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  1. You might actually get MORE ad revenue. You bake ads into the download and installation in the script program.....
  2. apt should be easily adaptable. It's a simply amazing package manager....there is a reason most of the Unix world has changed over to it. Pros: It already deals with compressed files, it runs scripts so it can do whatever you want there, it is adaptable to GUI setups Cons: It runs on Linux. Windows 10 can run bash scripts.....old windows are a no-go. That would have to be powershell, and I'm not even certain end-user variants of Windows have powershell. If not, you are strictly limited to old-school BAT files or somebody writing programs for each package....or coming up with a way to run a bash script on older versions of windows.
  3. I'm reminded of a downloader tool I used to use for World of Warcraft that connected to sites with logins and downloaded mods directly. I think going this path is probably the best way to go. You could have a tool that just ran a script that then DLed all the specified content from all sites and installed it. This would even allow users to create their own "modpac" scripts..... Certainly the tool would have to have the userid/passwords for all the sites AND all the sites would have to have DL APIs (this is probably the biggest hurdle).
  4. To address Fantozzi's post, I think you can accommodate that by having each site have its own download for the modpack in question. I do agree with you about distribution though. I can't see any way that the site/moderators have any limits on distribution as the initial upload by the creator should have explicitly been a contract with said site to distribute. There isn't any agreement that the site will distribute in the same way over time.
  5. I'd also suggest looking at what the guy did with the Morrowind Overhaul. (the OLD and only real Morrowind) It takes the best of the mods for that game, essentially changing Morrowind from an old, dated RPG to pretty much cutting edge by drawing in content from many people and putting it all into one file, one installer, and asking you at each step if you want this change or not. Granted, the mods in that game fundamentally change game behavior because the engine is far more open than the SC4 one, but the method and approach to installation is what I'm getting at here.
  6. I've been in and around SC4 since it came out. The community has always been insane about content protection.....that goes back to the EA mod site. The problem I have always had with the protectionism is that it is unfounded. Content should only garner protection if it has the potential to become a wealth engine in and of itself. I have held the position since then and still hold it that the only 2 mods I have ever seen that I felt could have been monetized where NAM and CAM. No other mods have ever held significant value. Even if the concept of micro-transactions had been around when the game came out, very few would have paid $0.99 for each download. Part of the reason Maxis crashed and burned is they held the firm belief that people would do it just a few years ago....news flash....they don't...and won't. Trinket content can catch fire....but it rarely does. Trinket content that is as much as a month old that hasn't caught fire never will.
  7. That old Wal-Mart is so under-sized next to that Dicks when you consider IRL the Wal-Marts of that type (the 70s/80s era ones) would still have been bigger that most Dicks.
  8. 23:59:59 12-31-1969 is considered date 0 (zero) in any Unix system....called the epoch date. Time is counted from the number of seconds since that date. In other words, 1 is 00:00:00 01-01-1970. Our current date is a very large number. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_time Note the Year 2038 problem is very real. It is the time at which 32-bit Unix systems will no longer be able to track dates as the number of seconds sine Jan 1 1970 will exceed what a float can hold. This is similar to the Y2K issue was and will happen long before then. It's actually already becoming an issue as 30 year mortgages are currently impacted by the 2038 problem. If you work somewhere with 32-Bit Unix still in production, you should be dealing with this now (by getting rid of the dinosaur). When this shows up in a modern system, it usually means somebody didn't put a date into a table that requires it. Unix uses the epoch date for this situation (where it should put a NULL but the data structure requires data). ST probably has some bad data there.
  9. It needs trees on the walkways outside.
  10. This entire political discussion is fairly irrelevant without discussion the biggest problems that face our country and the world. These are bigger than Democrat/Republican. Automation is the greatest threat humanity has ever known outside maybe the Black Death and some ELEs from outer space. Just consider driverless cars. How many people are about to be put out of a job? ALL the truck drivers. ALL the cab drivers. That's got to be half a million people. Self checkout is well on its way to getting rid of all the cashiers everywhere. Automation has already eliminated so many industrial jobs that are never coming back its' not even funny (the union people blame off-shoring, but the real story is many industrial jobs simply got eliminated). Call center jobs are being eliminated at a very fast rate by IVRs (those dumb automated systems) which are getting much better at getting you the information you want without needing a human. The entire software development world is at great risk of being marginalized by AI in the next 10-15 years....maybe more. Automation in IT system administration is rapidly reducing the need for an army of sysadmins. How many people work in fast food restaurants that could easily be replaced by automated ordering systems (and probably will be in the next 10 years) Consider farming....when I was young, it was very common where I lived for the farms to hire 20-30 seasonal hands. My dad was a school teacher and in the summer worked on a farm for my uncle. That uncle would hire 20 people religiously. Talked to him about this ery topic a few weeks ago...he hires 2 now. Compared to his 1970s era version, his combine can cut 3 times the width per pass, 2-3 times more efficiently (ie less waste), and hold double the amount without needing to unload, while driving twice as fast. He pointed out a field his own dad had cut. Used to take them more than a full day with 3-4 guys helping. He says he cuts it all in a morning now, with nobody helping and gets almost TWICE the product from the same field. That is an astonishing improvement....and he pockets all the money rather than paying for help. This type of wealth redistribution is happening across the entire employment spectrum. Rich people no longer need to pay as many people to help them get richer. Companies no longer need to pay as many people to make massive profits. The jobs they DO have are low-paying. At what point would our entire society collapse on itself from unemployment? We already have a crazy "real" unemployed/UNDER-employed rate. Imagine if it went up 10-15%? Western civilization is rapidly heading toward the wealth inequality Tzarist Russia had. We know what happened there.
  11. I don't have to make fun of the people I grew up with...they do it to themselves. It's amazing. They actually think being stupid is funny. These people are poor, depend on the government for EVERYTHING, and still vote for people who want to cut their benefits. Rural southerners are nutso. My hometown is 1800 people in a county or 8000 that is the size of Dallas County TX (where 1.5 MILLION people live). The GDP of the entire COUNTY probably does not get to the GDP of the 100 homes in my sub-division in Dallas. These people are poor. There isn't anything but farming....and the farms long ago got rid of the army of farm hands they needed in the 70s when I was little. I kid you not, I was home a few weeks ago due to a family emergency. Lots of people came out of the woodwork due to what happened, and a Trump discussion came up. A group of them seriously supported Trump out loud because he was going to cut benefits for people who didn't deserve it. I asked them who that was. Their answer? Black lazy people and illegals. I asked them "What about the white lazy people?" Their answer was blunt: "white folks don't every get their benefits cut....only blacks and illegal Mexicans". So I immediately asked what's the difference between a Mexican and an illegal Mexican? The answer I got was "all Mexicans are illegal". Of course when I brought up the absurdity of their belief that white folks don't get their benefits cut, they immediately went to the GOPer well of insults. You seem pretty smart, so I have to tell you that if you aren't aware, the GOP only has any power because of people like this. People in Mississippi, Carolinas, Arkansas, Alabama etc that are racists bigots who throw the N word around without thinking of it still today, have no hesitation slashing the tires of "hispanics", or might tell your wife she should be home making babies. My wife has been told to her face in my hometown that very thing. If you don't believe me, by all means, go take a road trip through Woodruff County, Jackson County, White County etc in Arkansas, or go to Oktibbeha County in Mississippi. Spend a week. Get to know the people. You'll get a quick education. Conservatism currently entirely depends on uneducated people who vote against their best interest. (Why do you think the elected ones hates education and are trying to do everything they can to damage it....see Texas). Why do the 8000 people in Woodruff County vote GOP by an 80% clip??? Median household income is less than $25k. Most of these people are getting government benefits. Most of them are getting A LOT of government benefits. My mother works in the county heath/human service department....she says the number approaches 70% of the people getting food stamps alone. So why do they vote for a party that has stated my entire adult life they want to cut their benefits? Because they are convinced white people are immune from what the GOP wants to do. And because their Baptist preacher has told them that if they don't vote GOP they are going to Hell (I've personally heard this from the pulpit probably 50 times in my life). There was a time they actually separated the voting places so that they knew if you were voting Dem or GOP because the ballots only had one name on them. Yes, its illegal. Did it stop them? Not until sometime in the late 1970s. And before that time, they supposedly didn't let the women vote there, either. Eventually these people are going to figure out they have been duped. God help us when that happens.
  12. I assert that "resource control" cannot be ascertained by political control. Having grown up in Arkansas, I can tell you without any hesitation....there are a LOT of brainwashed evangelical baptist idiots there that are one-issue voters....abortion. They go out of their way to vote against their own self-interest because....unborm babies dude! I've had so many conversations with friends and family on this I long ago lost count. But these GOP voters don't have any control of the "resources". The rich people are Democrats or sane Republicans. I personally know hundreds of those types, and I don't know a one that is pro-Trump. People like to think that rich people are all conservative. In my experience, that's not true. It's more like 55/45 at best. Vast amounts of wealth, "resources", power etc are in the hands of the non-conservative crowd.
  13. Michigan and Ohio were a wasteland long before Nafta....they are a symptom of improper industrialization of the USA in the 1800s. There really is no reason Scranton should ever have been an industrial powerhouse. Nowhere else in the world put industry anywhere other than in (very) big population centers or coastal areas. We, on the other hand, decided that the Ohio river valley was a brilliant place for heavy industry, when it really isn't once your business isn't just locals. Your electoral map, which I assume was included because it's mostly red, is really useless. Most of those red counties are either very sparsely populated, or in the area of 51/49 Rep/Dem. As in...mostly half and half. Don't mistake my comment. I don't support the idea. I don't think it's going to matter. Trump will be impeached in 2018 once the Democrats retake the entire Congress....assuming he somehow stays in office until then. And the absolute worst case is he is out in 2020....he won't beat a candidate that the GOP hasn't has 20 years of experience attacking.
  14. As far as healthcare goes... The rest of the modern world has free healthcare. There are 2 reasons in the USA we don't: 1 - Corporate Greed 2 - Racism. It should have happened in the 50s/60s. Back then, the non-starter was entirely the desire of the Congress to not give black people free healthcare. There are transcripts of committee meetings available where it is said out loud. Now, the issue is there is simply too much money in it for the rich people to let go, along with the market impacts of essentially shutting down 5-8 very large corps.
  15. APSMS, Your assumption that secession would fail might be faulty. California, Oregon AND Washington would go as one...not just California. The loss of the entire west coast would paralize the United States overnight. All of New England would also go at the same time or the next day. That leaves essentially 20% of the US GDP remaining. Washington would fall within a day by sheer number of revolters. The fly-over states (like the one I grew up in and sadly still live in) have very little ability do to jack $@#$ about it. They might be armed to the teeth, but they are all so poor they have no ability to mount any reasonable attack on either geographically remote areas while keeping any semblance of a defensive position. The only thing these states have to worry about is what percentage of the military decides to stay with the weak remnants of the USA....and large chunks of the military would go with them, not stay with the US Make no mistake....Texas would be gone IMMEDIATELY. I live in Texas...they are itching to be independent. Without the West coast, New England, and Texas....Florida, Georgia, and NC would quickly bolt also. Hawaii would almost certainly leave with the West Coast...and there are enough people there to overun Pearl in a few hours. That leaves...nothing much. The only question would be would nukes fly. I have serious doubts on that. Many military commanders would go with the secessionists...and they are the ones who pull the trigger. There is no way on god's green earth the guys in the bunkers could be convinced to launch an ICBM against the continent. So you'd have just the bomber jockeys to worry about. I suggest to you they would face the same choice the bunker guys would have....they would never do it. Keep in mind, the women's march itself could have overthrown our government if it wanted to (and the government were stupid enough to have been around that day). There isn't any way to repel one million people in the streets of Washington...that's why Congress and the President are never there when there is any threat of such an event. Imagine if the people protested in the streets daily at that magnitude? Heck, they can't even stop ONE guy from jumping the fence at the White House. I can't believe some terrorist group hasn't already tried. Imagine 30 jumping that fence heavily armed? The Secret Service defense plan is to push the President down a hatch in the Oval that slides him into the bunker and push a button closing the hatch. Their plan is entirely to turtle. My sources suggest the US military already has a plan to oust him if the time comes....and my sources are highly informed. Don't go thinking the US Military would stick with the fly-over states....they probably wouldn't.