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  1. I have. What I've heard from the developers and the long term plans they have for the game sounds pretty good to me, I mean they're a team of 13 people, to create something above and beyond what we got with SC13 even with all the resources EA could throw behind it, tells me CO is a very dedicated team. Paradox is an ideal publisher too, they've managed to turn niche grand strategies into semi-mainstream titles... they'll likely be toeing the same kind of DLC model as Paradox which is slightly irritating but something I can live with (and have been doing with Europa Universalis IV), expansions are usually quarterly and there's a good deal of DLC to be had that you can pick up for cheap during steam sales. For the time being I'll be perfectly happy with the base game, if SC13 kept me going for a week despite it's massive limitations, this should keep me happy for a few months by itself.
  2. I remember when I first heard SC4 was in development, I would have been 15, my family was on the way back from a day trip out up north so we stopped off at a supermarket to get some food. I remember seeing PC gamer with Sim City 4 on the front and instantly buying the thing, along with a copy of Medal of Honor Underground which was on sale. I'd only had a PC at that point for 6 months and I had to split it's use with my brother who's 2 years younger than me, so one of us would use the PC while the other played on the PS2, I remember thinking I could get two copies of SC4 when it came out so I could play it without interruption no matter what I was using, but of course it never come out on consoles. I followed SC4's development as closely as I could, probably the first PC game I did so, I had expensive 56k internet back home which I was only allowed to use for short periods so I mostly caught up during lunch period on rainy days at school where me and a mate would usually go to the Techie room and use the computers instead of braving the weather. Somehow despite all this, I for the life of me... can't remember buying SC4 or how I even got my hands on it But I still have the original boxed copy, although one of the CD's is scratched to hell because the DVD drive in my first PC was garbage (and I played it ALOT). It's possible I don't remember because I never actually bought it myself, which is likely the case, I was 15 and at school so I would have had to have asked my mother to buy it for me. I do remember buying Rush Hour at PC World when it come out though, so there's hope yet that I'm not actually just totally brain-dead
  3. Hahaha, thanks for the mention Glenni. Sakhaliya would have lacked a lot of it's flavour if it wasn't for all the props and automata you gifted me over it's history, I did work on Sakhaliya v2 for well over a year in secret continuing with the awesome nuclear brinksmanship, but sadly I lost it all (and all my mods) to a hard drive crash... as you do But yeah, there will always be a special place in my black Stalinist heart for Sakhaliya and I'd do it all again in an instant... time permitting. You were part of the inspiration for me to cut my teeth in 3D in the first place, SC4 is a lot more forgiving than fully 3D games which is good for people wishing to learn the ropes, although it means you skip past the more technical aspects which makes for a rough transition if you move onto mod other games (which I did). I'd love to get into some good old gritty grungey commie BATing again, maybe even make some stuff for Skylines... 7 extra years in 3D and a degree in computer arts behind me these days, baby... you know where to find me
  4. I could probably count the amount of times I've filled a SC4 tile fully with 3/4 of my fingers missing, you get to a point where the game becomes less about the expansion of your city and more trying to keep under control what you already have, so I'm fine with the city size. Personally, I'd like to see some kind of tool which allows you brush extra tiles onto the existing grid, the 4x grid from the roads seems quite limiting for somebody who likes their heavy industry to be... well... HEAVY. It'd give us modders some more flexibility with the size of growables we can put in the game... it'd also give us a chance to sweep those hideous looking farms under the carpet and never speak of them again, I demand never ending expanses of rolling wheat fields gerdarnit.
  5. EA pulling a WarZ. Who'd a thunk it.
  6. I was speaking specifically about individual cities, of course the game is broader than that, you could likely spend days/weeks perfecting your own region and solving all the little problems that come with it. However, it doesn't change the fact that bigger cities would inevitably lead to bigger challenges, making the game much more interesting especially with all the new features. 16 cities isn't much at the current scale, if you can fill 1 tile in 2 hours, then realistically you'll be able to fill the rest of the tiles in 4-5 days... I've lost count of how long I could spend in a SC4 region and not even fill quarter of it, I can count the amount of large city tiles I've filled completely on 1 hand. Just a small note btw, I enjoyed the beta quite a lot, and I don't expect it to ever achieve SC4 scale for obvious technical reasons, but I can't help but imagine what this game would be like if the map tiles were doubled in size and placed regionally in groups of 4 to create the illusion of single large city. I'd certainly feel like I was building more of a city and less of a caricature. I'm frustrated out of love xD edit- Since this is a screenshot thread, have a screenshot or two... first screen was my first city, 2nd is my last where I was testing out some bendy roads, and my first fully upgraded school. Bonus - Port Bawbag twinned with Chelyabinsk... aftermath of a Meteor impact
  7. All of which would be a much longer and much more satisfying process if the city tile was bigger. Honestly, even after playing for an hour and not filling the tile up I feel like I'd quickly start to run out of things to do if I played for another hour or so. And SC4 by no means ended when the city tile was filled up, by then you had a fairly large city with a plethora of problems to fix, and the problems would be much larger, much more deeply ingrained into you city planning and much more challenging to correct that it is currently in SC13.
  8. I've found it pretty easy to fill up the city tile in the hour, get decent utility coverage, and make a buttonne of money in the process. Even when building cities at a snails pace, the tile fills up rather rapidly, especially when not building on a grid road layout, building on curved roads is highly inefficient and can leave a lot of empty space.
  9. You would ideally keep your buildings as low poly as possible, using normal maps to add in detail. Of course, you could always build something high poly and bake the normals for low poly.
  10. Let the nitpicking commence! 'Town name'? That's funny, I mean, in a game called SimCity I would have guessed we'd be building... well, you know... cities? Rail tracks connect at 90 degree angles *cringe*. I really dislike that zoning types are dictated by what roads they're joined to, it's highly unrealistic. no city has it's growth dictated by this rule, it's ridiculous. PERHAPS their growth it's more to do with accessibility, but certainly not the capacity of the adjoining streets, and I certainly know of large residential buildings built, not just along 2 lane roads, but nowhere near an avenue/dual carriageway. Personally, I'd remove the RCI indicator and place it beside the 'Return to City/Region' button, and put zoning density in place of the demand indicator next to the zone types. Despite my misgivings, the game graphically is looking quite nice, and the tilt-shift thing isn't particularly invasive. Road options are welcome (straight, bendy or grid (I guess)) and all the little details (like the trash guys going out and collecting bins) do makes the game feel more 'alive'. Yeah, demand indicator was in the Zone menu 'Houses Demand' Shops Demand' 'Factory Demand', with wealth indicated too.
  11. As much as I'd like to start BATing again, I have too many other commitments that require a lot of my time, cheifly Uni (in my last year) and CoH: Eastern Front mod where I'm literally the only 3D Artist on the team. But I wouldn't say never... if SC13 turns out to be any good and actually has some modding/BATing potential (not holding my breath) I'd no doubt turn my hand to that, if not I could always return to SC4 out of frustration
  12. A dynamic 'filler' system like CXL to fill in the ugly empty side effects of 'bendy' roads would be desirable. I'd like more control over fillers though, like being able to zone them manually and the ability to extend or reign in the area when using the fill function... sometimes the CXL fillers could be a little funky when it came to these aspects.
  13. Heheh, IPON, those were the days. I recently rediscovered the IPON Wiki, seriously... what illegal substances was I taking when I wrote the Sakhaliyan entry? I'd likely remake those two above if I had the chance... not that I don't have the chance, but most of my time is taken up by Uni and modelling other projects. Actually, the GUM building was alright and the only thing holding me back from putting at on the STEX was the exclusive props used on the lot and it's lack of nightlighting. Congress on the other hand, I'd most definitely make that again, and it'd be so huge you could see it from anywhere in space! (maybe not that huge)
  14. I didn't release a lot of the stuff I made, mainly because I'd only started 3D modelling back in 2007 and was pretty clueless, also a lot of them didn't have nightlighting. I won't post all the trainwrecks I churned out, but there's two in this image of my long-in-development-and-probably-never-ever-going-to-be-finished 3rd CJ, Sakhaliya V2. Plus there's a load of props Glenni made in this image which we both used exclusively, I have no idea if he released them in the end Tell you what... I'd return to SC4 in an instant if that model of Moscow U was available on STEX. o.0