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  1. As I hit 30 in a few days, I found the large text on your website very useful indeed. 5 Stars.

    Hope this reaches you, I'll be sure to salute an Moose shaped clouds I see (there aren't any Moose (Meese?) where I live, so that'll have to do.)

  2. Everyone here owes you much. 

    You have all my respect and my gratitude.

  3. Rest in peace, friend. :(

  4. Rest in Peace.

    You will be missed. :(

  5. You are a legend!! RIP

  6. Rest in peace.


    Hope you get to help us even in the afterlife.

  7. Rest in peace man, it's great having you here.

  8. One of the problems of growing older is feeling isolated from the rest of the world.  I am glad that we could help him feel connected.   RIP Mooseman.

  9. Sad news, RIP John.  I read so many posts of his in the technical forms to help me figure out issues in Simcity 4. He was always was helpful to everyone.  

  10. Rest in Peace my man

  11. Rest in peace,you did the greatest duties to simtropolis!

  12. Rest in peace my friend. I remember when someone asked you what your screen name meant and you told him to read it fast. I read it fast and got it and laughed so hard because it never dawned on me to even think about it ha ha ha!!

  13. The dude with the most post, RIP. You will be missed.

  14. May you rest peacefully with God, Nonny. We'll never forget you, and thanks for everything. It was great to have you here. :'(

  15. Thank you Nonny, for everything.