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  1. I want a citysim where, if a specific neighborhood becomes a gangland, bad publicity will damage tourism; and with less tourism, less retail revenue. Tax cuts in order to attract new retail are successful and that nice commercial street gets clogged by traffic, making difficult the access to the industrial area... and so on. In essence, a city simulator where simulation is, like real life is, a constant butterfly effect. Where the effects of a "good" policy of yours can lead to rather bad consequences, as it happens in real life.
  2. micromachines

    The landing approach to the runway on the 7th picture must be fun!
  3. You dared to tackle that SC4 beast that Machu Picchu must be...! Unbelievable!!
  4. They don't spend the effort because they know the local alternatives taste/look generally even worse, so they don't really face a great deal of competition to improve their quality. And oftentimes, global companies own the local brands. Sorry to come back again to the beer topic but it is the one I know the best. As I said earlier in this thread, global brands don't taste the same in Eastern Europe... but still they taste like something; which is a lot to ask to the "local" beers I tried in Bulgaria. Most of "local" brands are anyways owned by the global brewery AB InBev, who seems to treat these brands as the cheap-o alternative to the more "premium" international brands brewed anyways in Bulgaria. I presume the situation is similar in the liquor industry and all non-essential food products.
  5. Chester Bennington, Rest in the Peace you didn't seem to find here. A key character for me during my teenage years.

  6. I vote for D! It must be so nice to have a good beer overlooking the river and the canal. This update was especially pleasing, I love seeing how tiny changes in the street orientations or in the lanes can have a huge impact on the traffic flows and the neighborhoods. Therefore, I'd like to see more of this "underground" work on the streets inside the neighborhood. At the very end, they look a bit repetitive (two lanes on each traffic direction, cars parked curbside) and I think there's potential to make the W2W hood you showed today very lively looking just with a couple tweaks, adding trees, pedestrianized streets and the such.
  7. Anyone who has tried the taste of the same global brand of beer in Germany and in an Eastern European country can tell you that. I definitely don't need a lab test to prove the Beck's you get in Germany is by no means the one you get in Bulgaria.
  8. Finally had a bit of time to watch through the last videos! This CJ is already my CSL favorite! I especially enjoyed the commuter rail construction sections, it tends to be one of my favorite parts to do in game too. May I suggest that before you expand further the city, you can extend the rail lines to the end of the map. Throughout history, cities have generally grown embracing railroads that where already there in the first place. All inner city districts and suburbs constructed after the 19th century will be crisscrossed by those rail lines that originally connected the cores of large cities with one another. Later, as cities grew up existing railroads, were repurposed or doubled as well for commuter traffic. Extending the rails to the end of the map would "simulate" this feel that these tracks lead to other neighboring large cities. Oh, and the fortress!! That was a delicious job!
  9. Totally off-topic, but love to see a historical Eberswalder Straße station (Berlin U-Bahn system) picture in this thread.
  10. Got mixed feelings on this... I haven't traveled with my parents since I was 18 and the experience was good depending on the case. Road trips and city trips on our own were always fun, our best trip was to New York without a doubt, in 2008. Except in the New York case, I was never 100% sold on the laid back idea of travel they have. It's great for them, and learnt a lot from my parents, but more often than not, the experience could be a bit boring. I was also in these teenage years though. Since then, I started doing my own thing, and traveling mostly with friends. It's taken some years to start learning how to travel and, especially, whom to travel with. I have to admit my interests tend to differ of those of normal people, or my parents themselves, and this tends to be a reminder of thinking twice before traveling with someone. See, I did a mini-tour at the end of my Erasmus semester, Berlin-Prague-Munich-Frankfurt am Main(*)-Berlin; and it was quite the least funny trip I ever had. I don't keep too good memories of it. I wasn't really in sync with the people I went with and each of us wanted to see and do different stuff. We were bored all day despite being surrounded of interesting things; is that even possible? I wanted to sightsee, they wanted just to sit and do nothing all day. I haven't paid my bus ticket just to lay on the grass, you stupid! If you're going to travel with friends, choose wisely; go with like-minded people. The effort can be very rewarding. I find traveling great as I also find living alone great. Some people can't stand it. When living alone, you go in and out as you please, being the lord of your own decisions, without having to give any explanations about what you want to do. The best travel hack is however, traveling alone but meeting some local you know at the place for some time. I try to do this when possible, and the experience is always rewarding as you venture a bit off the beaten path, go to cool places, try food, try that beer place no tourist would ever go to, and so on. And in some countries (Russia, Poland...) they can do the talking for you, which comes in quite handy to be well treated at places. (*) Yeah, we went to one of the least touristic cities in Germany. Wanted to see the skyscrapers.
  11. korver doesn't play. korver is already on another level in SC4.
  12. Hi all, Just found this little video in YouTube, I think it can be of the interest of you folks. Quite an eye-opener to these things we don't really have an explanation for and also, some bullet points everyone can apply when doing some city simulation.
  13. That's going to be great!
  14. @kelistmac Now we need moooooore!