving on the right-hand-side of the road, doesn't mean it's the correct thing to do.
  12. 5065. It was very convenient that my avatar fit perfectly. And I see we have similar Origin ideas in different numbers of dimensions, Wahrheit.
  13. Then what of heterosexual couples who, for some reason or another, physically can't bear offspring? Should a proof of fertility from both parties be a requirement to get married? This certainly voids one of those main tenets of marriage - without a third party this couple will never be able to procreate. What if they marry, but through some very unfortunate accident one of them loses the ability to participate in the reproductive process? Is their marriage annulled at the moment of the accident, or does a doctor need to confirm it? Marriage predates Christianity. It predates organised religion. It is certainly something the various faiths have decided to get in on over the years, but it is not of them.
  14. I've never understood this argument. So Buddhists can't get married? Nor can Hindus, nor Muslims, nor Confucians, nor Jews? Not even Protestants - there are only two sacraments in Protestant theology, Baptism and Eucharist. Was no-one married before Christianity existed? Are many marriages nowadays shams, even if the partners love each other dearly? I mean, a lot of people can still get married - there's about a billion Roman Catholics in the world, and millions more Orthodox Christians and Copts, all of which have matrimony as a sacrament, but that's still about six-sevenths of the world that can't unless they convert.