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    My main thing is Art real and virtual. I'm an ex-Art teacher. But I'm curious about a lot of things.
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  1. I'm going to tackle that. What site/topic is that ? plateaus or plateaux ? the first one is an anglicized french word, the second one is the correct french spelling. EDIT four days later : Watching the Giro d'Italia's mountain leg, I caught these snapshots which show what I'm trying to do. My first tries were a big flops to say the least. These pics explain my goals better than words. Notice, in the night view how it goes from water (sea ?) to high levels. The two views of the Dolomites are just eye candy. I don't intend building roads in them.
  2. That's not what I want. I build hills, steep hills and mountains and such and then "plateau" some parts. So, besides the plateaus, I still want to keep climbing to another plateau. Plateaus are good for building small towns, so the idea is to just to get higher roads to the next plateau. That's what I'm looking for. I haven't have the time to try it, I'm spending a lot of time just creating mountains -and all- in a new region, that"s my current task Me too. @Ennedi 's trick looks most promising. Be back soon enough...
  3. Wow ! That's a find, alright. Merci SimCoug. Silur : I didn't understand your post : What's the point of "building through a residential area... Maxis 1x1 building their chain (? what does this mean ?)... and after this - put the road." Very fuzzy... to me.
  4. I found a couple posts about building roads up some hills, but I couldn't find them again. I followed the "how to grow a gentle slope" but that is on a flat land. What I want to find is how to climb a hill with roads upwards. I tried terraforming with RR but that just flatens the terrain, and NOT climb up a hill. I won't go for the 45 degrees climb that Maxis allows, they look ridiculous. Any ideas ?
  5. That's the MS17-010 I presume. You gave me new ideas to follow. Thanks.
  6. So what's your answer ? What patch ?
  7. One that works ? As you may noticed I tried 6 patches with no luck. Even the famous (unfamous) MS17-010 one. What "important data" ? Where ? How ? I've copied the whole C: hard disk into an unconnected hard disk. It's that enough ? I don't think so, since an infected site (mine), wouldn't repair the hard drive with the backup files. Then again, why would THEY would want to attack a site like this one ?
  8. Sorry, I'll try to fix it as soon as I can. I can't seem to know how to do it. Here is the site address : Https://GitHub.com/gentilkiwi/wanakiwi/releases Hope I got it right this time. EDIT2 : Sorry, mistyped the link. Fixed it, tried it and now it works. My humble apologies.
  9. This morning I found this good news. A trio of french computer engineers found a way to stop "WannaCry". They posted a patch here and is in english just for you. The article spoke of this patch as something to do with RAM (? from me). Good luck !
  10. Oh, pray the lord ! Just found this post from @rsc204 whom I thank. I' m going to check this as soon as I can.
  11. That's my whole problem. I have never got to make terraformer, Desginer, SCm (I may getting the spelling wrong) and al those to work for me. Even with the tutorials when they applied. Me too, my dear lady. Rising the height levels with your suggestion does not answer the problem of Land/Water levels. I posted a Reply to that somewhere else... So I'll get back to that -and to this one. I'm convinced that this an important topic, so I will keep commenting at it...
  12. Yes, it's related to it. What can I do about it?
  13. I am having a little trouble with water/land borders as @CorinaMarie's posts above have shown. Most, really most maps I've down-loaded shows these glitches. So, is there a way to go the other way around from region to gray map ? That way one can check the height levels. Another option would be to check the heights directly in region/city tile.
  14. Remove networks ? Wha da meens ?
  15. I'm happy to report that so far so good. I installed SC4D on my 8.1 machine and ran it. No plugins at all, nor any any non-default regions. Good, no problems. Then, I copied my plugins and my regions from the 640 to my new 641, and ran it again. Good, no problems. After, I filled the SC4.exe with your suggested parameters. Went back into SC4 and... Lo and Behold ! everything is peachy ! including the odd 1366x768 resolution. God bless you guys and dolls.