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  1. DITTO!!!! I've finnished Liberty Island and am working on Ellis. Trying to find suitable buildings and especially that large circular sidewalk is driving me upa wall. So much that Im thinking about trying my hand at creating my own..... John
  2. OK.....how did you get those roads under the bridge??????????
  3. Well, it seems Ive finally tried the impossible. Ive always lived in hilly areas and it is very, very common to have roads/streets/rail what have you cross each other. I used the land bridge mod to create the bridge but cannot find any way to get a road/avenue/highway to plop (is that the right word?) under the bridge tile. My searching has revealed either it doesn't exist or it doesn't exist. I found a reference to a Japanese mod for under bridge extenders but the site redirects to dead locations. Does anyone know how to do this or where to find extenders? Or how to build roads under land bridges? I see there are tons of extenders for other items...just no roadways. Thanks in advance, John
  4. wow! great answers. I will most certainly check your suggestions, Cathy. Thanks, John
  5. I did a search and I have a plug in manager (which is ambiquish at best) and I can't get rid of errors when starting an existing city. Most perplexing is when a missing plug in develops without any changes by me. How do I identify the missing dependency? For example (my current error) Plugin Pac 1523421531.