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  1. Amazing work!
  2. Awesome work as always.
  3. Welcome to all the new staff.
  4. The developers came up with a terrible game. They should move on and stop blaming EA for everything.
  5. This is decent. Did you BAT those Paramaraibo buildings yourself?
  6. This will be the greatest BAT ever I imagine, the simple fact that this thread is like 10 years old is amazing in itself.
  7. This game was a disaster and not just because of the online requirement. The fact that he thinks it was basically a good game shows just how removed from reality he is when it comes to SimCity.
  8. Wow!!!
  9. Great to have you back!
  10. Very sad to hear of Nonny's passing. A true icon of ST.
  11. I will be in Lagos next week! Those yellow buses really are everywhere! And people set up markets in the middle of the highway during traffic jams.
  12. There is almost always only one shooter. Early reports always seem to speak of multiple shooters, but it is never borne out.
  13. No, I have no concern for his well-being whatsoever, he deserved what ever he got. Just stating that if he was brought in alive it wouldn't have been a picnic for him down at the station.
  14. Probably a better fate than he would have met in the police holding cells.
  15. I love the market scene in Djenne. What are the brown-roofed market stalls? I don't recognize those off-hand? Having done some African and middle-eastern stuff myself I know how much time it takes to locate suitable BATs and props, you have probably achieved the best results I have ever seen. Thanks I got those off some obscure Japanese website a while back - but I don't exactly remember where. When I have a little more free time this weekend I'll try to track them down for you. -korver