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  1. Designer City: Simtropolis

    Cool. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Schulmania

    In honor of Fleet Captain von Bremerhaven's birthday, we have free admission to The Midway at the Feline Expo grounds today only! PAR-TAY! Let's go have some fun! Perhaps some cake later?
  3. Nice progress! You have certainly put forth effort to capture the feel of it well. Keep up the great work!
  4. Utopia

    Nice progress... keep up the good work
  5. SparkleMars

    Call the NCAA -- I have MARS MADNESS!
  6. SimCity 4: Minderia

    Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing with us.
  7. I'm supposed to go to Chick Fil A for lunch today... but I don't know which one! or ?!
  8. Merry Christmas [Page23]

    Ho ho ho!!!
  9. Schulmania

    It's getting to be about that time!
  10. Schulmania

    Let's head over to Mool Wool... this afternoon they are tossing paper airplanes from the top of the tower... each is made from a ten schulmoneta banknote. I'm gonna catch me one! Crazy Old Man Nague likes to give away his fortune... in unusual ways!
  11. If you think the fall colors are great... you should see the specials on the menu at Red Robin! There's a Man Vs. Food competition... eat 10 burgers and it's free! Fries are free with burger purchase. Free drinks with your Simtropolis membership card!
  12. Schulmania

    Anyone wanna go fishing?
  13. Schwyz (Historic Old Town)

    Well done! It looks great and you have done a great job with details and harmonizing things to capture the feel well.
  14. Entry no.42 - Waterways of Baycole

    Great job! As usual, your realism and attention to detail bring SC4 to life in cool new ways!
  15. France Les Riches et Les Pauvres !

    Tres bien!