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  1. @AmiPolizeiFunk I think from the pictures you posted it's difficult to see how big the cobblestones are. Each stone is about 6x6x6 cm big. Maybe it's good to post an additional picture with something to compare the scale. @Ronyx69 Nice progress on the applestore. Incredible how this game can produce these high-res scenes with good assets. On my computer everything looks like slurry.
  2. yes thats right. The opposite is kind of the case. Marx says communism is the final stage of socialism resulting in a free/equitable society for mankind. So if you seek a game there you can build a communist utopia? I have no clue if anyone made a game like this.
  3. Sorry to doublepost. To answer your question. But in most of the games you won't build anything. Tropico Games (you obviosly know that already) Democracy 3 (not a city builder, more a complex simulation with a lot of graphs and analytical statistics. Take a look at the website) The Command and Conquer franchise (real time strategy battle game) Republic: The Revolution (strategy/simulation. Your goal is to overthrow the socialist goverment) Tom Clancys Politika The Civilisation franchise (little bit building involved. You can pass social policies)
  4. CorinaMarie already told you not to create a lot of threads with a simmilar topic. Now you're asking in one thread for "communist games" and in another for "cold-war games". A few days ago you asked for dystopian/autoritarian city building games. Please don't create that much topics. We are not playing the "who-created-the-most-topics-game" on ST. One serious thread should be enough. Thank you!
  5. I think SC4 is your best bet to recreate a good looking dystopian or futuristic city. There a thousands of custom made Bats and Lots to choose from. Take a look at Bipins files or download some prefab residential buildings.
  6. Simcity Societies from 2007 has a vanilla feature to build dystopian cities. But the game is not that good at all.
  7. why not? You can build whatever you want. Download some buildings from the STEX and build your dystopian city. Then take some screenshots and edit them in gimp or photoshop. Increase the Contrast, lower the saturation and exposure or give the screenshots a color tint . Be creative.
  8. Is the roof of the lower parts really red? I always thought they used copper (Grünspan). Nevermind I saw the picture above. But I think it's too much saturated. Or is that because of the lookuptable (LUT) you're using?
  9. Yeah it was in Dresden. To supply a vw-factory with parts. In Berlin they consider to sent dhl/ups/amazon parcels in the night with trams to carco hubs. From the hubs by delivery van to the recipients. Here is an article about that (unfortunately its in german but there is a pic of the cargo tram from Dresden.)
  10. I like the generation of paths. Reminds me of 'The Settlers II'
  11. Ah, now I get the concept of your curb assets. The additional pictures you uploaded to the workshop helped me to understand.
  12. Awesome Will it be possible to combine your curb into bigger shapes like the curbs from KingLeno?
  13. thank you! Does " 5x10-h4.FBX" stands for 5X10 tiles and a height of 4?
  14. Is it possible to make 1x1/2x2/etc... sized templates so that anyone with photoshop/gimp-skills can make decals without needing to make and export a box in a 3D-software like 3ds-max or blender? If I open these programs I'm usually a little bit overwhelmed.
  15. That's a nice street design guide. Is the nacto a goverment organisation?