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  1. You work fast!
  2. Directors Commentary: About 20 more image links fixed... curse you dropbox! This was a fun entry to make... lots of MMPing with the fence and battle scenes. I even got to add rifle smoke via photoshop. Not too shabby, I think. While working on this entry, I realized I wanted to make some MMP's out of Peg's Civil War props. Turns out that project would lead to a couple special entries in the future (and a fun collaboration to boot). I felt like I was playing an old war game with some of those battle overlay images
  3. It's always exciting to see a historical natural growth CJ. I already see lots of improvement since your first entry. Keep up the great work.
  4. A little behind the times here, but I had a few spare hours so I upgraded to NAM 35 and with a little learning (and constant manual consultations), my railroad junctions are starting to look sweeeet. My head is spinning with all these new FAR options... and I like it! Way to go @NAM Team!
  5. You can have SPAM and vortext fields side by side in the meantime. They will play nice together.
  6. @tariely - vortext's set of textures is completely compatible with SPAM, although there really is no overlap between the two. If you are referring to the set of pasture field that he created, then those should also work fine with SPAM. Like other farms, they will just add to the diversity of I-AG that pops up when zoned. I personally am a huge fan of the textures, and I have been using them on pretty much all my lotting projects since they were released.
  7. Sweet! It's really beautiful building, and could function as a number of things in game (museum, college, mayors house, etc)
  8. Yeah, creating new prop families is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and @rsc204 gave a good run down. But before you go through all the work, why wouldn't a fancy sports car pop into a convenience store or any other small commercial establishment? I see it all the time. Rich or poor, everybody loves a slushy once in a while.
    I love the use of sunken courtyards - definitely adds a touch of visual pizzazz to the isometric view. And CP textures and trees really adds a bit of seclusion to the lot - it will blend in well among the endless suburbs. Awesome work once again.
  9. @huzman, Have you tried using a slope mod? I like this one by Ennedi. If I remember right, there are like three different slope tolerances, just pick one and play around with the different transportation networks (roads, rails, highways, etc) Each one will give you different results.
  10. Directors Commentary: I think this was the first entry to resemble a sort of story arc. Previous entries were mostly just pictures and explaining each one with a description. I wrote this entry, for the most part, first, then went in and created the pictures to fill in the story. As this CJ progressed, this became the norm. I often spend more time writing the storyline than on any of the visuals. It had been a while since I manually set fire to any of my cities, so it was sort of fun playing god and unleashing my fire wrath on my sims The SC4 fire animations still look pretty good, 15 years later. This was my biggest foray into photoshop yet, and I think the results were mixed. The war maps turned out decent, and I was happy with the fade to white on the last 'to be continued' pic, but the image from the hill just isn't cutting it for me. It was my first attempt at really testing the limits with the 'perspective' tool in photoshop. Sometimes our little isometric game does have limitations. Ok, lets keep this photo link fixin' train going.
  11. You could always make 2 or three lots, each exactly the same, but use a different variation of the car cluster on each (one with the 2 cluster, one with 3 cluster and one with 4, for example). Since the lots are small, they should be quick to make. When they grow in game you will get a lot of parked car diversity. Also, rather than making a lot for each store, you could mod your stores with a building/prop family and that will allow a random store to pop up each time the lot grows. (cuts down on the number of lots) I'd be happy to whip up the lots and mod the buildings if you would rather not spend the time learning that stuff.
  12. I had a friend a while back that had an Impala... his nickname for the car was 'pimpala'. Our sims will enjoy this fly ride. Looking good airman!
  13. Waiting for the bus can be such a drag...