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    My main thing is Art real and virtual. I'm an ex-Art teacher. But I'm curious about a lot of things.
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  1. I love it !
  2. As everyone knows, there are TWO God's Mod. One before founding a city and another after. Sometimes you start a city and realize that you forgot to plant an enormous amount of trees. On the first God's Mod, trees are free, on the other one they will cost you a packet. Many other examples come to mind, with the terrain leveler, for instance. Here is a solution : once in the founded city, choose Ctrl+Alt+Shift and click on the God's Mod. And presto, you got the first God's Mod ! How many people knew this trick ? Hoping I'm not deluding myself.
  3. What's pertinent to this ? Actually, what do you mean by " all have their arrows turned off. " Aren't you complicating issues ? I do appreciate your comments but sometimes you seem to fly into a never land, and miss the point wholly. What does arrows have anything to do in this topic ?
  4. Actually, you can. When in Mayor's mode, I discovered that when you invoke the cheat TerrainQuery you don't have to write ON. just click on the query icon (the one with a ?), you are on. To turn it off, go to the cheats list, choose TerrainQuery , and add OFF, and you are back in business. BTW, with the cheat on ON, you can use it in a normal way too, like checking on a LOT and so on.
  5. @rsc204's suggestion is spot on. Just did that. Great ! No 'ON/OFF' as SC4D suggest. Works very well and doesn't infringe in the normal query. Again, thanks.
  6. That's what I'm trying to avoid. But it's something other people are doing, hence my confusion. And now you add 'sector'. Whew !!! Oh right ! Tends to cloud the issue a little more. Why not 'Hamlet' for the S tile, 'Village' for the M one ? To me, the names for 'Region' and 'Cities' (S,M and L) are good enough. As long everyone observes it.
  7. I've been trying activating the "TerrainQuery" cheat, as it is supposed to show the cursor coordinate information. (I'm hoping it's not just a X and Y info.) But no matter how I put on, [on], or any other variation I come out null.
  8. Aha ! It just cleared something : "tiles" is a synonym for L, M and S Cities, as well as meaning pixels, if I got that right. That's why I got 321 in my post above. Merci.
  9. I don't get the same results... 64x5+1=321 in my calculator. Also, how do you do 64x(5x4) ? You are talking about "5x5 large map file", so where does the 4 come from ?
  10. It does clear some misunderstanding and it does simplify the principles. Thanks !
  11. Since this not a real bug, I opted to put it here. I get this message from the transport counselor, but I can't find it. Most times, by clicking the highlighted name (Transit Station) takes you to the location. If could see the the thing, would be some help.
  12. Well, "different strokes for different folks" as the saying goes. But @nos.17's comments have enlightened me a little more. As you mentioned growing cities instead of plopping entire areas. Which reminds of those transportation tutorials (although good) but build in open space with not a single house around. They are huge -specially the interchanges- and I always wondered how they go about it in a crowed city. But that's another story...
  13. I don't agree. All those RCI columns at a maximum doesn't let you know what you really need. That proves my point. What did (do) you do : go bonkers and try to fulfill ALL the demands ? That doesn't sound like a good strategy. SimCity's strategies are about the balance of all the different parameters, not a bull's head on crushing head on. Reminds me of those Regions that are totally useless -Port Regions where you can't build a port, useless levels in the gray maps, and so on...- I think that we are all trying to build Regions, Mods and even Lots that makes SimCity more progressing and more complete. Isn't that the purpose of NAM, CAM and other SAM ? (Thank you MAM.) That's what I'm getting at.
  14. Just one answer (from CorinaMarie) and that's enough for me, until something better shows up. So, I'm stopping the NAM Chinese puzzles -no, the Gordian Knot- and get into CAM. I didn't realize that it is a major add-on. Much obliged.
  15. Has anyone used this strange mod. I installed it and when reloaded the game, my RCI showed all the columns at max ! It threw off to say the least. Couldn't decided what I really wanted. So I nixed that mod. It looked interesting at first, but it hampered my game.