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  1. And I love it!
  2. You think I'm going to have so many props in my Plugin folder? I don't need it Thank You.
  3. Great job by Simmer2
  4. Great job. I always enjoy Your creativity! Wish You success and new achievements!
  5. Oh, Yes... Ganges River - super-super !!! Real objects from SC4 and great creative work get us great results
  6. I have some problems yesterday with Simtropolis site and another, I think this is an Internet global ...
  7. Good and timely work! Thank you. Now Homepage looks much better and informative!!!
  8. @simmytu I like the unusual perspective and the construction of the airport. Good quality and work. Congratulations!
  9. @RandyE: 100% I agree. Lots of pictures on the main pages from one author on this website to promote more recognition and publicity. But this should not prevent to see the creations of other artists. For example: Korver can submit to the gallery each figure. But he doesn't it for some reasons. Please note that I'm not talking about any particular author. This is a common problem.
  10. I'm talking about... I see on the HOME and ACTIVITY pages, only this... And no more ... Only one artist on the Home page with 10 similiar pictures ... I think we need to think how to make it so that only one or two photos from the album were on these pages. Thank You.
  11. I think that Member Albums is the right place for serials too. But very boring to see in "From the Gallery" section of the monotony but not a salad.
  12. I see some strange things in the gallery drawings Simtropolis lately. Some authors places where a large number of drawings. I think - we need a limit of accommodation. I think that for a series of similar drawings, there city journals... Hi, Simtropolians - What do You think about this?
  13. You have a good model! I Wish You Success. I like it. And I love the Netherlands since childhood...
  14. @CorinaMarie: I'm comfortable here to live too...
  15. I'm curious to know Your opinion about the website Simtropolis. Today I started editing one site in my country. And I realized that this is far from the quality that I see on Simtropolis. How do You compare the quality of most of the other sites? Are there any sites built even more conveniently? Are there any ideals in this world? Thank you.