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  1. I was looking at that actually but it doesn't seem to work properly with Move-It among other mods, at least not with the ones plopped outside of the count. Not sure that is an option actually. Thanks though!
  2. I would never expect anything from all the awesome modders of this game. Your work is what makes this game great and all of us are thankful for the time you put into it! Good to know there at least is a possibility for it, I think the fake slabs will be enough to remove for now to finish it.
  3. Have been finishing my really big airport project using alot of your awesome props. One of the most central for one concept is the ploppable asphalt together with @Lost_Gecko's concrete walls. Unfortunately I ran into a problem with prop count One of the most numerous is the ploppable asphalt. Any chance for a bigger version?
  4. This is something that some of us are longing for, sounds really good! One thing I have found myself desperately looking for are some more narrow buildings that are suitable for long and narrow concourses that you often see. I eventually found a vanilla office building which was the closest. Still looks a bit odd, but as you say, most airports are not built to be aesthetic so it kind of works. Another thing I would really like are some taxiways without lights for connecting things close to the terminal which can become cluttered with lights. The yellow paths you can cover up but the lights are still there making it look a bit strange.
  5. Almost done! Three teasers, the next thing from this project will be in a CJ.
  6. Impressive, really nice layout!
  7. Lienne International, terminal 1. Currently redoing all detailing because it was originally done a long time ago...
  8. Thank you! And your project sounds really interesting. Other stuff I've seen from you look great soo looking forward to it! I will post more pics and this will eventually be a CJ as well. I want to reach a size of 150k and complete som projects first. The reason for the night shots of the airport is because some areas are not finished and it doesn't show as much :). I might complete this area in the weekend though! I think it's from this pack : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=808234690&searchtext= That's also where I got the stand alone jet bridges. Or from one of his separate uploads. They are actually very good assets and add a lot of flexibility and details.
  9. Thank you for the kind words! My city is only detailed in some places, but the airports were projects that I spent quite some time on. If you mean the little building that I created as a general aviation or private charter terminal it's actually the luxury boutique 1B by Ngon originally together with the Boformer bank... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=723857511&searchtext=ngon http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=829447124&searchtext=boformer+bank Quite the combination but if you don't zoom in to much it works! The City Airport is the second largest in Lienne. The International airport is a really big hub with it's two terminals. The approach is with a great view of the city.
  10. I don't think you have gotten enough credits for your work. Union station is an impressive work and forced me to destroy half of my central area and old district to make room for it! I do have some issues though... 1. It seems like the pedestrian paths are flattened when the station is placed in a map, pedestrians run over the tracks down the main path. In asset editor they look correct. Could this be a mod conflict perhaps? 2. On the main station there is a pedestrian path going out below the road onto which you place the station. This cause masses of people rushing straight out into traffic and then back to the sidewalk again. 3. Pedestrian paths make people exit the station only to run straight back in another of the entrances to some other platform. Wierd but I can not find a reason for it. 4. For the south station, only having a path on the side of the track that is towards that entrance makes only one track usable. I edited the south station and added paths outside the building on the other side of the tracks aswell and both tracks are fully functional. 5. Outside traffic only seems to work on the first track of both buildings. On the main station the dual station track sections did however create a total gridlock of outside trains blocking the way for eachother. Despite these minor "features" its an awesome building, thank you very much for your work!
  11. The city of Lienne with its City Airport right next to the skyline and the central metro depot in Mull district.
  12. Hold left ctrl when starting editor and it's used there to!
  13. Would a mod that modifies the boarding time for some transport types be possible? What I am primarily after is a way to increase the time airplanes spend at the gate as they way it is in vanilla they stop at the gates for far to short time. Best regards, Leo
  14. I did not know that and will try it. I've been on my laptop all summer and have for that reason put all settings on the lowest! Thanks!
  15. This is probably a really stupid question, but the asset editor is new for me and I have tried to find the answer to this everywhere but nothing. So, what I want to do is simply edit some assets, remove some props and change roads / airport roads. No matter how I try, saving the asset seems to break some textures and the lod. I have tried creating a new asset with original as template, tried loading and saving as a new and even loading and just overwriting. Looking at the crp-file it seems that when I save not everything is saved, the file size decreases alot. What am I missing? Appreciate the help!