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  1. Now that's a fantastic tutorial! I dont know why, but I felt like this was some kind of update =P Anyway, this is probably one basic step to add realism to small to medium british towns.. and I dare to say cities as well! Thanks for the contribution.. as always, fantastic content from you.
  2. Well, this might sound a little too out there, but what if the reason they made it for xbox is simply to have the standard game running on everyone's platform (ofc this is xbox, so not 100% of the demand will be satisfied), so that they can update or release new stuff for the pc version... like, what if they were "actually" planning on doing that? I mean, in order to make everybody happy, maybe they released the xbox version, so no more potato computers issues, and now they can focus on the pc version and expand so that players that have more can actually get more? Just saying.. =P
  3. Agreed! and we are thankful for that!
  4. poll

    I honestly picked seasons, but only because I would love to have the feeling of going from summer to winter... but honestly speaking.. I would love to see some fixes in the current game, regardless of whatever options were available.. I wanna see a smoother traffic simulator, I wanna see a smarter AI, I wanna see those limits gone.. now that, my friend, that is something that would reaaaaally change everything.
  5. Thanks man!
  6. Hey guys.. I have a quick question. I've seen on some videos that instead of the regular date, some players have the time option set to monday, tuesday, and so on.. so how do I do that? how do I change the regular time to the one showing up as the days of the week? Thanks!
  7. That's a nice pic.. keep em coming!
  8. Nice! Definitely following!
  9. Dude! Im catching up with this series... Haven't had much time lately, but Im slowly catching up! I really like your new videos.. and for real, you have become really good at the videos and the game itself.. its really enjoyable!
  10. I liked this episode as well! Very nice port.. simple and well decorated.
  11. I would honestly love it, if people could make more London train stations. I think that now that we have mass transit coming out, stations like Victoria or Waterloo would be awesome to have as hubs.. just a thought.. plus, they look awesome!
  12. Its a big A for me.. Im interested to see such thing placed in there! I really enjoy these videos.. I usually watch them on youtube.. I didnt you had a forum here!! Now, are there any plans to do something like this but in a euro style? I know european cities are so varied depending on the country, but you know..
  13. Fantastic! Im looking forward to that new building!