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  1. это так хорошо! Each one is a masterpiece. The last one is amazing (or any synonym of amazing)
  2. Thanks kschmidt!
  3. Come on...... You continue to amaze
  4. Thanks Takingyouthere, I pop in from time to time as a guest and see your continued excellent work. No matter how busy we get the lure of SC4 brings us back haha Thank you sir! Whaaaaat! madhatter106, your BATs are some of my favorite! I have tons of them, they're so realistic and versatile. Dude, I wish I could BAT half as good as you.
  5. This is a preview of my new CJ, it has a lot of sprawling to come, but here are a few shots... The Pacific Circle In the heart of Pacific Bay, a census designated area in south San Joaqin Beach, lies the Pacific Circle and plaza. The intersection and surrounding town was founded in 1918 and has become host to annual events such as "The International Food Festival" the first weekend in May, as well as the "Harvest Festival & Oktoberfest" in September. All six streets are blocked off for each event and local restaurants cook outdoors. Most of the businesses in and around the circle are restaurants; health food, gastropub, pizza, mexican food, and diners. At Christmas, lights are strung from building to palm tree and palm tree to building. Many of the buildings around the circle have been deemed local landmarks, and the old overgrown trees have plenty of hearts with initials scratched in their bark. Pacific Bay is a close-knit community, and the circle is the meeting point. Canary Palm Estates Upscale neighborhood in north Pacific Bay. Median home price: §1.5M San Joaquin Beach Civic Center & City Hall The center for city management and administration. Some events are held here like the annual Taste of Los Reyes, the 4th of July City Block Party & BBQ, and the April 20th Smokeout for Freedom and Date Shake Festival. Further down is Grizzly Bear Park, packed on the weekends with kids sports. Little Manila An area of Serrano with with highest population of Philippine-born residents in the US Old Spanish Station At Picante St. and Los Reyes Rd. Pacific Bay and San Joaquin Beach Lots of drunk drivers on the 101 freeway... The Circle from another angle For more like this, check out my last CJ California 2: Thanks
  6. From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

    Current project
  7. From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

  8. Unbelievable. Un-effing-believable. The time it must have taken just to find the right buildings, MMPs, etc., then the flawless balance and composition, the attention to detail, the cohesiveness of the images, the realism, the subtlety, the originality, the fact that I can identify old riverbeds in the seconds shot....I'm blown away. Great work! That's probably the best compliment i've gotten so far - thanks! -korver
    Sweeeet! Looks awesome! Now we just need the convention center and LA Live, haha. Thanks dude
  9. Looks awesome! Great proportions of tall medium and low buildings...and open spaces. I like those wide shots and I liked the night shot at the end. The only thing I would add would be a hockey rink. The people need it!
  10. Soooo Good! Great shots at any zoom level, great selection of buildings and houses
  11. That last shot is awesome!! Great lot editing on the Riviera. You may take a break, but you'll be back lol, there's still more creative things you can do with Capistrano. I look forward to your return
  12. I was GONNA say: nice MMP work, nice house selection - very realistic and fitting for the area. The hang gliding platform is chill, picture 6 is the best. Then I saw your "go Devils" so I take it all back...haha jk
  13. Looks good! I like the proportions of the city on the wide shots. The black and white looks great, I wouldn't mind seeing the last shot of the entry in color tho...feels like that would be very satisfying
  14. Way cool! Nice even/realistic growth