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  1. What does it mean when I get an error that says "ERROR!  cannot write to info.plist, there are permission problems, or you are on a  read-only volume.  This cannot run from within a red-only dmg file."  


    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Tarkus


      Saw you managed to get it figured out, and thanks for posting your solution!  The team currently has zero members who have any real familiarity with the Mac version, and we're very limited in terms of how much we can really assist, so that info really helps us.

  2. Are there any planes for highway curves in the next update? 

    1. Tarkus


      They already exist.  If you're using Maxis Highways, check the Custom Interchanges button.

  3. On  NAM 34, how do you get rid of the red brick sidewalk for regular streets?


    1. Tarkus


      The NAM doesn't add red brick sidewalks to streets--there are no sidewalk mods included in the package.  It sounds as if you may have installed a third-party sidewalk mod that is causing you to have the red bricks there--you would need to locate that and remove it.

    2. simtrilla14


      thank you for your reply!


    3. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      The binary search method might be helpful to speed up that process:


  4. park set curves dont work. i can oly do straight park roads and 90 degree curves

    1. Tarkus


      What park set curves?  There is no park set in the NAM.  Are you referring to Pedmalls?

  5. Where is RHW roads on map legend? (regional wiev trasportation map)

    1. Tarkus


      NAM developer here.  The RHW will only show up if you've selected the RHW Regional Transportation View option in custom installation.  You'll have to turn the Traffic DataView on in each city tile where the RHW is present, in order to get it to show up.

  6. Hey guys - When will the Network Add on thingy be available for Mac users? Looking forward! Thanks :)

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Good news, looks like it's just been released:

      The new CAM is also included, but you can choose whether to install it alongside or not.

    2. rocknrollafella


      Thanks! That worked. Any suggestions on buildings/lots to add now that I've got this? 

  7. Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer?  NAM 34 is now on the STEX!

  8. NAM 34 is now available! See here for more info... http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/69569-nam-34-now-available/ The NAM Team is pleased to announce the official release of the 33rd edition of the Network Addon Mod, NAM 33. Availability NAM 33 is hosted here at Simtropolis, on the STEX, and is also available at SC4 Devotion, and ModDB. Download Link STEX (Windows) Additional Mirrors ModDB SC4 Devotion LEX Note: Support for Mac OS X is presently on hiatus, in part due to changes Apple made to the latest version of OS X, El Capitan (10.11). NAM 32.1 will remain available for Mac users in the interim, but with NAM 32's Windows release no longer being supported, and no active Mac users on the NAM Team as of writing, support will be extremely limited. Installation Instructions For Windows users: To install NAM 33, first run the self-extractor (NetworkAddonMod Setup 33 SFX.exe) to extract the installer, and THEN locate and run the installer (NetworkAddonMod Setup 33.exe), which should be located in the same directory by default. The reason for the extra layer of self-extraction is designed to reduce the size of the download (260MB vs. 1GB) while also allowing the installer to run faster. Simply running the Self-Extractor will not install the NAM, nor will sticking the files directly into your Plugins folder. For Mac OS X users: There is presently no OS X version of NAM 33. See note above. Support As the NAM is very much a forward-looking project, NAM 33 is presently the only fully-supported NAM version. The Mac-only NAM 32.1 release will remain available in the interim, but with extremely limited support, as previously noted. All other old NAM versions, including the NAM 33 Pre-Release, NAM 32, and earlier, are no longer supported and will no longer be distributed. Documentation is included, though much of it has not been updated since the 2013 release of NAM 31.2. Note that some features have changed since this documentation was written. and new features may still require additional documentation. Some video tutorials of new functionality will be available, however. We are transitioning toward more flexible means of documentation to combat this backlog, using a new section of the SC4 Encylcopaedia Wiki at SC4 Devotion, and apologize for any inconvenience in the meanwhile. Technical Requirements NAM 33, as per standard NAM Team specifications, is packaged in using the Nullsoft Installer System (NSIS), and is designed for use with Windows version of SimCity 4 Deluxe, though it is also compatible with Linux, provided one is using WINE. The minimum configuration required to run the Network Addon Mod (NAM) with SimCity 4 is the same minimum configuration required to run SimCity 4 itself. Either the original version of SimCity 4 in combination with the Rush Hour expansion pack, or the combination version included in SimCity 4 Deluxe is required. Both are equivalent. In any case, the EP1 patch that brings the version number up to 1.1.638.0 is required. Digital versions of the game, including those provided by Steam, Origin, and GOG.com, should be pre-patched to 1.1.641, and do not require patching. If your game is not up to date, the NAM installer will guide you through the installation of that official patch. You must also have a valid game configuration. If you have simply installed the game from a valid CD or from an authorized download, there will be no problems. However, it is important that the game’s file name not be changed from “SimCity 4.exe”. Modified executables, including "no CD" patches, will not be recognized by the installer as valid installations, and thus, the NAM cannot be installed in such cases. Note that with the minimum configuration, or something close to it, it will not be possible to use most of the NAM. The Traffic Simulator and its associated files can definitely be used, as these take up a very small amount of space and merely replace existing data in the game. The game will work much better simply with the addition of the NAM Traffic Simulator. However, although the extra efficiency of the NAM Traffic Simulator allows you to build bigger functional cities, the speed of your game will likely slow to a crawl as the size of your cities increases. The reason is that the CPU time required by the traffic simulator grows exponentially with the size of your city. This is true of the Maxis Traffic Simulator as well (both traffic simulators use the same software engine), but it is much more difficult to build successful large cities with the Maxis Traffic Simulator, so this problem is seen less frequently there. For further information, please read the Information Page on the NAM 33 installer. Note to Left-Hand Drive (LHD) Users Due to the fact that very few NAM Team members run the game in Left-Hand Drive (LHD) mode, where vehicles drive on the left (as in the United Kingdom, Japan, etc.), support for LHD mode may be more limited than that of Right-Hand Drive (RHD) mode, especially with newer features. Thus, feedback and issue reporting from LHD users is especially appreciated, and will help the team ensure the best possible LHD support. NOTE: The NAM does not change drive side. Unless one has a clear idea of the consequences, do not attempt to change the drive side options in the installer, as all those will do is simply give one a broken NAM installation without actually changing one's drive side. Brief Overview of New Features Changes in the NAM 33 Pre-Release: Massive update to the Draggable Ramp Interface (DRI) and FLEXRamp systems in the RealHighway (RHW) Mod. 90% of all previous static puzzle piece ramps have been given easier-to-use FLEX and/or draggable counterparts, and a plethora of new ramp interfaces for elevated RHW networks are now available, Wealth textures are included for ground level versions. The RHW FLEXFly system has been completely overhauled, and now includes 90-degree and 45-degree versions, in single and dual-lane configurations, at Ground Level (L0), 7.5m (L1), and 15m (L2) heights. The double-decker RHW-4 (DDRHW-4) has been lowered one level (from L2/L3 to L1/L2), increasing ease of use. Disconnector added, to simplify demolition of FLEX-based RHW pieces. Multi-Radius Curves (MRCs), in both draggable and FLEX form, have been added to the RealHighway Mod, in three different radii, for the RHW-2, MIS, RHW-4, and RHW-6S. Stability improvements to the FLEX Height Transitions. Major improvements to the RealRailway (RRW) plugin, which now supports most crossings. Transit station functionality and compatibility has been further improved. Minor fixes to other NAM components. Further changes in the NAM 33 official release: A couple surprises: The RealRailway (RRW) FlexTrack system makes an earlier-than-expected debut. See the FlexTrack User's Guide in the Documentation folder for more details. PedMall functionality greatly enhanced with the addition of access paths to most non-Highway-type road networks, including NWM networks and Tram/El-Rail Dual-Networking items. Pedestrians may now directly access the PedMalls from these other networks without the need of a station or other transit-enabled lot/switch. Many custom bridges that previously blocked all ferry traffic have now been corrected. MandelSoft's previous RHW texture sets, including Euro, Ontario, and Irish/South African textures, have been discontinued. A new standard Euro RHW set, based on the default US set, has been added as a replacement, and adds compatibility for all current RHW features. An issue with the NAM 33 Pre-Release in which the Controller Compiler would fail due to an XML read error has been fixed. Several overhanging texture issues with the new RHW ramp interfaces have been corrected. The R3 FLEX-Multi Radius Curve now rotates fully as intended. A number of Left-Hand Drive transit path file issues across the entire mod have been added or corrected for proper functionality. The NAM Team would like to thank the entire SimCity 4 community for its continued support over the past 11 years, and we hope you enjoy the new NAM 33 release. We would especially like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community who helped test the NAM 33 Pre-Release, offering feedback and helping us locate and solve bugs.
  9. NAM 33 download all good to go on the STEX.  Thanks to the benevolent Dirktator for his help!

  10. The file is now available directly on the STEX.  Thanks to the benevolent Dirktator for his help!
  11. The wait is finally over. The NAM is officially back on the Mac, with the release of NAM 32.1. And for the first time, it includes an installer, providing a similar user experience to what our Windows installer package has offered. The changes included in NAM 32.1 are specific to ensuring compatibility with the 2014 Aspyr re-release of the Mac OS X port of SimCity 4 Deluxe, on the Mac App Store and Steam: Exemplar encoding has been fixed, effectively solving the crash-to-desktop (CTD) issues that have existed on the Mac port since Apple's removal of Rosetta in OS X Lion (10.7). Adds transit network paths that were missing in the Aspyr release. Includes an installer for the first time. NAM 32.1 is a Mac-only release, and all the changes to the package are aimed at ensuring compatibility with the Aspyr port. No other features have been added, making a NAM 32.1 release unnecessary for Windows. In order to open the NAM for Mac installer, you will need to acquire a file decompression tool capable of handling 7-zip (.7z) files, such as Keka or The UnArchiver. We have used 7-zip because of its use of LZMA compression, allowing the file to be hundreds of megabytes smaller. The package contains a "READ FIRST" .txt file that will further instruct you as to installation. A few other items of note: As the installer package is basically the Windows installer running in a Wineskin wrapper, it is unable to detect Java, and by default, cannot run the Controller Compiler. You will encounter a pop-up dialog box informing you of this while the files are installing. The installer is designed to install the full NAM Controller as a failsafe. Testing results have shown that the full controller has much less of a performance impact on the Aspyr port than on the Windows version, but if you would like to run the compiler, it is possible to do so manually. The "READ FIRST" document details this information. The Aspyr re-release is known to have a quirk in which the number of files (not their size) contained in the Plugins folder can cause crashes to desktop. This issue is inexplicably triggered with a much lower number of files if the user is running the game while not connected to the internet. To avoid these crashes, we recommend that the user use a tool like the cross-platform JDatPacker in order to combine the NAM files. Further instructions are included in the "READ FIRST" document. Special thanks to memo from the NAM Team for spearheading this compatibility effort, and to Jonathan, Sabretooth78, and TEG24601 for testing and feedback. The team would like to thank the Mac userbase for their patience, and we hope you enjoy this new package. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
  12. Version Version 35


    NOTE: Due to some technical issues, the file is not directly hosted on the Simtropolis server. The download button presently will take you to an off-site, registration-free mirror at ModDB, which can also be accessed here. We hope to have the file available directly through the STEX again shortly, and apologize for any temporary inconvenience. The Network Addon Mod (NAM) combines all transportation network-related fixes, additions and new creations that have been released so far. It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes. INSTALLATION This is the Mac version of the NAM. For the Windows version, see here. NOTE: In order to install this mod, you will need to have an archiving utility capable of opening .7z files (Keka is one free option). To install NAM 35, unzip the file "NetworkAddonMod35_macOS.7z". Inside it, you will find the file "NetworkAddonMod35_macOS.app". This app file is a Wineskin over the Windows installer, allowing it to run on a Mac. Run it as normal, selecting "Yes" when asked about porting to a Mac. It will install to Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/Network Addon Mod and Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/z___NAM. Note that the Controller Compiler cannot be called from the installer on a Mac, so the full NAM Controller will be installed. The Controller Compiler can be run manually by going to Documents/SimCity 4/NAM Auxiliary Files/Tools/Controller Compiler, and running the file NAMControllerCompiler.jar. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, UNINSTALL YOUR PREVIOUS NAM VERSION if you are an existing NAM user. The NAM installer can detect your previous installation options by reading the folder, and as such, it is safe (and recommended) to install NAM 35 on top of your old version. If you remove the previous install, however, you may not remember exactly which options you had selected, which could potentially cause issues in your cities. The Aspyr re-release is known to have a quirk in which the number of files (not their size) contained in the Plugins folder can cause crashes to desktop. This issue is inexplicably triggered with a much lower number of files if the user is running the game while not connected to the internet. To avoid these crashes, we recommend that the user use a tool like the cross-platform JDatPacker in order to combine the NAM files. REQUIREMENTS While the Windows version requires the EP 1 Update 1 patch (Version 1.1.638), Aspyr has never released a comparable patch for the Mac version. An additional file has been included to compensate for the lack of the transit pathing fixes included in EA/Maxis' official patch for the Windows version, and no other patches are required. Tech Support: Since NAM 35 is now the most recent release, technical support for NAM 34 and earlier is no longer available. Special Thanks: The NAM Team would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community for their continued support over the past 12 1/2 years the mod has existed.
  13. NAM 32.1 release for Mac is now up at ModDB, and will arrive at ST shortly. http://www.moddb.com/mods/network-addon-mod/downloads/network-addon-mod-version-321-mac-installer

    1. Cyclone Boom
    2. anytownUSA


      Wow that was a pretty quick follow up from the Aspyr release. Awesome! Is there anything the NAM team can't do?

    3. GravyMan


      so have windows and I downloaded the windows one. There are 2 files; setup which is 200mb and one with the NAM team logo on it and that's 800mb. I double click on the 800mb one and it says I have to download something, so I do that. I have to register for the website that im downloading it off of, so I do that and download it. but then it keeps saying I need to download it still like I didn't even do anything. I download it 3 or 4 more times in different ways and nothing happens. Am...

  14. The NAM, in addition to being updated to Version 32, is once again available as a direct download off the STEX.  Many thanks to the Dirktator for his assistance and support.   If you experience corrupt/incomplete/interrupted downloads, we recommend attempting to obtain it from one of the other official mirrors listed on the description, and in the Download LInks file.