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  1. The manual recommends that you don't save your city, when it asks to save say no and then restart your city from the last pre-disaster save. If you don't have the manual its well worth downloading from here https://city-builders.info/cbex You don't need an account to download the manuals, its only if you want the other files you are going to need an account, just one other thing the manual is 226 pages long so is quite big. -catty
  2. The updates should have been included in the GOG file, the landmarks won't have been, much as I appreciate RandyE enthusiasm provided a zipped file without documenting its contents or providing a readme and in the case of the Maxis files the EA Disclaimer notice can cause more problems than it fixes, you can if you are in a hurry go and download the files you actually want from here https://city-builders.info/cbex?folder=SC4%2Band%2BSC4D%2BDownloads Each file once you unzip it, is a .EXE file and it will install the files in the correct location if you have a windows computer, if you don't mind waiting Simtropolis is going to be uploading them into the existing Maxis folder and will be doing away with the .EXE. If you do set up an account over at CB and want to download the files you actually want as one bulk zip, just bookmark each file then go to the bookmark menu and download them as a single zip. As for There is a reason no one does this unless the city has no custom content in it at all, it simply doesn't work ... you would either have to provide the custom content that you had used while making the city and the file size doesn't bear thinking about, and that's alway assuming you can get permission to include the plugins you had used, or you would have to provide cleanitol lists so people could check they had the plugins either way it would be a logistical nightmare. -catty
  3. its over here https://city-builders.info/cbex?folder=SC4%2Band%2BSC4D%2BDownloads And it should also end up on the STEX here http://community.simtropolis.com/maxis_files_for_simcity_4.html/ See this topic for details -catty
  4. Heading off to bed now its finished uploading to dropbox and I can pass a link to Cyclone Boom, I've got everything that used to be on the official sites (including a map that was only available to Japanese players) plus some MAC files not sure just were they came from, but I've passed them over. Off to bed
  5. Unfortunately my folder of Maxis files is too big ... I've got 55 zipped files totaling 294.1 MB and zipped again down to one file its still 293.8 MB so I'm currently uploading it to dropbox
  6. Hi @Cyclone Boom Ok I'll sort something out later tonight, I've also got all the pictures that were on the Maxis site so I'll include them as well. -catty
  7. From memory Craig got the files from me, but I could be wrong there its been a few years since he set it up, I hold everything as it was on the Maxis site including any notes that were on the website, am at work so can't tell you the total size of the CBEX folder, but if you guys want to have them on the STEX I can zip up the folder and pass it on. -catty
  8. and the ones you can't find there, are over here https://city-builders.info/cbex he also uploaded most of his own work over to the STEX, so nothing should be lost -catty
  9. The planes are missing cos you are still missing the Tabi SNCG Aircraft V2 dependency and I can't find a valid link to it, I'm guessing here as I don't have access to SC4 to check, but I'm thinking as this is a addon to the coast guard station you may actually need that as well for the buildings ... what does the readme say?
  10. the Paeng's Coast Guard Airfield is an addon to the Coast Guard Station so yes you are going to need these dependencies as well
  11. Have to come back to re the Tabi SNCG Aircraft V2 dependency
  12. Never noticed in real life its cathy And I see @rsc204 has let you know he's responsible for the prop family ranges now so that's great
  13. Once they move into a house they don't leave, so go thru and check who's living in each house if its a singleton then knock the house down ... restore it before the knock down is complete as you just want to force them to move not lose the house, I usually have an Inn built so they have somewhere to go, sometimes you end up with a singleton back again, but equally its a good way to start a new family. As for firewood I set up an area that will only be for forestry, hunting and gathering, in my latest village its on an island, at the front of the attached picture there is a hunting lodge with firewood storage next to it, behind it a gatherer and then a Mother Tree (Forester), a small house and then the firewood yard and a well, at some point you have to come up with other means of providing heating but it gets you thru the first couple of years. Sorry forgot to add a link to information about villagers and their lifespans https://banished-wiki.com/wiki/Citizens
  14. Have imported about six thousand records so far, no noticeable problems, they are not visible to view as it seems the import function doesn't automatically publish them ... but two I have published after finding their pictures from the CATALOG and moving the pictures across into the DIRECTORY. So if anyone wants to take a look and see what they think they are here https://city-builders.info/cb-directory or here in the Category https://city-builders.info/cb-directory/entries/category/view/883-0x07bddf1c-civic-and-park-building-parents The other thing to be aware of ... I have searching switched off along with being able to review the entry or make comments on them, eventually will turn searching back on, not sure if there is a need to review or comment on a entry but I will if people want it. -catty
  15. Its done the same thing to me a couple of times over the last couple of days ... I just thought it was my computer playing up - Linux Mint and Firefox