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  1. I have a BFA in Drama with an emphasis in costume and scenic design. I did a year of Fine Art (conceptual, 2D, 3D, etc.) but switched to Drama at the end of my first year, and was able to do my essentials for the Drama degree in three years. I worked in film and TV costumes/wardrobe for over fifteen years, but currently not in that field. What I jumped into is a much longer story... Have you ever had surgery? If so, for what?
  2. Retainer
  3. I thought it was gonna be sushi...
  4. bugs

    Change scares me.
  5. bugs

    Not really a bug, but did the font suddenly change for the forum messages on the site? Or did I press a button somewhere on my end and change something? Or are my eyes going bad?
  6. Looks so peaceful and tranquil. I want to live here.
  7. I did indeed know that! I had been listening to a lecture in which Ballard described the visits to the Scorpion and the Thresher, but didn't realize that 1968 (the year the Scorpion was lost) also had three other submarines disappear. Did you know that Academy Award-winning actor Rod Steiger portrayed fascist leader Benito Mussolini twice, the first time in the Italian film Last Days of Mussolini and the second time in Lion in the Desert? This second film was funded by the Libyan government under Muammar Gaddafi, and was banned in Italy a year after it was released.
  8. The music store either needs a little bit of extra signage or some extra little front detail work. Just one little bell or whistle to add, which will make it complete. I do think I should lop off some of that cornice, it does look super heavy and clunky. I have a couple of corner store style BATs on my list in my mind; they'll be included or concentrated in a pack down the road. I think the first set of medium wealth commercial services will be all the 1x1 and 1x2 single storey BATs so far. A second pack will be 1x1 and 1x2 multi-storey (up to a max of three, I think), and a subsequent will be larger lot BATs, such as 2x2 and that like. I expect the corner stores will be in that latter pack. That is, if I can ever get past the BATting stage and dump them in the Plugin Manager and lot and test them... EDIT: added aforementioned details.
  9. * receives a battered, torn, dog-eared copy of the 1997 Thomas Guide for Los Angeles * * inserts a packet of McDonald's ketchup *
  10. Have tried messing around with industrials. About six years back I was working up a big one, the Susquehanna Hat Factory, but only got as far as the texturing. The nighlights still need to be done. Eventually I will get around to them. I confess that I don't spend much time in-game in the industrial zones, but they do need some more variety; the trick is figuring out the way the game grows them - the mechs, the anchors, and the outs. I have a discussion of it bookmarked somewhere, but would require study for me to mod correctly. I do like the concept of the storefront props - I just don't think Maxis did them justice. Here are two more of the multi-storeys. Modifications of the two prior models. One is a café, and I think the one with the blue awning will be a music store...
  11. I almost always make the ground floor taller than the floors above; more often than not, there's a high-ceiling lobby or mezzanine or some feature inside the ground floor that would account for it. Not only that, I do find that if the ground floor isn't taller, the building will have a squished or squat look. Like a Corgi. Not that I don't love Corgis, but it always looks odd to me. I also usually make the uppermost floor a bit taller too - you don't just get a ceiling on the inside of the top floor, with the bottom of the exterior rooftop just floating right above it. There's usually cornice or dentals or detail work, and visually it's more appealing to the eye.
  12. Did you know that during the year 1968, there were a total of four mysterious disappearances and losses of submarines? Those lost were the USS Scorpion, the Soviet K-129, the Israeli Dakar, and the French Minerve.
  13. Cheddar, all the way. Cheese with holes makes me feel cheated. I want the full slice of cheese. Boxers or briefs?
  14. Converse. Although I have fallen arches and they usually have no support, I always like wearing my All Stars. Plus they're the one shoe with any character that don't make my feet appear stupid. (If that makes sense?) Have you ever been able to maintain or keep a New Year's resolution? And if so, what was it?
  15. On my office midrises, I modeled the floors above the lobby/ground floor at either 4.25 or 4.5 meters each. Oddly enough, I rarely model stuff and then scale it; I've just accustomed myself to modeling with the scaling in the back of my head (ie. overcompensating for height and then just expecting gmax to squish things a little bit vertically).