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  1. Above all, thanks for your help and time. It's becoming precious. Sadly, I have to say that I can't even find the ' VDK Swan Mill Tram depot BSC'. I use Total Commander for file or text searches, and no luck. With Reader I find close to 500 files and ALL seem to have 'Swan Mill Tram Depot' in them. If I'm able to open a file I get a kind of spreadsheet, nowhere near a .png file. Yeah, but which one? Am I looking for a "VDK Swan Mill Tram Depot BSC.SC4Lot"? I'm totally confused, as well as becoming aware that I'm totally dumb as far as computer tech.
  2. That's going to simplify things. I like the idea of "halfing" the plugs. This what I'm trying to say. And no, no modifications at all, with Reader or anything else. Can't believe that here I am at four o'clock in the morning pounding into the guts of SC4...
  3. I would NOT get that. What? compound to my problems? Seriously, it's not just the Mill file. In fact it isn't concerning any files. They are there, you just have to click on them, or below them (like the Swan Mill one), or into a blank icon file but that gives you the wanted file. Jesus, I been trying to make this as clear as I can. Seems the problem is that the files icons have gotten screwed up. Not the files. Anyway, why did my panoramic pix got screwed up too? Is there a ... (I'm getting paranoid.) Sorry, i don't understand this clearly. OK, back to that. When I want the "flower garden" I get the bubble message about the Mill. OK. When I click below, (at the Mill icon) I get the "flower garden". Is this clear enough? RandyE: aren't we fixing on one single thing when I'm trying to cover a lot of instances. BTW, I emptied my plugins folder and ran SC4, just to see what each plug was pertinent. I wouldn't bother with the details, but I have long way to go: "Load SC4, find what I"m missing. Quit SC4. Load missing file. Load SC4..." ad infinitum. You get the idea. It's going to take me a long, long time to get through all of them files. I didn't understand that.
  4. You are jesting, sire. I've been sweating this all day long. No progress. I did check the user plugin and nary such file.
  5. Am I understanding you wrong? The example I gave with the Swan Mill icon also applies to the others. Meanwhile, not knowing where yo look for the culprits, I loaded the LEPprop program , ran it, easy. Loaded the SimCity_1.dat and program froze. Not good. The _2, _3, _4 and _5 files didn't show anything. Very bad. That gave me an idea. Hope those files are stand alone and not in a sub-folder. We will see.
  6. Thanks gents! I'll get to the LEPprop program right away. But let me say this: As the bubble information shows, the file is there. In the middle image you can see the "Swam Mill Tram Depot" icon just below. This mill icon bumped the "flower garden" off. If I click in the Mill icon I get the flower garden. Am I making sense?
  7. I have being fighting with these glitches for the last couple days. I haven' loaded anything recently, they just appeared (disappeared) all by themselves. The bad thing is that they are hampering my game something serious. Also, the little panoramic image of Paris in my signature disappeared too. But I already fixed that.
  8. Thanks for the clarification about the NAM and the dirt roads. I thought the rural roads were an integral part of the NAM 35 installer.
  9. Yeah, Rural roads as big as Roads/Streets? I"m missing something here. I ran NAM several times in the last few days, and I can not get it right: fer inztanze, I still I get LHD, Some repeated posts in the flora and such -I might have to purge the plugs-, but I want some dirt roads. I"m building a lot of little hamlets with a lot of farms and some few Industrial/commercial lots and I want to join them with very basic rural 'paths'. Maybe i should get back to Vanilla and the hell with all those plugs.
  10. Aren't we getting off the subject in hand?
  11. If you don't mind I'll try it myself. Anyway, those interchanges -all of them- seem out of proportion to me. That's one thing I've been thinking about. The proportions of not just roads and all but let's say between the size of vehicles and the size of street/roads/avenues. It's a minor detail, but I think it should be looked into. Have you noticed that rural roads are as wide as city roads? I wonder if I'm not Don Quixote charging into dead walls...
  12. That's better! Maybe it could be tighter. Moving the ramps by one tile closer to the intersection could save you lots of tiles.
  13. The problem of one thread getting posted in another -say a SC3k topic coming up in SC4- seems to be increasing. Maybe some coding could be implemented, like with colors or icons. Haljackey seems to think along these lines, but I'm not putting words in his mouth.
  14. I recently had a similar problem but instead of NORTON it was with Avira AV: As for the comments from everybody, I agree mostly. I use anti-malware and AV in each computer, but different ones from one comp to another. No problems except this SC4BatInstaller. I think I have been lucky.