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  1. @Rotype That looks very nice!! I will check it out This time it's a double upload. A Wooden Box Planter and a set with Tulips. Steam Links: Wooden Box Planter http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932855630 Set with Tulips http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932873121
  2. You are officially part of the tree making crew. Every bit counts
  3. I like the scale of your leaves. Looks great! Thanks
  4. I kinda ran out of words to say. Just letting you know I'm still enjoying your work
  5. Do Monorails count? Here are the first test runs in my botanic garden resort. Sorry, no Dynamic Resolution for these.
  6. If you disable a mod such as Metro Overhaul, You must also disable all assets related to it or you will continue to get errors since the trains, depot, etc. will be orphaned.
  7. They look scary but trees are harmless. I did a test where I spammed my heaviest trees on a map and zoomed in to fill the screen with them and turned up dynamic resolution to 300. I still got 20-30fps. It's when I panned the camera to the city simulating stuff that the fps dropped dramatically. @Rotype I look forward to seeing those new parks
  8. Hey! Where you been?? Good to see new stuff from you
  9. And now my first flower assets...Tulip Clusters. This 9 piece set comes in 9 colors. More info in the Workshop page. Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=927209955
  10. Wow. I got featured in Waypoint! So far it's a very rewarding experience modding for this game. Thanks to everyone for your support, your help and inspiration. I'll leave the link to my first gaming related interview right here with my creation journal https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/the-modder-who-spends-hundreds-of-hours-building-trees-for-cities-skylines
  11. Ok, here's an update. Good news...RonyX69 showed me how to turn off the LOD and set the max/min distance which helped to solve the LOD issue ( No more disappearing on LOD transition and the fluffy image is maintained) but there was a catch. That could only be done in game and would not save from asset editor.. Then TPB actually made a mod for this to work from the asset editor. So the Cloud Mod will be needed to use the cloud assets. Big thanks to them both!! The only glitch I still experience is the cloud closest to the camera tend to disappear when the camera is close and turned on an angle but I suspect it have something to do with the size and where the camera is in relation to the cloud. I see it happen with some train station meshes when in first person ride view. Really no big deal though as long as for the most part, this will be intended mainly for screenshots. Hopefully we will have an off/on toggle so the clouds are not in the way when building. I'm also looking into the shadows cast on the ground level. I'm not sure if it's the quality of the image on the mesh (since it's so large) or it would be improved by tweaking the overall shadows in game via the available mods. But that really doesn't bother me that much. Below are shots of my current progress. So far I started with the simplest billboard shapes to see what use they can be. They are vertical and horizontal planes. Vertical planes are good for large cumulus clouds in the distance. I gave it a curve at the bottom to give it a "soft landing". You would have to make sure you rotate them to your desired camera view or it will look like a movie set from an angle. Perhaps one day we can figure out how to make this type follow the camera. The horizontal plane type is good for high cirrus clouds. It's more versatile than the horizontal type as you can get some good shots from above and below. In this case I'm hunting for more ultra high quality cloud images since these are most likely to be the biggest models stretching across huge areas. The rest of the screenshots showcases the horizontal type clouds. In that last shot I used my first horizontal model. Excuse the way the bottom looks at a distance. I improved it as you can see in the shots above it. That was my first ever built airport for this game BTW The clouds are forcing me to finally get into them. The planes look cool flying through the clouds. Next, I'm focusing on getting some puffy clouds with a volumetric look. This is a tricky task given how the game renders things so I have to fake the volumetric look with the billboards similar to how I make trees. But clouds are a different animal. The challenge is to get them to look soft and "cloudy" like smoke without the billboards being too obvious. I don't expect it to turn out perfect but I will try to get as close as I can. In fact, I cannot say at the time of this post that a good looking puffy cloud is even doable to a quality worth sharing on the workshop but I will try my best. Stay tuned.
  12. Excellent Work!!! That grafffiti version looks awesome!! I can already see you will be one of my instant subscribe modders. I look forward to seeing your workshop grow with interest.
  13. Love those shots!! Thank you Alex! I'll put a white bloom on the to do list. Another Willow tree. Salix alba White Willow tree. It took me a while to settle on the name. I was actually going for a Silver Willow by request from BloodyPenguin and found the scientific name was about the same as the White Willow and the tree I ended up making from all the reference images look more like the White Willow. I'm still looking into what makes the difference. I think the Silver Willow have much more de-saturated leaves. Anyway, this is a 2 piece set. More info in the Steam description. Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=916605753
  14. That made me hungry! Nice work as always.