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  1. Death for not feeding or watering the plants.
    Mattb325, did you create these sound barriers to cut down on the traffic noise to better hear the massive amount of applause from all of us for your continued abundance of quality uploads? Great set! I'm glad you're still contributing to the game in all aspects and all facets. Bravo, bravo, bravo.
    Beautiful. A worthy addition to anyone's cityscape.
  2. You're using gmax, right? And are you using something similar to the nightmap cheat/texture I created at one point in my thread a while back? (It is ever so handy!) If so, I would play around a little bit with the nightmap intensity - see what it looks like at 0.7, 0.8, and 0.9; I found that I had to adjust it from BAT to BAT, based on the size of the window glass and the thickness of any frames and mullions. Sometimes it would take a few different test preview renders to find out which intensity looked best.
  3. SC4. As far as I'm concerned, SC5 is a bad dream. Da Vinci or Michelangelo?
  4. Did you know that acting icon James Dean was the first actor to be posthumously nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1955, for his performance in East of Eden? He did not, however, win the award, and thus did not set a record for an Oscar for Best Actor win after death. That distinction would go to Peter Finch, for his unforgettable performance as Howard Beale in the film Network in 1976.
  5. Couple more for the first bunch - 1x2's. Here's a yoga/dance studio, and a glass/mirror supply store. I need to stop BATting and start exporting and all that...
  6. Yes indeed - I am a huge fan of the old Dateline NBC "To Catch a Predator" series, and I had an episode playing in the background on my computer just now. The next person is looking forward to an upcoming new release at the movies.
  7. * receives a 20-cents-off coupon for Heinz Ketchup * * inserts a frozen Eggo waffle *
  8. Soup kitchen.
  9. I can't tell from the previews, but it looks like the storefronts are modeled flat with the full texture applied to the front - walls, doors, windows, glass all as one single texture. I think this doesn't do justice to their designs; doors and windows should be slightly inset, etc. A little more modeling and separating textures, and they'll really shine.
  10. Hate. I remember working a grocery store job in high school, and the tourists would drive up from New York City (it was a 90 minute trip) and stay locally over the weekend. They would always ask me "what there was to do around here," and my reply was always, "well, New York City is an hour and a half away, there's lots to do there." Movie musicals.
  11. I would have to say Pandora, as I haven't ever used Spotify. Cats or dogs?
  12. I don't think I have boring days anymore. Which is not to say that all my days are exciting, it's just that as an adult, I never find myself bored. I would suppose that there were certain days during my childhood that I would have considered "boring" - anything involving appointments like doctors or dentists, stuff I didn't want to do. I do remember taking the SATs (twice) in senior year high school, and being bored out of my mind. What was the make, model, year, and description of your first car?
  13. Oration