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  1. @rsc204 is it going to bring the rrw specs to glr / el-rail ?
  2. @korver ushuaia is also the gateway for the vast majority of Antarctic tourism cruises. Must give a bite fright to the tourists seeing all those boats and then have to cross the roaring 40s / the Drake Passage.
  3. @DavidDHetzel There are it:
  4. @T Wrecks The map is divided in half by a large bay, and I divided the city into atleast 13 phases.... with the low density R $$ taking 6 phases across "3 time periods". This is phase 1 - I'll post an update once I get phase 1 & 2 done. I'll also note I have 4 house types divided across the 4 buidling styles for this time period I've dubbed post-war. I've removed all other low density r$$ and blocked maxis content to have ultimate control. To prevent the houses from overgrowing the others I manually adjust the growth stages and grow each style one a time.
  5. @T Wrecks The sprawl I have planned is enormous - I went with 1x1 lots to cram as much as I can over multiple large tiles. About every third Ave interection has the same format: 2x Food & Gas, 1 Grocery store, 1 Strip Mall and 0/1 other.
  6. An early (early) summer morning in the Isabelle Bay North District in the city of Laurentia:
  7. In the Gym catergory here are a couple suggestions:
  8. @Yarahi I tried it but I know there are other SimCity websites out there that my memory issues prevent me from remembering.
  9. I know of the RLS mall.... but any others that would suit an area developed in the 70s?
  10. Heres a Sims failure: Abandoned due to commute time... except that green square/park is a custom park with 2500 civic jobs (and 10K cap relief). I guess thats what society considers part of the unemployable.
  11. In the guide it shows F8A04330 being needed 8 ways in 8 different configurations. As for as I know a texture can only be rotated, not mirrored. Is this strictly a pim-x thing or is there some kind of function I'm missing in the lot editor?
  12. would you consider doing some of the gas stations in 4x3 or 4x4? These would allow them to "fit" lot size with the 4x3 restaurants you relotted.
  13. Its look great - except in that long line of cars I think some need to be scruffed up and/or graffitied.
  14. Ah but some windows 10 patches have caused massive headaches to users. Plus when you are like me and use max security on a PC its extremely unlikely for anything to get through.
  15. Simpliest way to back up is only 100 dollars (50 for 1tb and another 50 for a usb 3.1 to sata) and just copy everything over. First time to backup will take potentially hours, but after that once a week for only new/updated files will go quickly. Now I do go a bit more in depth in that I also use a Raid 1 array and a TPM module. And for emails - I have my own domain. I have all attachments go to its own unmonitored and emptied weekly email address unless it has a particular key in the email header. Got tired of the spam will all the malware attachments. And I delay delay delay all window updates till I know they are safe. Otherwise if your not a techie by all means update and backup frequently.