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  1. While a lot of areas where I see wind turbines (and there are getting to be more all the time!) don't have much in the way of slopes, there are indeed some hilly regions and canyons around here. In any case, wind turbines do get built in hilly regions elsewhere. Anything slope friendly gets my vote, and the removal of the grass is brilliant! Nice job, Leshan!
    Marvelous! Cotton gets a little much needed love in SimCity.
  2. Not yet. Prophet?
  3. 5860. May 5859 be with you. *practices lightsaber skills*
    For those who like to place fences around industrial facilities, this is one of the best sets I've seen! I'm digging the modularity! Even a medium-sized city can have one or two large complexes with acres of trucks.
    Say, this reminds me of how Dairy Queen and Sonic in my area sometimes have cruise nights in the summer where people eat ice cream and look at the cars. In this case, it's In-N-Out, but the concept is the same. It makes me feel at home! Good job!
  4. The weather must be getting warmer because it's time for a classic car show! Nice work, CT14! You're putting a lot of hard work into the paint, too.
  5. I know what you mean. I bit the bullet and put a "like" as a sign of agreement, but it's times like this where I wish for an "agree" button instead.
  6. The thing is, I disagreed with it when Clinton suggested it and I still disagree with it now that Trump has done it. Bad move, Mr. President! We don't need to get involved in other countries trying to be the world's police.
  7. Good luck! All of you deserve it!
    Great rethinking of an SG classic, KOSC! I especially like that you provided smaller lots for the growables.
  8. Nope. Maybe Phil?
  9. 5843 So that's why I'm seeing so much rain lately.
  10. But there's a power line! Prophet?
  11. No. Prophet?