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  1. I am working on my farms again just so i can get them updated and replace whats missing on them. ill release them one at a time as i get each one done and tested to be sure they do grow... SC4pim-x will tell me what textures are being used and props so i can get the right links...
  2. both versions of my rapeseed farm had been uploaded. as you can see both lots are functioning they are now growable lots.
  3. ok thanks...
  4. @rsc204 appariently when i put all my stuff in a dat file i also accidently put in some of my LOT files as well. is it safe to go into Ilive Reader and take the LOT files out?
  5. i have a request for my old rapeseed farm which i was allready working on an updated version of it.
  6. Thanks
  7. hayfield
  8. my laptop says its installed but i cant find it nevermind i found it.. will it tell me what texture packs the lot is using as well as the prop packs.
  9. @rsc204 i have a question is SC4 pim the same as SC4Datanode my pc says its installed but i cant find anything with that name
  10. is it SC4Pim hey @CorinaMarie I am rendering a hay field.. woot finally figured out how to do that. The more i play at this the more i learn.... its gonna be a while but ill post a pic for you... taking requests
  11. i dont know if it runs on here or not. but ill try it out. tracking down the links is hard for me. ill post some pics of the new farms in a few days.
  12. yesterday I downloaded my farms and i have been relotting them. For my other CJ I will be posting soon. I am having oral surgery today so i will be offline for a few days. i may not upload them because i am using BSC stuff and its difficult for me to figure out what texture packs and same for props.
  13. well decided to play the regular version of the game.. I call this city Frog City because the lake looks like a frog to me. The circle drives did not come out like i wanted but they seem to work fine.
  14. this seems to be a good Idea.. I think I will try doing my transportation first then do the other stuff.
  15. working on a moon colony... recreating the Sim Mars project to Colonizing the Moon.