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  1. "I know that people think I have a certain style, but I think style is like the color of the eyes. I don't know that you choose that." - playwright Horton Foote
  2. Something about the modeling bugs me a little bit; this BAT is very very narrow. It looks to be approximately 8 meters wide, as it fits on about half of a single grid width lot. When you put it next to the Rivello and all those others in that screenshot, it looks glaringly narrow and squished. I would suggest either widening it a bit, or not making it nearly as long as those others. I am hard pressed to come up with a rational use for that building be on so narrow a footprint as modeled currently. When I've BATted little buildings and made something this small, it's usually been something that's kiosk-sized, usually square or nearly square or squarish.
  3. Yes, getting those textures right will be a good chunk of the work. And when you change one texture, you need to see how it visually affects your perception of the others. There will be a lot of back-and-forth, between the modeling program and your image editing software where you are making (and remaking, and refining, and re-refining) your textures. If you're working in Photoshop, you'll be playing around a lot of the hue, saturation, contrast and brightness features. Sometimes it may take just a little tweak of a percentage up or down to get the effect you want. As for the blue, yeah, it's pretty Smurf-tastic. You'll need to leech a bunch of the color out of it. It can still remain a cool gray, but this one is super blue, as you yourself have already noted. The roof textures and the base building textures are usually the thing that I do in my buildings at the beginning of the texturing stage. Often I will do the main body texture first, then drop a previously used roof texture in to see what direction I need to go in, with regard to warmth, value, etc. When I do texturing, I often will do a "reversal" of the roof when compared to the base building texture; that is to say, if the building bricks are very warm, I will aim for a cooler roof texture, whereas if the building is a cooler gray or painted cool color, I will go for a warmer gray roof texture. I find that if the entire BAT is in warms or cools exclusively, it deadens the end result slightly. You need a bit of contrast, now matter how subtle it is, to break that and prevent the entire BAT from looking as if it's been put through a warm or cool filter.
  4. I find that the Maxis window texture is passably fine; you just need to adjust the UVW maps so that you only see part of it, so it looks less chunky/cubey. I wonder if the render issue has anything to do with the texture ID conflict; do you have that fix applied? Though since the render isn't erroneously showing portions of standard Maxis buildings, it might not be the case, but it's something that should be fixed or applied if it hasn't already been.
  5. Yeah looks like it will need a re-render. But I would suggest tweaking the textures a little before you do - perhaps some less "noise" in the rooftop texture. As compared to a lot of the other buildings in the screenshot test, it looks very noisy. If you're making textures in Photoshop, it might be just a matter of reducing the contrast or applying a blur filter to it. I would also darken the white/light texture for the rooftop "buttons" and vents - if it's gmax, the lighting rig has a tendency to really wash out anything sitting horizontally underneath it, so those white buttons are showing up extremely white. Light to medium gray would do fine, and then you can avoid this. As mentioned previously, the windows are looking like black holes.
  6. Even though I use gmax only, I would totally watch that.
  7. It's a typo. Blown far out of proportion and riding the crest of some form of popular imagination meme-driven zeitgeist (if that's the proper term), which is surely doesn't deserve in light of all the other pressing political matters surrounding that individual and his administration. What's the worst thing you got in trouble (ie. "caught") for?
  8. Ages ago, I started an office building BAT that was shaped remarkably like this one; I even called the model file "coffin office." Sadly (or not?) my BAT is dead, but you have brought the Millennium to full and vibrant and visceral life...I'm not sure as a piece of architecture if that's a good thing or a bad thing...but as a BAT? It's swell! And perfectly belongs in our plugins folders - where it can do the least amount of aesthetic damage to our sims' (and our) souls...
    This is a cute little unique midrise. We can never have enough variety when it comes to CS and CO in the game, and anything as good as this deserves to be in our plugins folder. Great modeling and texturing, too. Yay midrises, yay Mattb325!
    The texturing for this is beautiful. Lots of great little details really make this one shine. If only my sims were smart enough to get jobs there, but my towns are so small in-game that I seldom get I-HT to grow...!
  9. That's probably the easiest way. You would indeed need to be careful about "the seams" where one object ends and another begins. A lot of checking the preview renders will be in order. I was also thinking this sort of thing would be tricky with textures, but if you grouped all the objects together and then applied the UVW map and texture, it would be fine I think.
  10. Depending on the effect and what you are going for, there are lots of different ways of achieving this. The following picture is something I created in gmax in a minute. Originally it was a rectangular spline drawn in the top view with dimensions of 8.0 by 10.0, with the corner radius adjusted to 1.5. Then I added an edit spline modifier, selected "spline" under the rollout, highlighted the entire spline in the top view window, then scrolled down on the menu panel on the right and typed in 0.3 in the outline window. From there, I added an extrude modifier and typed in 6.
  11. And some digitals...
  12. Digging through an old hard drive that I rescued and harvested out of a dead laptop, I came across these. Some pencil sketches first...