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  1. Back of the manual, I'm looking at it now ...but unless you have 20/20 vision and a magnifying glass they are pretty unreadable, I think there is an electronic version somewhere ................ here you go https://www.city-builders.info/cb-documents/9-SimCity-4/2-hotkeys-used-in-SimCity-4
  2. Nice looking City
  3. I originally uploaded the FiRE dependency by RebaLynnTS over at CB as a favor to someone as I was aware that RebaLynnTS had over at SC4Devotion posted this statement I'm assuming that means her missing files can be uploaded on the STEX. Paeng's files he has passed into my custody as he has left the SC4 community and I have given @rsc204 permission to upload any of his work that's missing from the STEX, as for Pegasus I'm assuming the new policy over at SC4Devotion could be applied http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17746.0 To be honest I never intended to have any of the SimPeg files over at CB for more than a few weeks ... it was just meant to be a stop-gap until the former SimPeg staff had finished uploading files into the PLEX on the STEX then apart from Paeng's files as that's a different situation I was going to delete them, as CB was never really set up as a file exchange. -catty
  4. I was still moving files before RL took over ..... Not to sure how the new PAGE functionality works, so I'll look into it and let you (and anyone else) know how it works, PAGES are for games, hobbies, websites, etc, GROUPs are for projects or teams or at least that was the plan when the company split the original GROUP function in half and created PAGEs.
  5. They aren't missing, I did post over at CB what I was doing, which was moving all the SimPeg stuff I had over to here https://www.city-builders.info/cb-community/pages ... but RL has been difficult to escape from just lately so I may not have finished, I'll need to check just where I got to with this ... I do tend to assume if people don't ask then they either know what's happening or they aren't that bothered, I might be busy but I haven't disappeared. -catty PS: I'll check once I've done and make sure people can still link to files, etc
  6. Great to see another SC3K player here ...I'm just across the ditch I knew about the four main versions they released, didn't realize they had done more than those ones. -catty
  7. This topic is for people to post links to sites that still have SC3 custom content available to download. At SimCityPlaza (German Site) - http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/simcity3000-mainmenu-27-topmenu Custom Content - http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/component/phocadownload/category/1-simcity3000-gebaeude Cities - http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/component/phocadownload/category/2-sc3000-staedte Terrains - http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/component/phocadownload/category/3-sc3000-terrains
  8. That's great news
  9. This caught my eye the other night, in the Activity Tab at the bottom is the recent contributors to the site listing
  10. Building a canal and the traders start using it
  11. Great you've got this sorted, it was on my to-do-list, but RL keeps interfering
  12. Neither have I, I like lots of buttons
  13. Obviously Simtropolis is a great site, its worth taking a look at was once the Colonial Charter website, it was badly designed and didn't work very well even its creator didn't like it, and then he got his dates wrong and didn't renew his domain name in time so lost the lot ... his hosting company was willing to let him have it back if he paid a small fortune to buy his domain name back, anyway new hosting company, new domain name and as it happens new site software (its also using Invision Power Services). http://blackliquidsoftware.com/ I think it looks great and most importantly is easy to use from a visitor point of view. I also think my site looks pretty good
  14. This from the Wikipedia At some point someone is going to ask/want the extras that came with some of the other versions so if you do ask about the UK version it would be good to include the other versions in the question to GOG.