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  1. I'm living in such a building currently. Nice job! :-)
  2. Ich finde das Haus ist echt sch
  3. This looks good, fits nicely into every socialist or eastern european themed area. And most probably no only there. Well done.
  4. It's a bit too plain especially the roof, you should add some roof junk there. But since there are not a lot of german discounter on the STEX, i'm downloading it still. Edit: Whoops didn't know that Netto is a danish company either :D Are you planning to do further dicounters like Plus, Penny or Aktiv Markt? For now i'm going to rate this a 6.
  5. Veldig bra!
  6. Not okay...
  7. I love your brilliant sense of humour. :D If i come to Canada, i have to visit this restaurant. And the building looks really awesome, well done. 9 for the building + 0.5 for the good laugh = 9.5 rounding up to 10.
  8. This looks really well done. Even the islands are included :-) Greetings from the city of Bremerhaven.
  9. Nicely done. Sieht echt klasse aus.
  10. Sieht doch gar nicht mal so schlecht aus, k
  11. Ik ben geen nederlander. Toch bewondere ik jouw nederlandse gebouwen. Hope that was okay in dutch. Really stunning work on the building. Dank je wel.
  12. Great map, could be useful for me as an arctic themed region.
  13. Nicely done. Okay the map doesn't have any hills or so, but this is fine since Nordfriesland itself has barely any hills with an elevation above 50 meters, let alone the islands. ;-) Are you also planning to do a map of the East Frisian Islands as well?
  14. I am using this region, for my current cities. Really well done!
  15. We also had a gasometer here in Bremerhaven in northern Germany, though it has been already torn off in the late 90s... Here's a picture of the old gas tower http://werften.fischtown.de/archiv/gasturm.html But back to your model, yes the size might be quite large, though the model looks brilliant, execellent job.