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  1. I never knew A Nonny Moose personally. We may have posted maybe in the same threads a few times and maybe that's as close of a relationship I have with him, but his presence is so felt, I thought he posted in every thread. He was like a rock, a constant in Simtropolis. I haven't been active as of late, if at all. That said, I feel quite bummed to hear a familiar name pass on.
  2. Is fractional angled bridges part of NAM? When did this become a thing? Sorry, I'm not up-to-date. I haven't played in years actually :(.
  3. I check back here once in a while. It seems everytime I do, Microsoft throws another wrench. They sure have been fixing a lot of things that aren't broken lately. Kinda makes you wonder what other things they are planning to fix.
  4. Good thing I have a lot of drives installed on my PC. I'll just install Windows 7 on my secondary drive while I upgrade my main one to Windows 10.
  5. March 10? Woah. This thing just breezed over me. It's almost out and I barely noticed.
  6. Party! Party!
  7. I'm not into Cities, but it's kinda sad to see all those thumbs down.
  8. It's an easter-egg that happens every Christmas.
  9. The thing that turns me off in the trailer are the bridges. Too many bridges and they still look weird. Overuse of suspension bridges. Do they have other bridge types? Other than that, I reserve my opinion about this game. It could be good.
  10. I'm quite skeptic. I still remember how we thought Cities XL was thought to be SC4's successor. Then we thought SC2013 was the true successor to SC4. This will most likely become a good game, but I don't think this is the game Simcity fans will be waiting for. Not much to go along with the trailer.
  11. I saw an aircraft carrier, tanks and fighter jets in the trailer. Maybe that was multiplayer and maybe not controllable, but can be ordered. I haven't bought the game so I have nothing to say... except it looks gorgeous. I think I'll wait it out though until there's a sale in steam which I think won't be long.
  12. Oh my gosh. This is so hauntingly familiar, especially with all the jeepneys, the aging old government building, traffic and all the chaos. And that church, it's the kind of thing you'd see in the Quiapo district. Although, you'd expect this kind of development in a metropolitan area, not along the country side or even a city on the country side (unless it is a metropolitan area). Perhaps the only room for improvement here is adding more people because Manila streets are always very very crowded with passerbys, street vendors and stuff. All in all, nice work.   By the way, Cagayan is an actual province in the Luzon island. Cagayan de Oro is a city in the island of Mindanao.
  13. I tend to not take news seriously on April Fools Day =P. Best wishes to them though.
  14. I think he was referring to this gameplay trailer.
  15. Also, Zest Air is now Air Asia Zest.