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    • I believe you import your first part to the asset editor and there is little city/building icon next to the bulldozer now which is for sub-buildings. 
    • Two ways to find this information, either just look at the base textures in the Lot Editor, which all are organised by ID. Otherwise extract them all from the SimCity_2.dat file (which is where all the LE textures are located).
    • Catching up here: The jestarr Boilerhouse power plants are ready, and released. Please post here if you find any problems with them. I had a lot of fun figuring out the sint64 numbers for the capacity/monthly cost values...turns out the Windows calculator in Programmer mode gives you the correct hex values after you enter decimal numbers and switch to 'hex' view. Historic Harbor lot factory I've created a tool with AutoIt that lets me zip through creating new HH lots - it updates all the IID references, increments placeholder names, etc so I can 1-button create new lots which follow HH standards: Plop on water or land Conform to same level as other HH lots Custom UI including plop on query Menu sort appropriately This has increased my productivity quite a bit in that area - I've nearly completed a set of dock rail puzzle pieces with custom icons, a dock road set, and dozens of dockside industry pieces. Pending quality control and compatibility testing, the dockside industry buildings will be released in packs for each set of BATs' creators... JMeyers is first in line for release, with SimGoober and jestarr packs not far behind. @Angry Mozart train prop testing During the last month, along with other folks, I've been helping test parts of Angry Mozart's amazing new train set. Progress is steady, and I can say that release will be a game changer. Much of the rolling stock which is represented in the set has never been seen before in SC4. A multitude of angles is represented for every car, textures worked and reworked to perfection, and we're at the stage of shaking out remaining bugs in the prop exemplars. Over thirty bugs have already been filed and over 90% fixed on the portion I've tested - we want this set to be a consistent, high quality experience for lotters. New BATs I haven't forgotten about the DeKalb coaling tower, or Goober's Stores - haven't had big chunks of time to spend on anything recently, so the lotting/modding projects have been easier to work on.
    • I've been poking around in Reader and I've come to the conclusion that the Maxis farm fields that can grow are randomly selected from a list in the FieldLots variable: 0x00024100
      0xEA6E4722 I'm confuzzled by how to find where the actual FSH images are. What I want to know is which IDs correspond to which type of field. From Googling I'm pretty sure 0x00024100 is the plain green grassy pasture and 0xEA6E4721 is the light green lettuce field. Using the Index Search option I was able to find 3 exemplars that reference that first instance and from that learned it's called 0002_FarmField, but I'm not sure how to find the actual pictures. (All I want to know is which is which. I'm not planning to change any of the images.)