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  1. RandyE - said: "Voyager 1 is still operational after 40 years and sending telemetry from interstellar space." I believe this is a strategic indicator of the level of the country. But barbarians can destroy everything. It is much easier.
  2. Let's get back to the topic "Show us your Riverside, Lakeside, or Oceanside " May be we can watch and discuss about the fortress, observatory and beacons on the new thread ? It seems to me that we fill with trash this topic.
  3. Ln X! Congratulations - it's a beautiful pictures! I want to look at them five times, and then again six! Great and Excellent !!! I' ll follow Your CJ - Good Luck.
  4. This is a very simple, but it kills sometimes too... What is behind this wall ? Have You any options?
  5. I can see some Observatories in my Archive:
  6. Help me. Can I insert my pictures from my IBM without Dropbox and other ...
  7. The cold war at my doorstep from 2014 And this is no game.
  8. Yes, folks - I'm very sorry about the problems the United States. But you have to deal with it. We have more problems
  9. Thank You about this information.
  10. You can find all on http://sc4devotion.com Key "EA Support" on left side panel.
  11. SC4 from Maxis was done in a very crude ( and BAT Bldgs and other Addons) , and they wanted to go very fast for the money. Very soon they left us. Only Simtropolis and SC4Devotion to keep the boat on the surface. A huge thank you to them. Huge work has been done in Japan, South America, France, even PR Korea and Pegasus (but that's another planet). But today there is only Devotion and Simtropolis with hundreds of fans to keep the SC4 world. That's life. Today I look at SC2013 and Skylines and I only see the cartoons that will not enter my heart.
  12. I only work with real tools without the wild money. Sometimes the tool "Cheats" helps me to solve problems that do not wanted to solve in the original MAXIS SC4 !
  13. Great job by rivit
  14. It seems to me that PEGASUS never used the installation exe files. He worked with dat files only. I do not remember about exe and this is not the PEGASUS's style.
  15. Thanks for the solution to this problem!