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  1. I guess this one walking guy is an exercise addict. He seems to work at a cemetery, where day-in-day-out he is confronted with the shortevity of earthly life. So it makes sense he likes to stay in shape by exercising every day by commuting on foot. His car driving colleague(s) on the other hand do not seem to share this view...
  2. Inner city neighbourhood, a bit run down, by many considered to be a ghetto.
  3. City Park
  4. Small town on the end of a commuter rail line.
  5. Diagonal Suburb
  6. Park with Orangery
  7. A very small town. Or perhaps a better term would be "hamlet" or "village".
  8. A commuter train passing through the outskirts of town.
  9. From the album Animation Challenge (S3-25-E)

    Ferry leaving the Wharf