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  1. drunkapple did eventually release a tutorial on sc4dev (he was known as dobdriver over there) just before he disappeared: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15646.0 . I do plan on giving this a go myself in the coming months as I need a huge map, and will squish the terrian so nothing is above somewhere between 275m to 300m.
  2. cool thank you - the NAM has the 3 and 4 tile variety.
  3. Three questions... Picture ... its a mosaic so I dont want to embed the image. I'm sure its a custom lot, but where are the buildings like the theatre to be found ? Second - are they another 7 tiles + el rail stations besides moonlights? Three - An easy way to find cam / pim stuff on the STEX? As three letter searches seem to be blocked.
  4. Usually post on sc4dev, but decided to post this here. Rebuilding a region when I decided to add expand the 5x5 large tile region to 7x5 - with the extra 10 all on one side. 4 are for the airport (to accomadate 4km long runways), one third-ish of 3 for low density res, and the rest just empty with RHW, and 2 rail lines running through them. I did however have to create new coast line, and I'm doing it the hard way: tracing out the new coast by hand one road tile at a time... and 512 road tiles later I got it traced out: Now the fun (hard part)... terraforming it.
  5. I keep my domain on a 9-10 year cycle so I rarely have to deal with it. I remember the wild west days where a domain only had to be expired for one second before you could snap it up and the old owner was out of luck ie I suspect TMZ came of there domain that way..
  6. indeed its really weird - the domain does not expire for another 11 months - October 15th, 2016 to be exact. So someone jumped the gun on the dns change. That dns change should finish propagating in another 36-48 hours. Quite irresponsible of the service provider to do that.
  7. Well, highway 400 between Toronto and a city 400km North called Sudbury only uses parclo's .... including the wilderness which is most of the route.
  8. I'm currently working on two cities .. at once, since 2011. Let me first say that because I work on a 1920x1200 resolution, the region view misses a large chunk of a tile. Those disappear once I downgrade the resolution, so as these cities are still in development I'm not bothering fixing it at this time - as well development hides these bars. I also use the CAM, and have plans in the winter to start CAM-ifying 5 star buildings on the stex that I've had to ignore for so many years to provide me the required variety to finish these cities off - maybe by the end of next year. I modded the demand for R$$, and both cities have special park with Jobs. I screwed up Turion in terms of cap relief so often use a large stadium to provide me the required cap relief. Laurentia's park has the cap relief... First is Laurentia: I actually started this city in 2008, but completely levelled it in 2011 and have since been rebuilding it. Laurentia still has a three more tiles left of suburbs, I estimate the suburbs will hold atleast 2.4 million sims - and the total city will lie close to 4 million. l'll actually have to rework some stuff in Laurentia as I've had a design change since then (the bottom tiles on the seaport side). Next is Turion: This one was actually done in 2007. However in 2012 I realized how ugly it was, and dramitically altered the terrain and levelled the city. I decided for some reason to canal-ised the river and restrict all development to one side of the river. I rather like the look, but the terrian mod is having numerous problems, and if its not a result of my monitor I'll likely have to change it. You can see the medium zone footprint - and also if you look carefully you'll see a rectangle with one longer side along the empty bar - that is where the high density is going to be. There is one tile I cant mod - it instantly CTD's. Its on my to do list to eventually load a empty tile in that spot and just carve it out by hand. The suburbs will hold about 1.7million and the total city around 2.4 I think.
  9. My suburbs are zoned with 1x1 squares. I have found two ways to stop them from upgrading: Eithier a) tax it out or b) mod it out. You pretty much need to do both to prevent the R$$ demand from collapsing; and CAP can also be a whole other issue.
  10. I posted this on another form earlier this year, but as I'm starting to explore simtrop again, figured I'll share this one here; the highway going Left is going towards downtown, the other highway is the city's ring road. As to why there is no traffic ? Annual Maintenance .. And all those square green parks you see .. those each have 1500 jobs.
  11. Has anyone heard of this? It looks very very promising... but its still in the funding stage on kickstarter. Anyone who played Total Annihilation and/or enjoy RTS' like Starcraft should give some serious thought towards supporting them. [/media] Here is the link.. http://www.kickstart...-generation-rts
  12. where does that fire station come from?
  13. the power is a little on the low side.. oh well I'll just pop open the reader and give it a realistic boost.
  14. a compact cloverstack before I build up the area....