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  1. Multiplayer in city simulation games has, since this genre was born, a touchy issue. So far I have read during these years, especially during the launch of SC2013, hardcore players, those who stick around for years, have multiplayer way down their wish list. Technicalities hinder these wishes too. One thing is sure: if you're going to implement multiplayer, you better get it right and smooth in one shot. There won't be more chances, all your fanbase will run away as soon as the first problem is detected. No one wants to lose their cities, yet alone start one to have it obliterated a couple of days later. SC2013 will be the study case for years to come, as in order to allow these cloud storage cities what would be required to run what @AmiPolizeiFunk proposes, a whole can of worms always opens. For example, you always need the game online, something that, as shown several years ago, bothered most users. Online connection means valuable computing resources wasted, while they could be invested in running the game better. And some others, directly, played the game in isolated computers for safety purposes. And I haven't even mentioned mod compatibility, which is for instance the main reason why the STEX never accepted the upload of rendered maps with cities on them. As soon as you have one mod that your other buddy doesn't, things get crazy. In the best of cases, your buddy might get a brown box (SC4) or completely nothing (CSL), but when more complex mods are in the way (NAM for SC4, Traffic++ for CSL) things can get very nasty. The traffic behavior of entire cities and regions would be turned upside down just by the fact that your buddy uses a different traffic mod. I've played SC4 for almost 10 years and CSL for several months and never felt the need for a multiplayer. Maybe it's not that important after all.
  2. You might find this YouTube video useful.
  3. So drammatic! You perfectly conveyed on the narration these moments of rush and survival, and the spontaneous optimism after the disaster hits. Loved it!
  4. Every picture is vibrant with so much detail!
  5. I just think I look great in this photo. It was a gorgeous sunny morning at the pier in Newport Beach, CA.
  6. I love knowing these bits of SC4 behind the scenes modding history. It helps us understand a bit better the way our community deveveloped throughout the years.
  7. I guess the adequate solution will depend on why do you want to have heavy traffic in the city. If you want to have your traffic network overloaded, that will come along when you start densifying your city and with neighbor connections. Setting the persistent automata option in the NAM is a good thing, removing bridges and things like this helps a lot. If you want gridlock and jams only for the visuals for CJing, for example, or just to take a nice picture of a jammed area, you can use traffic generators like those posted by nos.17. They are useful when the entire city is not functional, just plopped, but you just want the aesthetics of it.
  8. Airplane ticket Berlin - Moscow with Aeroflot both ways = 204 € Visa = 115 € Airplane ticket Berlin - Moscow with Korver Airlines both ways = 0 € Visa = 0 € When I thought it could't get any better, you replicate in SC4 one of the cities atop of my bucket list in one of the countries I'm a sucker for. Congratulations.
  9. Very probably my holiday destination next September. Tampa, FL, USA
  10. Very nice start! And nice storytelling!
  11. Everything looks good now. I read in the news Dropbox was having issues yesterday. Now... time to enjoy again with your work!!!
  12. My latest work trip was to... Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany
  13. Probably it's something temporary, but I can't see many of the pics in this update, which is a real pain. Luckily I keep fresh the chicken skin photos like Ronda or Athens made me have.
  14. And this is, kids, how you build industrial areas in SC4.
  15. What first comes to my mind is that you could be running the game with a low devel of detail for performance purposes. If you go to the game settings and check the graphical settings, you can control the level of detail of several game features (cars, shadows, etc.). Try to adjust the traffic detail to a "high" setting. This level of detail determines up to what camera zoom the cars start showing. If the level is "low" you will only see cars when you zoom in very close to the city. If you are used to play with the camera very zoomed out in order to see the entire city, you will experience this problem.