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      Ever wanted an explanation of the Hexadecimal system used by SC4 for IDs? Well, here's your Hex 101, don't be scared, i promise to keep it simple.

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      Learn how to write short, simple scripts using AutoHotkey to automate repetitive modding tasks. At the press of a button, something like this is achievable:


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      How to make a visually pleasing slope...

      …exactly the way you want it, without the help of a slope mod.


      Yes, it‘s right. We’ll attempting the almost impossible: Creating a slope that looks good, exactly the way we want it, without resorting to a slope mod. The goal of this tutorial shall be: We will be (for demonstrational purposes) making a 7.5m overpass over a railway line, where the terrain rises exactly by 1.5m per city tile.

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      This is a method to let you reset cameras in Gmax with a right-click on the viewport as in 3ds Max. This is useful when after previewing different views with BAT scripts you are left with an ortho view locked in where perspective used to be, or you accidentally shift one of the top/left/side views into perspective and want it back.

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      The following article has links to various threads, tutorials, websites etc for any new players or others who are a little overwhelmed with information overload on the Simtropolis site.

      Be aware you will have to do some reading on the threads but there is some very good information in them and I think you will find them helpful.

      Have fun with the game and happy hunting!

      :] PLEASE Feel Free to Make Your Own Suggestions :]

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    • Looking good! Someday I hope to be create stuff like that.
    • Looks good Aaron I really like it
    • Yo, guy -- I guessed wrong yet again, didn't I? Thanks for the offer, it is appreciated.  But it sounds like waaaay too much work -- and complicated at that -- since there are probably a lot of props that I would wish to keep.  I think I'll just soldier on -- Sorry to hear about your hand -- hope everything will be OK in a couple days.  I came through another treadmill test without complications -- quite happy about that.
    • They look very good! Nice, clean and crisp. Though the pollution from the Third Ave traffic will change that I'm sure on the lower floors near the street. 
    • @DavidDHetzel: I see your point, but there are more sides to the affair IMO. For example, not every city is supposed to represent the current situation. My preferred scenario is ficticious, but based on a vaguely Northern American style with wooden single-family homes in the rural areas and outskirts, brownstones and other W2W stuff in the cities, much Art Deco plus even older buildings - think of what the Chicago 1890 & NY 1940 tilesets are supposed to represent. If anything, I'd love to have more choice of retro retailers and groceries, but there are precious few buildings out there that fit the bill. Other people may play 1990s cities and be perfectly fine with the offering. However, I'm not that much into this kind of realism - recreating those exact brands with the exact logos from the exact time they were used (and I lack the knowledge to be good at such a recreation anyway). I'm aiming at a generally sound and plausible overall appearance - this alone would prevent me from putting a too modern-looking retailer anywhere, not so much the question whether the company may have had a different logo these times. Of course, such details are probably easier for me to ignore because I'm simply not from the USA anyway, and I haven't grown up with the brands and seen them change. Therefore, having a WalMart with a typical 2000s branding next to a Kroger's or whatever in what you may identify as 1980s livery wouldn't bother me at all, as long as the buildings themselves look the part. This is where @madhatter106's strategy of using purely ficticious brands is beneficial for me because as long as the buildings have the right architectural style, I can blissfully ignore the rest. All this talk about big-box retailers, however, made me wonder: Would you be up for some slightly bigger buildings such as a larger suburban grocery store or similar? Not necessarily huge, but suitable for lot sizes between 4x4 and 6x6?