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  1. Let's slow down. The problem you are having is almost certainly the result is a faulty lot icon. Search simtropolis for 'binary plugin search' and you will find a way to narrow down the bad lot rather quickly. Once you locate the offending lot, we can either correct the modding, or you can just remove it and your icon problem will disappear.
  2. Yep, odds are there is something wrong with the Swan Mill icon. If you take that file out of your plugins, is everything ok?
  3. Yep, this looks like a problem with a badly modded icon. I would go with @RandyE idea to find the culprit.
  4. I don't think overhanging props cause immortal lots, but buildings will. Props can overhang a lot without a problem, except that night lights sometimes bork. I think that is a very old lot, so there might be a good number of problems with the modding.
  5. Still playing around with getting the foundation right, and I'm curious how you add a bounding box to your render to get the correct shadows, but don't have it show up in the actual render. I'm guessing there is a box I need to check in the 'properties' for said box. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, LODs can be finicky. I guess you could render the entire thing together, but also include the separate render of the townhomes so that folks can use those if they wish. I know I would like to use them - they are fabulous.
  7. I agree, changing the tilesets may please some players, but not others. Basically, we can't please everybody. That is why I think it's best to just stick to the basic gameplan that Maxis laid out.
  8. The fact that this game is still discussed nearly 15 years later makes me smile
  9. I have the Amazon version of SC4 and do not have a problem like the one you described. Based on your description, could it be some setting with the mouse software that treats a single click as a double click. That's the first thing that comes to mind.
  10. Yes, I did have it installed in that directory... BUT... I was searching around and I realized that there was also a 'gamepacks' folder in my 'Program Files (x86)' folder which seemed to hold all my BAT stuff. I replaced the modelnames file in that folder and things seem to work fine now. So, the question is, should I just move the entire 'gamepacks' folder over from where it is in 'program files' into the gmax folderd (root c directory)? Or does it matter at this point? Thanks for the help everybody - I know something wasn't right when I kept getting the maxis textures.
  11. I think those are all good ideas, but besides the basic fix modpacc, the others are pretty specialized and not exactly what I would think a beginner would be comfortable getting into - at least not initially. I propose going back to the basics. When I first got into custom content, the main reason was that I was getting sick of all the maxis repetition. I'm sure Deppiesse's Diner is a great greasy spoon, but she has a near monopoly in every town I make! Ray Krok would be proud. My sims need some variety! So I went exploring on the STEX and started downloading alternatives... specifically, alternatives that said "NO DEPENDENCIES" because dependencies were just a scary word when I was first starting out. With that in mind, I think the first modpacc (after the 'fix' option... that is a must) should be a growable RCI compilation that effectively competes with all the maxis content. As far as I can see, the best way to organize such a project, would be to break it down into the 4 tilesets that maxis included with SC4 Deluxe (industrial would be a different beast, so this is just Res and Com): -Chicago -New York -Houston -Euro As much as I would like to start with the Chicago set , I believe the most popular and desirable would be the Houston (basically 'modern') tileset. I envision that each tileset would include 2-3 alternatives to each of the maxis buildings that populate that tileset. Each of those alternatives would need to be lotted in the same vein as what the original maxis lots looked like. I just did a quick look, and there are about 100 buildings in the Houston tileset. That means between 200-300 new models for this modpacc. Then comes the lotting - it shouldn't be too hard considering how basic most of the maxis lots appear. And yes, I think we should just stick with the basic maxis props. This is a beginner starter set, so lets just stick with the basics. I would look at this project as a true expansion pack - one that Maxis never got around to making. If we as a community could get all 4 tilesets finished, we'd be looking at over 1000 new buildings that would fit in along the basic maxis set. For the beginner and casual SC4 players, it would be as essential as the NAM is for transportation. It would certainly be a huge first step into the world of custom content. I'm not going to pretend that this would be a simple endeavor, but I would certainly lend my Lotting/Modding expertise to such a project. And with enough help, I think such a project is certainly feasible. Anyway, that would be my vision. As an aside - We could add and "industrial" pack to the tileset list, but with the incredible work that @T Wrecks has accomplished with the IRM, I'm not sure that it's necessary. Perhaps an IRM modpacc could fill the Industrial roll.
  12. That's the thing, I opened gmax fresh each time, so I think they should be completely new scenes each time... Unless I'm doing something wrong. So 16 separate scenes and I get the glitch on over half of them.
  13. I'm going to post here as well in case it isn't seen on my BAT thread... I'm having the same maxis texture issue as many others have had on this thread, the only problem is that the texture fix ("Modelnames.ms" and "._Modelnames.ms") are installed in the gmax script folder and I haven't seen any change. It seems to happen at random - I did a test by starting a brand new scene for something like 16 basic boxes... you can see the results below. The issue only seems to affect the two closest zooms... far out zooms seem unaffected. I even completely reinstalled the BAT and the texture fix (model names script). Same results. Any other ideas?
  14. This texture issue is really eating me up - some BAT exports work fine, others have the maxis glitch. It seems to happen at random - I did a test by starting a brand new scene for something like 16 basic boxes... you can see the results below. The issue only seems to affect the two closest zooms... far out zooms seem unaffected. I even completely reinstalled the BAT and the texture fix (model names script). Same results. Any other ideas?
  15. I am a proponent of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). I feel like we've come to a consensus regarding the repackaging and distribution of content already submitted to both the STEX and LEX. Authors that are no longer active in the community will get rightfully credited, and Authors that are still active can be contacted. I seriously doubt that anybody will have an issue with seeing their content become part of a 'starter kit' that will keep SC4 up and going for years to come. If they do, well, there is so much content available it won't matter if a few members choose not to participate. That said, I feel the quickest way to achieve a 'starter pack' would be to build it and release it as a single download. It could certainly be a way to spur donations like the current CD's are. Even if we go the scripted route, there is going to need to be some members of the community that get together and mod and lot this project. And that is where the heavy lifting really is. I think the reason this topic got started was to introduce casual or new players who just wanted to jump into SC4 and have all the stuff ready to go. A 'starter pack' mod is going to need some serious work and won't be achievable through an automated system alone.