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  1. @SimCoug Very good work. I love this style. Good Luck To You.
  2. I make a road through a residential area Maxis 1x1 building their chain and after this - put the road.
  3. I think that the "School of radio station" has deservedly earned 1.5 stars
  4. @rsc204: I apologize. I worked with Your link and tried the link from my antivirus. For Windows XP SP3 x32(86) runs Your link only. Link from my antivirus program not gives me a link to Windows XP !!! I will try to protect my second comp (HP Laptop) with Win 8.1 tomorrow. If I only have some time ... Thank You once more...
  5. @SpookyZalost: I would have gone mad with this desktop - I like it ... But I can't work with this Fantastic and Excellent !!!
  6. @rsc204: Thank You very much for Your theme. I very simply solved the problem of updates through Your link. I work with XP and have no official links to upgrade. You helped me - Thanks again and good luck!!!
  7. @SpookyZalost; It's like on Board of the "Shuttle"
  8. This is a very unpleasant thing that happened through no fault of the site !!!
  9. I think You can work with Ctrl and Mouse.
  10. OSBOURNE City (GLORIA State): Tractor Parking for SANTANA ISLAND - Traditions die hard - CJ:
  11. @Angry Mozart; You can endlessly improve your work, but it is better to release their work faster. So, as You do. You can never satisfy everyone...
  12. Great job, but there is no limit to perfection. When it is necessary to stop...
  13. You can see PEG SNOWMOD for terrain. And somewhere there was ice on the water...
  14. I totally agree with that
  15. @Simmer2: It looks very good, all very attractive and fundamentally.