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  1. Great looking city! I like the large sidewalks and parks, the varying building heights, and I really like that panoramic shot at the end.
  2. Love the campsites by the road. You captured that lazy summer feel nicely. Like it!!
  3. 2nd picture though. Fantastic work! The airport is chill too
  4. I second all the previous comments. There's not much else to say...
  5. @feyss Thanks dude! @raynev1 Thank you. More to come, but not for a month or so
  6. @MeMyself&I Thank you! No gaps but there is one ramp that I couldn't squeeze in. @kschmidt Thanks man. Some more green? Gotta have some low-income sims to clean up after the zoo animals and work at the dollar store, haha. Thanks
  7. @FattyMcButterPants Thanks dude, yeah RHW is a blessing and a curse @dyoungyn Yup, it's Kevdan's McDonalds, Chili's, and Chick-Fil-A. Just re-lotted. Thanks for the compliment @DavidDHetzel Thanks!
  8. Yeah it's the simplicity I like. It's a nice quick story with enough screenshots to tell the story. The construction and map make it feel more real.
  9. @kschmidt Thanks kschmidt!
  10. @VicRusty Thank you, kinda sorta inspired by the 110 - 105 interchange in LA, but just trying to make it as tight-knit as possible @AlphaCPS Thanks, more will come...slowly @f3cs Thanks! @Akallan Thank you! @matias93 Thanks, RHW is going to make me go bald @kingofsimcity Thank you! I appreciate it @Brooklyn81 hahaaa...so dumb. Thanks @korver Gracias! @Ln X Thanks Ln X, consistently good CJs like yours keep the interest up
  11. This is the best example of what a "city journal" is lol. Great looking city, nice work on the schematic map
  12. The picture of courthouse square...sweeet. Great work on the W2W and the other buildings that need room to breathe have it.
  13. Yeah, the river looks great. I like #18 the best -- the farm and the little cliffs behind the houses
  14. Every picture is perfect. It's so well balanced, not overdone. It's so thoughtfully planned to be aesthetically pleasing but also functional