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  1. Outstanding work. I love slum houses and poor man's buildings, so this is always welcome. Are these Growable, and is there some way to ensure they don't dominate the landscape? I want to see other buildings besides this, obviously.
  2. You already bought the modeling software once; just pirate it and use what you already paid for.
  3. SQUEE! I love Commieblocks! I've downloaded a lot of them, and I always want more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you very much for your assistance. I actually have several of those buildings already, but I look forward to downloading more!
  4. Good afternoon, gentlemen. I have a MIGHTY NEED for gigantic residential complexes- I'm talking Project Bootstrap and Salvation Tower size and similar in shape -for my city. They cannot be CAM-lots, I need them to be compatible with the Vanilla game. If anyone has any information on such a building, I would be very grateful. They don't need to be beautiful, or even well-designed (although I'd prefer ones that look like the Maxis mega-buildings). I would prefer as few Dependancies as possible, but I am willing to get them if I need them. Thank you for your assistance. -TURTLESHROOM
  5. EXCELLENT! I've always hated cluttering my Landmarks Menu, so a growable Winn-Dixie is a huge boon for me. Let me know when it's ready!
  6. Son, the Palm Dependancy link is dead.
  7. "You get a line, I'll get a pole. We'll go fishing in the crawfish hole. Five card poker on Saturday night, church on Sunday morning."
  8. What a beautiful building. It is absolutely outstanding.
  9. Hon hon hon
    Five stars for the toilet props alone. I like the unique shape and design of the building. Its story alone is worth the download. I like the shape. Blocky, commieblock-esque architecture is my forte, but this has that charm to it that made it worthy of this rating. Oh gosh, so the "Wild Thornburries" show wasn't kidding when they kept shouting "LOCK THE NIPPER IN THE DUNNY!".
    It warms my heart to see someome make some "Simcity III" content after all these years. I remember playing that game as a little boy on the little bonus room over my garage, right after I moved into my current home fifteen years ago. Well done indeed.
  10. You REALLY need to make MAXIS NIGHT VERSIONS.
  11. When I try to download the file, I am taken to an error page that says the file doesn't exist and cannot be found! Please fix it so I can get me these beautiful houses!
  12. We're all waiting for the Maxis Night version! I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED!
  13. Is there a Maxis Night version?!