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      Learn how to make your installed Automata useable as props in the Lot Editor.

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      Are you tired of building in the same four directions? Do you wish to break free of the shackles of SC4's grid system? Well this tutorial will give a basic overview about diagonal gridbusting.

      Diagonal city building, or gridbusting as the SC4 veterans call it, is a hard skill to master. One requires a great many mods and attached is a list of relevant mods to help get you started. There are numerous in-game barriers to overcome and a great many visual issues which must be addressed to create that dream diagonal area.

      Read on if you are interested in grid-busting!

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      Wondering whether or not to use a slope mod? Want to see why you should have one installed? Then look no further, this guide should have you covered.

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      Want to know the full ins and outs of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? Well look no further...

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      Is there a lot that you wish you could plop on the water?  Or did you create your own lot only to find out that the game doesn't allow you to place it in or near the water?  Grab the iLives Reader and follow these simple instructions :) 

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    • Weird.  Edge Split doesn't work; it has no effects on the object. Editing individual faces is working thoug, I can smooth the nose by smooting faces (Edges are not working)
    • I hope my comment didn't come across as not appreciating the time and effort invested in creating a comprehensive set of assets (although you guys almost make it look easy, given the speed in which some of you churn out the most amazing stuff  ), because that wasn't my intention. I'm just a bit worried about what the consequences may be for the Workshop if this monetizing of modeler's efforts is really going to take off (because let's be honest, what is Paradox's part in this, other than - possibly - laying out some ground rules and combining Shroom's assets into one DLC package?) Because no matter how it's presented, in the end it's just that: a publisher trying to cash in on the efforts of the community (something I'm not sure yet how to gauge: on the one hand it's great to see modders being acknowledged and - perhaps even more important - rewarded for their efforts, on the other hand the blurring of lines between commercial enterprise and community and the potential impact on the one thing that is basically keeping this game alive - the Workshop - just doesn't sit too well with me...)
      I hope it will be the best of both, seeing new quality stuff appear in the Workshop as well as occasional community-generated content DLC's, but I guess only time will tell us how this will work out. Let's just say that previous efforts were a bit of a mixed bag at best...
    • Looking good already. I see you don't have smoothing on the nose. Try applying smooth shading to faces that should be smooth. This can lead to some weird looking shading near (sharp) edges, so select those and mark them as sharp. Then apply an edge split modifier and make sure Sharp Edges is checked. You can leave the angle splitting on, but I prefer to have it off to have a little more control over it. Also make sure "apply modifiers" is checked when exporting. Here are some screenshots to illustrate what I mean. 1. Original model. 2. Smooth model with edge split modifier. Shading tab is on the left. You can probably keep large areas like the side flat shaded with maybe some split edges around it. Just try some different stuff and see what you like best.
    • Very nice ! Love those creations of yours. Nice city too ! I spotted the hospital right away tho !!