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  1. NAM 36 Now Available

    Indeed--and if anyone's curious to see what the sort of fallout of that NAM 21/NAM 20 mix-and-match conflict looked like, it starts here. It brought the dreaded "red arrow" to the forefront (which our monolithic package has virtually eliminated). The images, when they were still there, really underscored it. In case anyone is wondering what the stats are with the downloads, in the past week, NAM 36 has gotten just shy of 1800 downloads across all three distribution sites, presently averaging about 256 per day. About 52% of those downloads have been off the STEX, 28% from ModDB, and 20% from the LEX. Release day saw about 378 downloads. ModDB is probably shouldering about an equal bandwidth load to ST, however, as it's the one site with the Mac version (which is about twice the size of the Windows version). By comparison, in years past, we'd be between 700-1000 downloads per day right in the wake of release, and that average would fall down to about 250 per day a few months after release. Based on current trends, we're probably going to fall to somewhere around 100-150 per day once things settle. No one site is shouldering more than 100 per day the past couple days. -Tarkus
  2. SC4 versions, ep1 and 640 fix

    I think you may have meant "EP1.dat". The EP1 Update 1 patch (Version 1.1.638) actually doesn't touch the EP1.dat file, but instead merely refers to the fact that it's an update for Expansion Pack 1, AKA Rush Hour. Doing odd things with the game's main .dat files (like deleting EP1.dat) can cause some weird things to happen. You're probably best doing a clean install, as @rsc204 described, and then going from there. -Tarkus
  3. NAM mod question

    An even easier way would be to select the "Traffic Simulator and Maxis Fixes Only" option (the one at the very top). You won't even have to worry about all the checkboxes and the like on the Custom Installation, and you'll just get the traffic simulator and a few fixes to buff out some pathing issues left in the base game. You'll still have the option to install the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT) at the end of installation as well. I believe the "Medium" level version of the simulator is the default, though if you run the TSCT, you can change that. Should you ever decide to explore more of the NAM's options later, you can just re-run the installer, and your simulator settings will remain in place. -Tarkus
  4. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    The TSCT hasn't changed in recent years. You should be okay.
  5. NAM 36 Now Available

    The possibility of using the "t-word" to distribute was actually discussed internally when we went to the "monolithic" NAM package for NAM 31. We decided against it for the two reasons @matias93 described. We became particularly invested in ensuring that old versions did not remain easily accessible, after a massive tech support headache back in 2007, when we got flooded with users trying to use brand-new NAM 21 addons with freshly-downloaded copies of NAM 20. -Tarkus
  6. 4gb_patch?

    Speaking from my observations as a NAM Team member, I'd say the overall percentage of all SC4 owners who have the NAM is quite a bit lower than 95%. There's still a pretty sizable number of SC4 players out there who own the game but aren't aware of our community, except maybe peripherally. Their lack of presence on sites/forums makes them functionally anonymous, and difficult to actually count, however, but knowing sales vs. overall NAM downloads, the rate of NAM adoption among the population of all SC4 owners is probably closer to 25%. That said, among users who are aware of our community, an overwhelming majority of them have at least downloaded the NAM--probably at least 75%. If we go to people who are active in our community, then the 95% figure might stand up. The mod has, overall, gotten somewhere in excess of 2 million downloads in its 13 years of existence--at least a million from the STEX (the current download count is inaccurate, and a result of the NAM getting accidentally deleted off the STEX twice in 2011--it was sitting around 680,000 before deletion, IIRC), around 350,000 from the LEX/SC4D, somewhere in the 300,000 range from ModDB, and probably a few hundred thousand from non-English sites (esp. German sites) and other distribution points. A considerable percentage of those are re-downloads, as picking up a new version counts as a new download. -Tarkus
  7. NAM General Support Topic

    The Origin version is unpatched (Version 1.1.610), and because they ended up changing the checksum of the executable to add the Origin DRM system, the patcher will not recognize it as a valid executable, so it can't be updated at all. They fixed it once, after I put a bunch of pressure on them and PC Gamer ended up picking it up, but when no one was looking, they switched back, and actually issued an "update" that reverted properly-patched copies back to the unpatchable Version 1.1.610. I believe the actual message the installer gives out now when detecting an unpatched copy should make mention of the Origin issue now. I've heard reports that they've stopped that deal, but it's worth a shot. If nothing else, I advise everyone who has the "nerfed" Origin retail copy to pursue a refund, even if they are well beyond the normal refund window. It's been known to succeed, as per this earlier ST thread . Origin might actually listen if it hurts their bottom line. -Tarkus
  8. NAM General Support Topic

    That isn't a download problem, but an installation problem. Check the read-first-nam36.html document included in the download, and also happens to be attached to the release announcement thread. The NAM installer includes two update prompts--one for the Version 1.1.638 patch (AKA EP1 Update 1), and another for Version 1.1.640 (AKA the BAT Nightlight Patch). The 1.1.640 patch can be ignored (though it's recommended to get full enjoyment out of a lot of custom content out there), but the 1.1.638 patch is required. If your copy was purchased off Origin, or you're running an "unofficial" executable file, the patcher will not recognize the checksum of the executable, and will fail (albeit it may initially look like it went through). -Tarkus
  9. 4gb_patch?

    The NT Core patch is actually what the NAM uses. z1 obtained permission from Daniel Pistelli (NT Core) to include his 4GB patch in our installer package, starting with the NAM 31.2 release of June 2013. You'll actually find a copy of the patch in the My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\NAM Auxiliary Files\Tools folder after installing the NAM. -Tarkus
  10. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    People have been requesting FLEXFly-over-FLEXFly (and submitting erroneous bug reports when they try to build FLEXFly-over-FLEXFly and it fails, as should be expected) for quite a long time now. It's a complicated feature to do right, and if one were to add full crossing functionality at all points on the curve, it'd require probably around a half-million of lines of RUL2 code. The most reasonable proposal was Ganaram's idea to restrict it just to specific points in the crossing, which might get it down below 100,000 lines. A related idea would be to have specific FLEX pieces for it, and not use the existing ones in their entirety, which would perhaps cut down on people trying to build unsupported setups. Speaking as the person who would likely end up coding it, it'll probably be awhile before it happens. It'll likely be a necessity for getting the T-interchanges more compact, which I'd like to do for the QuickChange Xpress project, and is the one thing that might accelerate it a bit more than would otherwise occur. -Tarkus
  11. Just checking the .dat file for the L0 MIS, it appears the documentation is in error, as there are no files in place for R4 and R5 MIS Curves. It appears that just the RHW-2, RHW-4, and RHW-6S are supported at present. Thanks for catching it, and apologies for the confusion. -Tarkus
  12. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    It's the same file (NAM 36), just a backup place to get it. The Mac version is only over at ModDB, however, as it's 300MB larger than the Windows version.
  13. The diagonal intersections are planned--have been since the beginning--but there's so many of them, and the pathing process for them is very intensive, so there's been a fair bit of debate internally about how best to approach them (especially after an aborted attempt to add some during the NAM 31 cycle). The idea of doing just a few networks across the board is, in my mind, the most workable. In the meanwhile, most people work around it with the single and dual-tile networks by dropping down to a Maxis network, but that isn't an option with the triple-tile networks. -Tarkus
  14. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Was helping out a user on /r/simcity4 with building a T-interchange with the RHW, and decided to record my building it in real time--no speeding up or anything. This is actually the second attempt (the first one took an additional four minutes). Here's the end result.
  15. The "right side" issue is exactly the problem I have with the "downtown" tile of my Chemeketa region (the focus of most of the more recent entries in my CJ). I've actually bulldozed the lots over in that area, and the issue hasn't really spread, thankfully. The notion of it not being a standard prop pox case would explain a lot. -Tarkus