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  1. Another surprisingly awesome building in Philadelphia... Drake Hotel.
  2. Forgot to mention on my review that it blends well with maxis too
    I can smell the cheese curds from the sidewalk. Perfect little W2W that will add some life to our towns and cities - and it's a corner building! Can never have enough of them. But the burning question... what's the happy hour special today?
  3. Seems like a neat plan. I would like to be able to see the excavated original foundations of the gate... I remember seeing this done in a number of places in Rome and Athens to great effect. z ... The music in the beginning of the video reminded me of something and I finally pegged it... the movie Glory.
  4. Directors Commentary: In case you are just now stumbling upon this, I am in the process of fixing all the broken image links thanks to Dropbox. And I figured while I'm at it, I might as well write down a few thoughts while I was busy taking a stroll down memory lane. It's still hard to believe this CJ is over 5 years old. I remember spending a good number of weeks on these farm lots, so this is basically a showcase of that work. These lots also morphed into the huge farmhouse lot set that I completed quite a while ago. I guess I really need to get those up on the STEX I had a lot of fun with these farm lots (and the future farmhouse set) because each lot gave me plenty of room to be creative, and there are so many great props that fit in with each scene. It was difficult to hold back and not go overboard. I could spend hours alone digging through Jmyers farm props . At this point I was really trying to get an update out every other week, with a teaser and replies to fill the off weeks. I think the regularity of updating really build a following, although it really made me work to ensure I had a full update ready to go on time. Hope you enjoyed this entry revival
  5. Amazing work as always. I'm happy to see the C.P.'s diagonal homes getting some good mileage in this CJ
  6. Awesome! I love your brick textures, they area always so inviting. If you are looking for some inspiration, I'm going to suggest a corner store. I always have trouble finding good corner BATs to fill all the corners in my commercial areas. Here's a unique one I found (minus the abandonment). some others if interested... http://l7.alamy.com/zooms/860a4d2e10c24bc69a5e0577454cbd2b/corner-grill-diner-louisiana-f5wend.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/7/6166/6188167237_67744b9cb0_b.jpg
  7. Directors Commentary: The first appearance of animated .gifs A little clunky, but it's a start. Ever since I started this CJ I had the idea in the back of my mind to show the progression of time. Since I was doing a spin on the natural growth style, I wanted viewers to be able to see the progress over time. Future entries show this much better, but I was basically cutting my teeth on these first gifs. You also get to see more of C.P.'s great 19th century houses in this update. His lotting is top notch, so I didn't really do much except go in and remove all the car props. Oops, guess I missed one... or two... or three... Those damn light pols make another appearance... How did I not notice all these mistakes 5 years ago?? The last pic was quite a feat to create. I wanted to get a sense of how small the settlement was compared to it's surrounding. A region pic would work, but I liked the idea of seeing something from the farthest zoom in game. I took about 15 images from the farthest zoom on the surrounding city tiles and then stitched them all together in photoshop. I remember it being a super PITA, but I love the results. So much so, I incorporated these types of images in many future entries. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. This was also the first time I made it onto the coveted Ben's Top Ten created by @Benedict. I won't lie, I was pretty excited Thanks for stopping by!
    Neat! Thanks for bringing them into SC4. Very unique props, I love it.
  8. Those are some of C.P.'s unreleased FAR houses. Check out his BAT thread over on SC4D for more goodies coming down the pipeline
    She's a beaut JP! Not exactly my style, but you may convert me yet The modeling alone is 5 stars, but add in the subtle texturing and it really takes a great building to a super-awesome-great building.
  9. It's been close to a year since I actually opened the game. I had a little time tonight, so I clicked on the program and... *blurp* error, bla bla bla. Well, I guess windows must have updated since the last time I played SC4. I did the quick and dirty work around last time, but tonight I figured I'd dust off the digital copy I had purchased on sale from Amazon and give it a whirl. Long story short - worked like a charm Damn you SC4... I can't quit you.
  10. Directors Commentary This was a fun entry because it was very thematic. I searched far and wide for the BATs that would make up the custom lots. I believe I found the logging HQ building out of a WMP prop pack. And the Army tents from @mrbisonm were perfect for the camp. Going back through now, and I can see so many modding mistakes. When making props, 'is ground model' needs to be '01' ... other wise we end up with a shadow-less mass that defies physics. The donkey engine prop from PEG was always a great addition to the Mountain theme set, so I was really happy I got to give it a little prime time exposure in this update (and historically accurate usage!). I know many of you don't believe it, but nearly 99.9% of the lots I use in New SorGun are growable... serious! The logging HQ is an dirty industrial lot, the tents and cabins are R$. Even the donkey engine is a dirty industrial lot... it was like a 1x12 lot that I tried my darnedest to blend in with the terrain. I was using unique footprints, so they all grew rather easily when I made this update. Plus, there weren't very many lots in my plugins at this point, to that helped too. I also started sorting my lots by tileset, so I was able to get specific lots to grow when and where I wanted. I wish I remember where I found those huge felled tree log props... they really convey how massive some of those old evergreen trees can get in the Pacific NW. Thanks for revisiting