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  1. got the lot finished just trying to get it to grow in game
  2. Mars Tower a project 10 years in the making. finally able to finish this...
  3. allmost done... Mars Tower
  4. this is my mars tower i am working on....
  5. front wall of tower
  6. lol...
  7. hello guys.. well i am moved and pretty much settled in our new home. i have the first wall of the tower just about finished.. ill post a pic sometime today.. sorry for my long absence...
  8. I was able to get some of the tower done. Ill try to post an update pic soon.
  9. Starting work on my mars tower that I attempted to do years ago. I will also have an earth version of it.
  10. My accident was falling down a flight of stairs. And now im batling health issues. Thanks for the congrats. Working on a new model.
  11. Hello everyone. Just got my xp machine back up and running. I will be doing more work on my lots and creating more custom content. Wow ive been gone a long time. Things have finally settled down so I have more time to do things. Missed you all.
  12. Thanks guys....