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  1. This is amazing stuff. I guess alot of these BATs are your own work?
  2. Looks quiet.
  3. It is this BAT: Aradras did some good BATing, although his BATs were often a bit oversize in terms of scaling.
  4. Hello, I am looking for some road barriers, like the orange and white ones that are often used during road construction projects.
  5. Chat in its heyday made me the player I am today. @tigerbuilder and others in Help Desk were an invaluable resource. Tutorials are useful but nothing beats live assistance.
  6. You have a remarkable combination of lotting and mmp ability. I am a lotting master, but I have never been able to do the naturescapes like you can.
  7. Amazing work!
  8. Awesome work as always.
  9. Welcome to all the new staff.
  10. The developers came up with a terrible game. They should move on and stop blaming EA for everything.
  11. This is decent. Did you BAT those Paramaraibo buildings yourself?
  12. This will be the greatest BAT ever I imagine, the simple fact that this thread is like 10 years old is amazing in itself.
  13. This game was a disaster and not just because of the online requirement. The fact that he thinks it was basically a good game shows just how removed from reality he is when it comes to SimCity.
  14. Wow!!!
  15. Great to have you back!