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  1. Nice! Im happy to see you updating yourself =P
  2. Exactly.. that's why we need you! and honestly, the process is really easy.. way simpler the simcity 4, trust me on that one =)
  3. Have you ever thought of working some buildings for skylines? your work is amazing here, and Im pretty sure there would be tons of fans in the skylines section too!
  4. Dude! Glad to see you back at it!
  5. Wow.. truly fantastic! I love it.. and thanks for the work!
  6. Fantastic job.. as expected from a talented member like you!!
  7. Hey! Welcome to simtropolis! My solution.. I'm guessing the simplest one at least, would be to activate the infinite money mod, buy all the spaces available, and then create the connection. If you don't feel like activating it, then go to map editor, create the connection, set up the starting location to where the connection was created. Hoping this helps you out!
  8. This is fantastic! Great work, and I'm sure this will be of great help for players! Thanks a lot..
  9. The thread has been moved. Don't worry, it happens often.. it's all fixed now.
  10. Amazing release! I have a question though.. is there a way you guys choose what content to publish? or is it just decided based on what CO proposes? To be honest, I would love to have a content pack based on train stations.. like St. Pancras, Grand Central.. maybe a Amsterdam Centraal.. I know some stations were made.. like Grand Central, but maybe give it a little more detail like the buildings you released.. just an idea..
  11. Fantastic job once again..! I honestly don't have "observations" but, really? no soccer field? Are you really telling me no one enjoys a good old -13 degrees match on a snowy day? That is totally unbelievable.. I'm sorry.. you went completely unrealistic there bud!
  12. Nice! Long no time no posting.. It looks good, I enjoyed it.. short and sweet, amazing!
  13. Are there any plans on increasing the limits? are there any future plans in terms of production/import/export simulations? (something like a transport fever kinda thing). And finally, are there any plans to make DLC that contain real life buildings? (things like world's famous train stations, or landmarks).. thanks for heads up and Im really hoping to see how the whole interview goes!!
  14. I would say anarchy. Just press ctrl + A, chirper will gain some weight, and voila, now you can freely build with no restrictions at all.
  15. Fellas, remember to stay on topic. Depending on what part of the world you come from, you might have different perspectives, please respect other people's opinions. Again, the topic was (even though I find it somewhat irrelevant at this point, due to the fact that the main points were already given and most of us agreed that those are the main factors) "CO losing contact with their customers"... please let's stay within the topic's boundaries.