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      Ever wanted an explanation of the Hexadecimal system used by SC4 for IDs? Well, here's your Hex 101, don't be scared, i promise to keep it simple.

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      Learn how to write short, simple scripts using AutoHotkey to automate repetitive modding tasks. At the press of a button, something like this is achievable:


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      How to make a visually pleasing slope...

      …exactly the way you want it, without the help of a slope mod.


      Yes, it‘s right. We’ll attempting the almost impossible: Creating a slope that looks good, exactly the way we want it, without resorting to a slope mod. The goal of this tutorial shall be: We will be (for demonstrational purposes) making a 7.5m overpass over a railway line, where the terrain rises exactly by 1.5m per city tile.

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      Want to know the full ins and outs of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? Well look no further...

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      This is a method to let you reset cameras in Gmax with a right-click on the viewport as in 3ds Max. This is useful when after previewing different views with BAT scripts you are left with an ortho view locked in where perspective used to be, or you accidentally shift one of the top/left/side views into perspective and want it back.

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    •    @TekindusT All SFBT rail display RRW-textures if you have RRW NCDTexture pack Update (except the any viadauct railstation - suspect those have textures added on the batting stage(?))   (↑ I have a freight station similar to this that has the same error.. no link though) (↑ I get two versions of this; one with walls around the outside of the lot and railtracks on side of the station  <-- works as intended , one lot with some kind of road textures on the side <-- does not get overridden) (↑ Cattle loading station)
    • Hotwheeler- Thank you, and yes the whole Strech of Park Avenue scream 'Aaron Graham".
      NYBT 1150 Park Avenue Here's an update, I have added the windows, I need to make some changes, to them I think they are up to high on the wall, then again it might not matter.  I have a question should I make the type of windows like in the brochure picture above? File Name: NYBT 1150 Park Avenue pic02