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  1. And I've been talking to @pclark06 re these files and also @Cyclone Boom about adding them and the official maxis files back to the STEX under their own SC3 section, as a temporary file location the first of these files can be found here https://city-builders.info/cbex?folder=SC3%2Band%2BSC3K%2BDownloads%2FSimCity%2B3000%2BRevival%2BProject As this is temporary file location no attempt will be made to add pictures or descriptions to them, and also as its temporary no account will be needed to download any of them, given the Freeland and SC3KU exchanges went offline a number of years ago tracking down the original creator isn't easier, if anyone recognizes these files as theirs and doesn't want them on the STEX can you please let someone know, equally if you are happy to have them back a thumbs-up would be great. -catty
  2. Yes and then there is the nightmare of each country having different tax laws, but I'm assuming voluntary subscriptions wouldn't fall under that situation, but then you would get people taking advantage because they feel it should be free and they don't see why they should pay for anything including buying legal versions of the game .... over at Black Liquid a user been trying to get help since Saturday cos he couldn't get MegaMod to work, yesterday he finally posted a picture of the error message he was getting .... and as you can probably guess he's got a cracked illegal version of the game so naturally it doesn't work properly. -catty
  3. I did use something for SC3 to help with memory .... I'm having a senior moment cos I can't remember the name of it ... but it allows games that were designed for 2gb of memory to use another 2gb of virtual memory as well, its in the NAM .... got it, its called the 4gb patch and you can get it from the NAM or here http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php
  4. I'd be perfectly happy to pay Simtropolis a yearly fee to host any pictures I had on here .... they could be free for say the first X number of pictures and after than you pay a fee that goes up based on the number of pictures you had on the site, most people would never go past the free stage
  5. Unlike SC4 where you could chuck your garbage off the edge into the void or set up a water pump to get water from the void without worrying too much about water contamination, SC3 cities are completely standalone you do have some game generated cities surrounding your city, but you can't access them except to do deals for water, power, etc
  6. Well he says he's got desalination plants so .... .... off to have a rummage thru the SC3000 site here at Simtropolis OK there are four articles re water .... I've pasting the links but they look weird http://www.sc3000.com/knowledge/showarticle.cfm?id=1054&openItemID=cid.62,cid.65,cid.69,cid.63,cid.79,cid.78,cid.80,cid.81,cid.77,cid.73,cid.72,cid.71,cid.75,cid.74,cid.61,cid.60,cid.67,cid.66,cid.64,cid.68,cid.43,cid.41,cid.40,cid.33,cid.26,cid.32,cid.38,cid.35,cid.25,cid.44,cid.24,cid.23,cid.1,cid.2 http://www.sc3000.com/knowledge/showarticle.cfm?id=0443&openItemID=cid.62,cid.65,cid.69,cid.63,cid.79,cid.78,cid.80,cid.81,cid.77,cid.73,cid.72,cid.71,cid.75,cid.74,cid.61,cid.60,cid.67,cid.66,cid.64,cid.68,cid.43,cid.41,cid.40,cid.33,cid.26,cid.32,cid.38,cid.35,cid.25,cid.44,cid.24,cid.23,cid.1,cid.2 http://www.sc3000.com/knowledge/showarticle.cfm?id=0475&openItemID=cid.62,cid.65,cid.69,cid.63,cid.79,cid.78,cid.80,cid.81,cid.77,cid.73,cid.72,cid.71,cid.75,cid.74,cid.61,cid.60,cid.67,cid.66,cid.64,cid.68,cid.43,cid.41,cid.40,cid.33,cid.26,cid.32,cid.38,cid.35,cid.25,cid.44,cid.24,cid.23,cid.1,cid.2 http://www.sc3000.com/knowledge/showarticle.cfm?id=0420&openItemID=cid.62,cid.65,cid.69,cid.63,cid.79,cid.78,cid.80,cid.81,cid.77,cid.73,cid.72,cid.71,cid.75,cid.74,cid.61,cid.60,cid.67,cid.66,cid.64,cid.68,cid.43,cid.41,cid.40,cid.33,cid.26,cid.32,cid.38,cid.35,cid.25,cid.44,cid.24,cid.23,cid.1,cid.2 I've got an index of what's in the SC3 Knowledge Tree so if those links don't work you can get them from here https://city-builders.info/cb-documents/10-SimCity-3/56-SimCity-3-knowledge-tree
  7. Yes the folders inside the folder and the folder name has to be identical to the file name You should have a folder with two files in it (.PIN and .DAT file), move that folder to Apps/PlugIn/<plugin name> .... the <plugin name> is the filename shared by the .PIN and .DAT file
  8. These are pictures of what Krio has over at CB https://city-builders.info/cb-community/albums/groups/44-krioworks/albums/416-bats-by-krio Some of them can be found on the STEX, I'm currently going thru the files themselves and adding pictures and the descriptions, etc
  9. The list of SC3 cheat codes is here https://city-builders.info/cb-documents/10-SimCity-3/9-sc3-cheat-codes But it doesn't look like there is one to change the date As for your seaport it seems they won't develop unless the conditions are right, have a read of this document it should help https://city-builders.info/cb-documents/10-SimCity-3/6-how-to-develop-seaports-in-sc3 EDIT: The SC3 reference card is here https://city-builders.info/cbex/download?path=simcity3un_reference_card.zip You don't need an account to download it or the manual
  10. ditto EDIT: You can no longer download your files from Paeng's old site, but luckily they are all backed up here https://city-builders.info/cbex?folder=SC4%2Band%2BSC4D%2BDownloads%2FKrioworks
  11. That reminds me I'm moving anything to do with the SimPeg website over to its own area at CB so everything that was over on the CBEX will be over here https://city-builders.info/cb-community/pages Upgraded the site this morning which broke the site template, so it may be a few days before I finish moving the PLEX files, if anyone is desperate for something let me know. -catty
  12. Not sure if its related, I use facebook logins on my site and while I don't use JFBConnect software the company did put out a blog about how a Facebook change is causing login problems for users https://www.sourcecoast.com/blog/facebook-authentication-breaking-change-jfbconnect-v7-2-0 I made the recommended changes in my facebook developer account and I assuming as the last few people to login over at CB used facebook logins to do so, that it solved the problem. -catty
  13. Can't say I've ever needed to go back thru my profile history, but I just did and it only goes back to Feb 2008, as I finally joined the site after much lurking back in Apr 2007 and I'm pretty certain I must have been posting during that year it does look like stuff has gone, but given the site upgrades over the years its probably not surprising.
  14. I gave up on Windows 7 last year and have been using Linux Mint since then, as I didn't want to have a dual-boot I set up a virtual desktop and installed Windows XP on it, I've got SimCity3 and 4 running on it and have to say its worked out really well.
  15. Simtropolis hosts the old SC3000.com site here http://www.sc3000.com/ And the technical documents that used to be on the maxis site is here https://city-builders.info/cb-documents/10-SimCity-3