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  1. Details, details, details!!
  2. I can feel that Californian flavor! Nice gifs!
  3. Such a well-crafted mosaic of industrial, agricultural and suburban areas.
  4. Quiet cobblestone streets or bustling urban jungle? Click [here] for full resolution!
  5. Wow, so much detail on these pictures, @Simmer2!! And very original concept!
  6. *receives 0,20 € back* (that's what in some European countries you are forced to pay at McDonald's in order to get your ketchup) *inserts 0,20 €*
  7. @blynCorporation, @matias93: as said, I can't share a region with a city, although the original region can be found in the STEX here: As you see, the area where the city is based encompasses a small area of the region, so there is still plenty of land to play with.
  8. Working now in an American-styled metropolis, with its downtown skyscraper-ridden downtown, gentrifying inner city districts, decaying industrial areas and extensive sprawl.
  9. Grit and rust is what C:S needs more of! Keep them coming!
  10. On the same note as the posts above, I also found a bit inconvenient the fact of constantly switching between 3 explorer tabs: that where I was nominating someone; the tab where I was viewing the nomination guidelines and award names (and also grabbing ideas) and the tab where I was viewing the content of the person I wanted to nominate, in order to grab ideas and find some inspiration. Although, yeah, that's just a limitation of the system and can't really fight it. Even though we all took part in the proposal of new categories and we broadly discussed that issue, I couldn't avoid feeling there were just too many categories in the CJ range. I know I'm kind of alone in that issue, but I was frankly wondering if there would be anyone who would actually nominate someone for that and that other new awards we introduced this year. It was just much easier to find clear candidates for broad categories than finding right the specific candidate for that more obscure one. Same happens with the custom content side, where I'm not so active. I want to comment on the nomination countdown and the time period. In my opinion, the nomination period time was spot on, not too long, not too short. Without a doubt, the countdown counters helped on that, reminding me every time "hey, you still have to do your nominations". I prefer doing that than doing my taxes, really... Knowing how long is remaining helped me to organize that time of the week where I'll be in the right mood for nomination. Appreciated having quite several days to mature ideas and thinking of candidates, knowing that I will also have available these last minutes where several nominations "from the gut" are thrown in.
  11. Loving the level of detail and the textures' quality!
  12. *Receives an annoying, incessant humming * *Inserts a black mirror*
  13. Curious, sounds exactly the same as the elections that brought Trump to power.
  14. Nice department store you have there. It would totally look like one if it wasn't because department stores don't have stairs at the entrance.