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  1. Contributing to ST is the easiest thing. You're already doing that, by posting in the forums, by keeping the conversations alive and, sometimes, provoking some thought in the others. You can take a look to technical issues, help someone less experienced, head over to current events, give your two cents about whatever is going on in the world, later post in a couple forum games... That you can do only as a forumer. If you feel like, try to write a tutorial, or give some tips regarding, I don't know... RHW construction, the use of the Colossus Addon Mod... just a couple of ideas, but you'll find more as soon as you think a bit on that. Feel like going deeper in the community? You can start BATting or relotting, or creating maps (lately we have a bit of a shortage in map creators...). You could find a very niche topic that hasn't been covered by other BATters and work on it. Feel like there are not enough mid-rise W2W buildings on the STEX? Go for it! You like CJing better? Just play the game and show us how you do it! Run a CJ and post photos in the gallery, engage your viewers with the work. Take a look to other user's CJ and offer your advice or your critique or your praise! What about the chat? I never hang out there, but as far as I know, folks over there are always happy to meet new people and engage in new conversations. You can take a look there, for example... There's plenty to do here at ST, but getting a full grasp of it, as it happens with any complex topic, will require patience and time.
  2. Stunning!! Love the details and the texturing here, and the whole Americana vibes!
  3. Loving that interchange!! Watching your CJ brings me such nice memories from my trip to Southern California earlier this year!
  4. "En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho que vivía un hidalgo de los de lanza en astillero..." (The beginning of Don Quixote) matias93
  5. Probably in the next hours I'll reach @CorinaMarie's rep point level .
  6. I think you might find this short article [link] useful. It's more like a real life explanation of how cities (especially in the US) tend to "end", how history and laws determined the kind of developments the cities would undergo, from their inner cities to different kinds of suburbs and exurbia. Quite an interesting read for your purpose I think.
  7. Probably they stripped it off its covers because it looks "too much GDR". You can find buildings like that all over the Eastern Bloc countries. I also like how the Galeria looked back then (although for obvious reasons, I had too look that up in historical photos), but Berlin has quite a history, as Turjan pointed out, of architectural whitewashing. Sir, you read my mind. I tell about the Stadtschloss/Palast der Republik to people who friends who come visit me while doing the typical touristic walk, and can't avoid getting emotional with that topic.
  8. Cool MMP work!
  9. Don't forget modeling the crowds of youngsters coming in and out the Burger King and the Primark store!
  10. Your airports are a detail fest for the eye!
  11. I like how the setting of the conference center, it really stands out. Must be nice to go on a conference there and chill in the sun in between technical sessions or when you need these 5 minutes away from the exhibition!
  12. You have a massive beast there! Months, or even years of gameplay await you!
  13. Details, details, details!!
  14. I can feel that Californian flavor! Nice gifs!