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  1. The appropriate words escape me - this is freaking brilliant!!! You've done some great stuff over the years Rivit (particularly from an Australian bias), but this tool is, well, exemplary. I've been away for some years and have missed a lot, but this one has been a significant highlight as I try to wrangle my old plugin folder into line (which, prior to running this, I thought was in pretty good shape...)
  2. Thanks SimCoug for your lateral thoughts and generous offer... I'm aware of this sort of setup (SimGoober & Deadwoods' retail series come to mind), but as this project has progressed, I've used the opportunity to BAT again for the first time in many years and have created some store specific props to go with some of these. For example, some table setups for my CIBO Cafe (not sure whether to go with both styles of table or just one): So I'm thinking some of the lots themselves will be too specific too allow for the prop family idea...? Plus they're well on their way to completion. After a few setbacks, gnashing of teeth and the like, I think I better understand where I'm at with this. I finally have all buildings in 1X1 & 2X2 lots actually ALL showing up in game. The textures are done and at least half the props - and that was just tonight (as my third time doing them I've picked up some speed). So I think we're heading towards the end. I think the only thing still bugging me are the cars: I'm guessing this idea ties in with the second in that you would be proposing 3 lots total, (plus building prop families)? (as opposed to 3 lots of each building with differing clusters?? Either way none of these ideas will stop BMW's and Aston Martins etc from parking their cars there. So, unless I discover that it's just too hard, I'm still leaning towards creating a new prop family from the SHK pack (minus the luxury cars) in a fashion that performs as the Maxis one does (not all or nothing). I assume in Reader there would be someway if necessary to copy & paste the attributes from it to a new family. Or load the Maxis one, point it towards different car models and give it new TGI's or whatever...? I also think it would be a handy thing for other lot makers. So... how hard will that be to achieve?
  3. Thanks for your thoughts nos.17. What you can see in the previous photos are SHK CarClusters (the 4X one). What I was hoping for was more variation. With the Maxis prop family cluster used above in the comparison photo (which has 5 slightly smaller cars), you can end up with anything from 0 to 5 cars in the lot whereas with the SHK cluster you always end up with a full lot. I guess I could use the smaller carclusters but it would be nice to have one prop that could cover all bases (plus I would still have BMW's etc where they don't belong. I'll admit I may be looking too closely at this, but that's part of the attraction to this game and the community: the level of attention to detail that is taken by some people). And as a permanent disclaimer, I might just have misunderstood what you were saying and talked a load of BS...
  4. Absolutely correct, thanks mate. I couldn't get it to work by adjusting permissions but yes, it was installed in program files and now with it in the C: root folder and bat4max reinstalled, we have a fully functioning machine again. Something in the back of my head tells me this is pretty much bat4max 101, but some things just get lost...
  5. Thanks simcoug, the SHK pack for both the cars and textures is far preferable I think: It's still not quite right though. I only ever end up with a full parking lot (some half empty lots would look more realistic - I've noticed the Maxis ones do this). Also, as this is a low wealth pack, some of the cars are a little too flash, and maybe a tad over saturated, (the red sports car in the centre of the next shot as an example). Someone who drives a car like that doesn't shop at Cheap As Chips...(An Australian 99c/$2 chain): I am assuming that it order to achieve what I want that I will need to create a new prop family from these? (It's not something I've done but I know there are guides around - I can't imagine it's too tricky...) Something else that has occurred to me is the distance the buildings are set back from the road - I'll have to check with these in game against other custom content, but I wonder if there's a standard in this sort of a situation? On a darker note, today has been a rough one. I found a bunch of presumed lost files (old bat models & lots etc), and was 50mb through transferring them over when my friend's dog hit the cord connected to the HD, pulling it off a high cupboard and onto a hard surface. The case cracked open and the computer no longer recognises it. Plus there are some strange noises... I couldn't get too mad at Kit. 1: he's a puppy, 2: I'm the idiot that put the HD in such a precarious position in the first place. There was a lot more on that drive than SC4 stuff, it hurts to think about it right now. :-(
  6. Really nice work giving these a second chance at life (collectively with the original upload). It makes sense to make use of some of the maxis models which are there anyway (not adding extra space to our plugin folders). In the case of some of the originals, as well illustrated by your re-lots, it's mostly the lotting that made them a bit cringe worthy (those before and after shots speak volumes). Oh, your initial link to the parent mod links back to this, (the one in the dependencies is correct though).
  7. Hi, I've setup bat4max again (V5 with max 2012), and after a few resolved issues I come to this, a nuisance really. I can only apply materials to the editor and scene if I start max normally - but I can only export from it if I start it in administrator mode. Particularly when making small props it results in half your time waiting for max to load again. Is anyone aware of a way around this? Cheers
  8. Thanks to simcoug, philforhockey51, madhatter106, gutterclub and raynev1for your feedback, it's appreciated. It's good to be back around this addictive game again and it will be a relief to get these done - I'd much prefer to see my babies (and yes simcougar, they ARE cute ), get to have a life beyond my hard drive. I can see where you and gutterclub are coming from - particularly with the Dick Smith store in a previous shot. However, they HAVE all got individual windows and doors. It is 20 "re-skins" of the same building, and some of the graphics seem to disguise them more than others. Here is a close up of one: Also, these are old models - the original MAX projects that created them are long gone, so I'll have to make do with these... There have been some hurdles with this - a lot of relearning things: bat4max/reader/sc4pim etc., and mistakes made that have resulted in me throwing out the whole lot (except the model files), and starting again. They won't look much different to above but it will be a better quality product in the end for it. The 1X1s are done and I'm part way through the 1X2s (it won't take long; it was taking a lot longer, and causing far more pain, trying to identify and fix the errors in the previous ones). Those Maxis cars in the shot above look terrible - is anyone aware of a good alternative prop family for these? Thanks for looking *EDIT: I'm also not a fan of that low wealth maxis concrete base texture in case anyone can suggest something better...?
  9. Well this is a bittersweet moment... On one hand I feel like a bit of an idiot, on the other greatly relieved... You were right, that was exactly the situation. Shadows to medium, and voila! It could have been a much longer wild goose chase to arrive back here so, thanks a lot art128 for nipping it in the bud! Thank you JP, I'm glad you like them and you were right about someone providing the answer...
  10. Well I'm happy to say that said conclusions, though utterly well founded, would be wrong! Six or seven years on I am, at least briefly, back. (Hi to those still around and to the new faces). There's no getting away from this game entirely... :-) Raz444 messaged me about some of the bats I'd done which got the ball rolling. I had long intended to get around to releasing some - there were a few bits either finished or close to that I figured some people may appreciate but things get in the way ya know... life...women... Unfortunately I have lost at least a couple of my bats, but ah well. The ones that seem the best to start off with are the low wealth shop collection (20 Australian small businesses as CS$). These were only created as 1x1 lots but I decided there needed to be a 1x2 version as well so after many years I have relearned some basic lotting and have come up with this: They are simple but that's all they need to be (a tad repetitive perhaps but you wouldn't normally have so many together). The cars (and some other things) are in prop families so those lots that look bare, aren't. The only issue, which I'm hoping will be reasonably quick to fix, is what simhotoddy said about the shadows: Now excuse me if I'm a little slow on the uptake here, but it's been years since I've played around with the PIM. In this case I haven't made them props, I've lotted them all individually. How does that effect what I do in the PIM? Also are the default slope settings acceptable? Thanks in advance, and hopefully someone will get something out of these.