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  1. once again I find my self waking up and watching more bad news in my country. Sadly it's been reported that a terrorist incident had occurred near Finsbury Park Mosque. 1 death and many injured and majority happen to be Muslim. The suspect was court and apparently said "I've done my bit" I dont care what race or faith you have if you go round killing people by using a van running people over or using a knife and killing people its still terrorism. It feels like this country is at braking point and the emergency services are over worked period. I know terrorism happens on a daily bases like in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, Syria etc but for it to happen like it did as many times in France and now England its quiet shocking. Sometimes I wish I could go into my city I've created and live in it!
  2. It's sad to see that a tower block in London is on fire and lives have been lost. I can't but help having SimCity 4 in my head as I was watching it on the news. I had the SimCity news ticketer in my mind saying "FIRE" red background and game on pause and sending my fire crew to the fire.
  3. this is my home town, I'm sure no religious kingdom would accept a coward who kills children. I try my best not to fuel my anger with hate. We are all a family of humanity.
  4. I believe SimFox made this tower but I cant seem to find it anywhere. does anyone know where I can download this?
  5. Thanks to all who gave me this advice, I downloaded Transparent Power Utilities 2 by Craig-Abcvs, works like a charm! Happy Simming everyone!!
  6. I have a city like New York City and I created an island so I can place a statue on to it like Liberty island, I wonder how does one give it power without having to add a power source to it? Thanks!
  7. creating a city what has an island. how does one connect power to the island without having to use power lines or a power box to it? basically I'm creating my own style of liberty island! thanks.
  8. sorry I dont have a photo of this but I wonder if anyone has made a small power point or something? I feel the power plants use too much room and the cheat is silly. also how does one send electric to an island? example I want to make liberty island so how would I give that power? Thanks
  9. my first city journal... Stone Island strange markings have been left behind let alone a stone monument on top of the mountain. archaeologists left baffled, research continues...
  10. please can someone tell me where I can download this building... thanks!
  11. since I finally got my simcity 4 going again with thanks to people on this forum I am now having to go threw the boring processes of downloading buildings. I have a small problem with a building, I downloaded Dmscopio Stadium but most annoying I can't get hold off DMS_Stadium_Final.z01 file as the link is broken. http://h1.ripway.com/dmscopio/DMS_Stadium_Final.z01 I have downloaded DMS_Stadium_Final & DMS_Stadium_Final_PART_2 still I get issues when I come to unzip and the stadium during game play is that horrible dreaded brown box!
  12. it's all sorted, many thanks everyone!
  13. its my screen resolution, mine is 1920x1080
  14. hi, ok so removing that update worked but now the game loads then goes to desktop again. any ideas?
  15. thanks, I'll give it a try, will let you know how I get on.