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  1. Shopping strip along Sea Shore Boulevard
  2. You're right @raynev1 indeed, it's from SimGoober:
  3. a little shul, aka small synagogue in the inner-city
  4. Mixed Industry
  5. Thanks! I do occasionally relot a lot. In this case however it are actually two downloads from the STEX. Both warehouses are the same building, Marcszar's McCormick and Co Spice building, but it are two different relots: Ministry of Power by Mapsonswen and Ministry of Garbage by Deadwoods. Both happen to have different parking lots.
  6. Thanks for noticing It would have been quite a walk for pedestrians if this bridge-stairs shortcut wasn't there.
  7. Reservoir & Dam.
  8. The CBD I like most: a downtown dominated by pre-WW2 skyscrapers.
  9. I guess this one walking guy is an exercise addict. He seems to work at a cemetery, where day-in-day-out he is confronted with the shortevity of earthly life. So it makes sense he likes to stay in shape by exercising every day by commuting on foot. His car driving colleague(s) on the other hand do not seem to share this view...
  10. Inner city neighbourhood, a bit run down, by many considered to be a ghetto.
  11. City Park
  12. Shopping Strip Mall