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  1. Krioworks

    Oh, it was only the spire-part. I remember that Craig even commented one update "oh it has Kodak-sign now" then I forgot the whole tower for years.
  2. Krioworks

    SimPeg and citybuilder-users might remember this years old BAT: Originally started it as Kodak Building from Rochester, NY but got bored for being autistic with details so I did what I do best: a look a like. Kojak won't prob be the name but atm its funny. Also yellow isn't the idea for glass, for some reason it helped best with measuring depth better than blue, green or red.
  3. Krioworks

    After a small break, I returned to BAT and new Tahvontorni is almost complete. You can see that ground floor is missing few walls and then lights of course. So, what do you think? I always hate roofjunk, so urgh. And logo changed blue to red, because original Tahvontorni had red Alko-logo so red M suits better. And trivia: Metrobank is a subsidary of Roxxon Oil Company in the Marvel Comics.
  4. Krio Megapack

    Version 1.0.0


    TG Krio Megapack is a proppack for my uploads. Bats and models by Krio, modding by various BSC guys and gals, mostly RippleJet and barbyw.
  5. Buenos Aires Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    TG Buenos Aires Pack is old stuff from 2008. Requested by that one guy who re-created places, hotdogs or something was his name. Buildings are based on BA's independence avenue and main point are those huge buillboards. Modded by travis or kryptowhite. Stats are in the other screenshot. Dependacies: Krio Mega Pack and Krio Props support in Krioworks
  6. Krio Diagonals (old)

    Version 1.0.0


    TG Krio Diagonals is a pack of my old diagonals, created in 2006-2007. Bats are based on building styles in Helsinki, but because they are like 10 years old they aren't as good as my later work and some of the textures seems to be missing. Anyways, these were modded by RippleJet of BSC. Lot sizes are usually 1x1 with overhanging prop and amount of cs §§ jobs are and looks Esplanadi set: 304 - 565 (varies by building) , 2x2 dia corner with blue, yellow and green Vaasankatu and Mikonkatu sets: 85 - 101: 1x1 multicolored dia straight Kampinmalminkatu: 138, 1x2 diagonal green Siltasaarenkatu: 1718 that huge box Annankatu set: 85 - 135 1x1 dia corner in multiple colours Valotalo: 92 : flashy flashy corner dependacies are; Krio Mega Pack and Krio Props Support is in Krioworks
  7. Krioworks

    So, someone of you might know my old Diagonal Towers from 2007-2008? I'm not fond of them anymore, so I started to redo the first one of them: Tahvontori as Metrobank Offices: Same shape, colouring but more details etc.
  8. Krioworks

    Made progress with so called Makkaratalo (officially known as City Center) today. Didn't bother to find textures which are missing, but I don't know should I make this "whole city block" like it was supposed to be or just this what was built. Problem will be the large court yard / empty back lot unless I can't get up a solution with it. IRL City Center complex is made of different houses and the backlot has now filled with several smaller buildings etc. Btw, prepo once batted this but never released it. The sausage was originally safety fence for cars which were parked on the balcony, my version is based on current "version" of the building which was hugely renovated few years ago, demolishing the parking space with ramps and added new glass wall with several high end shops and restaurants.
  9. Krioworks

    Not actually. Thank you.
  10. Krioworks

    Good to know, I'll upload them when I've pictures. Anyways, I finished this one. Based on a building at Hakaniemi, Helsinki I would mod these myself, but PIM-X doesn't work on W10.
  11. Krioworks

    Thank you, I would've released Wembley Station years ago but the scene was corrupted for ??? but on new computer it again works and I can finish it. I cant remember the name of that guy who made that Australian station which had diagonal corner. So its like putting that clock tower on 45 degrees angle and into a corner.
  12. Krioworks

    Hello there folks. I really don't know am I allowed to do this, but admins and slow to answer and my "messenger man" hasn't said anything so I guess this OK. Thing is that since SimPeg unfortunately went offline, I'ven't had a support thread. And because I really suffer somekind of god syndrome being last good batter with gMax I'll rarely post stuff in here if and when I BAT. I've about 60-100 bats to be un- and re-released and most on those re-release stuff its that they were made like decade ago (I know right). I would like to just upload stuff what BSC people modded for me years ago, so I've been upgrading those bats what I made with them back in the day. Though if someone gets permission from RippleJet (I guess this was the name) I can release bunch of diagonal, but out-dated stuff in a sec. Anyhow, here are my latest bats in the works and coming up: Baxter Building iGroup Tower Wembley Station One Roxxon Plaza Autotalo, being under work since 2013 i believe.
  13. Mikael Agricolan kirkko

    Version 1.0.0


    Mikael Agricolan kirkko, or Mikael Agricola Church, is the tallest "habitable" building in Helsinki. It was designed by Lars Sonck in 1933 and it was finished in 1935. Spire reaches almost 100 metres and spire can be lowered inside the brick tower. Reason for this was the danger of war in Europe and spire was lowered in the WW2 so that enemy aircraft couldn't use it for navigation. Mikael Agricola was a bishop and inventor of written Finnish language in 1200's. Building acts as a museum in game, because I don't know how to mod houses of worships. Both lots have 3500 plop cost and monthly cost of 300 §. Lot sizes for urban one is 2x5 and one with a park 4x5. And before you ask, why that platform? In real life building is connected to some kind of church activity offices which were also designed by Lars Sonck and it has car ramps etc. but I decided not to make them. I made this two years ago and now I'm uploading it to you. Just remembered, BSC Textures vol.1 and Porkies's first prop pack are needed. Everything by master Krio
  14. I can't open notifications or messages, actually can't use anything from the header. Pls help.