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  1. That's a nice pic.. keep em coming!
  2. Nice! Definitely following!
  3. Dude! Im catching up with this series... Haven't had much time lately, but Im slowly catching up! I really like your new videos.. and for real, you have become really good at the videos and the game itself.. its really enjoyable!
  4. I liked this episode as well! Very nice port.. simple and well decorated.
  5. I would honestly love it, if people could make more London train stations. I think that now that we have mass transit coming out, stations like Victoria or Waterloo would be awesome to have as hubs.. just a thought.. plus, they look awesome!
  6. Its a big A for me.. Im interested to see such thing placed in there! I really enjoy these videos.. I usually watch them on youtube.. I didnt you had a forum here!! Now, are there any plans to do something like this but in a euro style? I know european cities are so varied depending on the country, but you know..
  7. Fantastic! Im looking forward to that new building!
  8. Looks good!
  9. I feel your pain.. I mean it is the worst of the worst. I love the game, and I love the possibilities, but the limits.. gosh! And now they are releasing another DLC, which is good, but then again, what is the point to all of that if you are always fearful of this happening? To me, since knowing and hitting the limits, well it changed my experience with the game.. there is always something beautiful about building as much as you can, yet, it is so sad once you know that you are forced to work within the lines they drew, and so you are not the artist anymore.. Whatever.. rambling too much I guess.. Hopefully, one day they will find a way to get around those limits, and the only limitation will be our computers.. or maybe, just as skylines came out, maybe one of these days we will get a new game, with no limitations whatsoever.
  10. Fantastic attention to details.. and I also enjoyed your malmo pictures a lot!
  11. Nice! Im happy to see you updating yourself =P
  12. Exactly.. that's why we need you! and honestly, the process is really easy.. way simpler the simcity 4, trust me on that one =)
  13. Have you ever thought of working some buildings for skylines? your work is amazing here, and Im pretty sure there would be tons of fans in the skylines section too!
  14. Dude! Glad to see you back at it!