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    My main thing is Art real and virtual. I'm an ex-Art teacher. But I'm curious about a lot of things.
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  1. Para mi tampoco. Aprovecho de este sitio para mantener mi español al día. No lo dudo. Es que los niveles del mar son diferentes y eso hace que los muelles parecen realistas o no. Pero mi gran problema es de hacer esos muelles continuos. Es decir, como juntar las piezas. Los muelles deben ser al nivel del mar y no al nivel de la terra ferma, 83 o 84, es decir 249m o 252m. Ahora, esos muelles deben ser compatibles con los puertos, no? Digamos, construyo un muelle y agrego un puerto, creo que eso es la idea, Eso es lo que quiero, aunque los puertos siempre salen con la nariz hacia al mar. Y nunca paralelos a la costa. Esto se está complicando un poco...
  2. Mil gracias. Voy a verlo inmediatamente. Momentos mas tarde: A sí. Ya lo he visto, pero no es lo que quiero, trato de hacer esos muelles en un rio o mar. Pero es un buen apunte. Tómate todo el tiempo necesario. Y gracias. Eso sí. Las voy a buscar.
  3. Gracias joven. Buena idea. La espero ansiosamente.
  4. Entre otras cosas que he estado buscando estos días y tu apunte incluso. Pero no lo encontré. También he jugado con los Quaies de Seine un poco pero no progreso nada. Perdóname no responder mas pronto. Lástima que éste sitio en español se está muriendo. Yo contaba mucho en el.
  5. 4gb_patch?

    Waouh!! that"s a big difference! Yet @Tarkus and @CorinaMarie are both right, even with a few % points off or on, since the first uses overall users -including non ST players- and the second is talking about ST members. Which means I am glad that I am member here, for better or worst.
  6. 4gb_patch?

    That much hein? Well I'm glad that most players are on the same wave length.
  7. 4gb_patch?

    That's one reason among others my lady, they are understandable as it happens to me too. But I think that a majority of players that won't use the NAM or various plugins folders are missing a big chunk.
  8. 4gb_patch?

    Great. Glad I didn't install the NTC one. That's true, but why would people won't use NAM is weird. Well, different strokes... and all that. Anyway, thanks gents for your input.
  9. 4gb_patch?

    Yes, thanks @CorinaMarie, I believe that link is still pertinent since the glitch in my SC4 under Win 8.1 has not gone away. @markussaage: Good points. Thanks. Looks like the two topics are morphing into each other.
  10. 4gb_patch?

    Neither do I.. Here, I'm not following you. Do you use Reader and Execute within Win7 and 10? That would be a number. Merci for your feedback.
  11. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Glad to see his avatar again.
  12. 4gb_patch?

    That seems to the general idea. It also seems curious that there is a patch for the 4gb thing, and that mod that makes windows 7, 8 and 10 run like XP. And such.
  13. 4gb_patch?

    It's all within SC4. When I was looking into the seasonal flora -mostly girafe's- I could not go beyond 3 clicks, they were meant to go to 4 and even 5 clicks. That's just one instance that I remember. Which is very curious. So I do most of my playing in my good old XP.
  14. 4gb_patch?

    I was under the impression that XP was the ideal OS for running SC. As you noticed, I have a XP machine dedicated to SC and a newer comp with WIN8.1 for everything else. In fact, SC under WIN8.1 runs fine with no CTDs, but a lot of features won't work. SC with Windows 7? That's interesting...