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    My main thing is Art real and virtual. I'm an ex-Art teacher. But I'm curious about a lot of things.
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  1. I depend a lot on the shortcuts (hotkeys) of the game. I have learned a lot of them from the vanilla SC4D, but I can't find the ones for NAM, SAM, CAM and other ones. Do they exist?
  2. @RandyE: That's what I am asking about. To use a certain "cheat" and feel a little disturbed, then that's one answer. Just like I said in the first post, those are another answer. I loved your post. Well, I have learned a lot and a little about morality. But these are wonderful insights about SimCity and its players. So thanks for all the input.
  3. I love the feedback. But I'm talking about morality. This is a personally personal attitude . It shows the author's personality. But there are objectives ! "The biggest Region/City, The most amount of money, etc...", again the morality is not about obtaining those goals, but how YOU feel about it and how other people perceive you. Thus there's a difference between good and bad cheats. That's my whole point.
  4. A curious situation happened to me with a given city. It was (is) a losing situation : high unemployment, dwindling funds, no growth, etc... So I though to nuke the city. If I choose the option from the main Region map to delete the city, everything gets erased including the topographical map. I didn't want that, of course. So I decide(d) to erase everything with the B/V options. Once that done, I reset my Moolah back to 500 000§. That's when I asked myself "Am I cheating or not". On this case, I didn't think so. But then, changing the city/region/mayor's name, is it cheating ? I don't think so. Using Ctlr+x to have all the techniques, then yes that's cheating. So there is a subtle from cheating or not. What do you think ? (BTW, I think that outright cheating is a way of showing a very low opinion of yourself)
  5. Ahh... so. Let's see if I can pull that trick. Er... Where do I find the " MHO/MIS (RHW) based alternatives "?
  6. Maybe I'm getting off the topic. But thinking that this is right place for my woes... here we go. For some reason, the highway roundpoints (a non-word) don't show up in my highway and other related places. Thus I'm stuck with this kind of problem. No matter how many user's manuals, tutorials or "how to" I have searched, I haven't an answer. I wish to find WHERE the pertinent file is, rather than WHAT to do to fix it. This is because I'm stuck with highway ramps, connections and transformations. Thanks in advance. Ugly Ramps.bmp
  7. Progress in the french front. SC4 (English) still crashes but NOT closing the program. I mean that SC4 snaps out but it remains active. I just have to relaunch with no losses. So far so good.
  8. Maybe not related to all this but, I had an Elevated Highway and connected to Ground Highway and then added an Avenue and everything went quite right. Does this means anything ?
  9. So that means two computers ? Seriously, I hope to get rid of the French version eventually. But since it's lodged in another hard drive, I'm keeping it in case I may need some plugins, lots and other stuff.
  10. @Fantozzi: That's what I meant. I'll do it right away. Thanks. Really ? I have it in the "my docs\simcity4\Plugins". But I will give it a try. No, no two installations in the same drive, like I said before, the French version is in another external drive. Yes, I knew about the languages thing. Except that my French version had the French file only. Interesting about the renderer. Another thing I will try. Thanks.
  11. I'm 100% with you on this. That's why I'm here instead of tinkering about. Yes, into the default path. My French version is in a different hard drive. But "my docs\simcity 4\Plugins" is the old one. The crashes come from old regions/cities. I'll try the Timbuktu trick. Thanks
  12. For several reasons : I noticed that the English version works with \my docs\Simcity4\plugins which exists since my French SC4 version. All crashes occur well inside a city. I will try the SC4 Launcher by Logic_Bomb today. Thanks Yes, that one. Thanks. You mean in c:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins, right ? Yes it does say "SC4 Fix Pre3". Please remember -as you now know- I'm very green with the technical lingo. Thanks. That's in the Simcity 4.exe properties ? Thanks.
  13. I installed recently SC4D in english and I'm happy with it except that it keeps crashing to the desktop. I'm suspecting a faulty Nam35 install, but then... I used the patch that supposed fix that problem. Yes, I have the message on the SC4D.exe (not sure about the wording.) But my question concerns a patch that saves the game -or the city- occasionally, frequently. Any help ?
    Just the thing to improve playability! The pictures just bowled me over.
  14. Thank you very much... I was tempted by Dropbox just yesterday. Thanks for that too.