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  1. Just loved the trees and highway development.
  2. Wow, These look amazing. Great job !!
  3. Good news. It works now, just had to uninstall NAM then Re-install it. Funny, Because when I downloaded it 2 days ago it did not run the cleanitol program. This time it did however. Now I have all the features i believe, ill do a more thorough check later.
  4. Im sure I had an up to date version of it. I had those options before a while back. But a long time ago i deleted some stuff like RHW that i really didnt use. Ill check that thread and see if I find anything that will help.
  5. Yes I can see the icon, however there is nothing in it. To clear things up again, I already had NAM installed, I just re-downloaded it again for the RHW mod. Maybe something happened ? Perhaps I should just uninstall the thing all together and then re-download it ?
  6. Ok So I finally decided to try out the RHW mod for once after all these years lol. I downloaded NAM again. As I go through the menu I notice that the FlexFly section is completely empty and was wondering what went wrong there ? So Just a background, I already have installed NAM, mostly for the Maxis Updates. But after getting bored with the Maxis stuff (I have been playing the game since it came out) I decided to re-download it to gain the RHW mod and all that stuff. Everything else seems to be there except that one section along with the transportation view mod it comes with? What Can i do to get these features into my game ? I also went back to Install section and went to the Custom install area, and just about everything I would need is checked to be installed. Although when i installed it I used the Complete install function. Not sure if that left anything out. Anyways thanks for the help in Advance. P.S. This was the city I was working on but decided to redo to focus on the freeway system. So any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks !
  7. These are so amazing, put my simcity to shame !
  8. Interesting tale, I need to read the others to catch up on whats going on.
  9. Everything is looking good so far, I've tried my hand on creating a San Francisco inspired city, but no luck in that. It's a big challenge and so far it looks like you are headed in the right direction. The waterfront areas look great, hope to see more updates.
  10. This is sad news. I have only had brief interactions with him, but he was always very helpful, especially with technical support. Rest In Peace Nonny Moose.
  11. What a Lovely city, just love the temple setup !
  12. Awesome Hospital complex. I feel healthier and safer just by looking at it !
  13. Wow I just love Dresden. I love everything from the highways, the ports, residential areas, industrial, and commercial districts.
  14. looking good as usual. Beautiful building
  15. Wow, very gorgeous urban/suburban environment.