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  • Zoning & Commute time Effects For New Players.


    #1 - Zoning Types : As You would all Know by now there is 3 different types of Zones in Sim City 4 - Residential - Commercial - Industrial, Each of these Sectors Play Different Roles In the Economy of Your City, So Here's a Few tips that you may or may not know: * If you Hold down the Shift Key While Zoning You Can Place different Sized Zones for example if you want a Sky Scraper Office Building to grow you would zone a 4 x 4 Lot ( Average Size ) - This Also Works Well When Zoning Industrial Estates. Now to the point , When your Planning your Zones try to aim for a Most Realistic Approach as supprisingly this has a Positive Effect in the Simulation. So When Laying Down Your Main Roads from Residential to Industrial try to include Along the Sides of the Main Roads Some Small Commercial Zones for Little Shops & Other Com Services to Build - They will Also Benefit from High Volume of traffic - Allways Remember the More traffic flow = More Customers!. The Same Applies For Suburban Residential Zones Where the Zone Connects to the Main Rode Put in Some 2 x 2 Commercial Lots for Small Shops & " Corner Shops " As Explained Above Has a Positive Effect On Commerce. Now You're Probably Wondering How does this Affect the Commute Times for My Sims???, Well That my Friends once again Comes Down to Realistic Approach the Closer Shops & Businesses Are to Residential Zones Then The Closer the Jobs are As Well Which Means Some of Your Sims Can benefit from " Closer to Home Jobs " . This technique Also Plays a Major Role In Your Larger High Density Cities As Your Residential Growth Increases So does the Demand for Commercial Services & The Strain on your Sims Commute Times. # Mass Transit: Many of You May Have Seen Many Tutorials On Youtube on How to Plan Your transportation Networks Word to the Wise these Methods Are Not Allways Valid !. What I Mean By this is in Real Life when you catch the train there is Generally a Bus Stop Close By to get a Connecting Service Right?. Exactly So the same does Apply in Sim City 4 ( I've tested this many times it does Work lol ) So Here's a Couple of tips on this: - Place a Bus Stop Next to Your Train Stations / Elevated Rail Stations / Monorail Stations. - When Placing Bus Stops Away from train stations etc in Residential Zones it is also a good idea to place Subway Stations Next to Every Bus Stop. As You Would Also Probably Know Elevated Rail Connects to Your Subway Lines & there is also a Mod Available on the STEX that makes it Possible to Connect Ground Rail to Elevated Rail here's The Link for that: Well I Hope this Article Has Given You More Knowledge on How Sim City Can Work in Different Ways & the Effects that Zones Have that are Not So Obvious. Please Rate This Topic & Comment :)

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    I've installed the game yesterday and I only did the tutorials so far. This post seems very helpful! One question though: does it mean that lowering the traffic in a road (e.g. by building highways/trains etc etc) has a bad effect on commercial zones (since there will be less customers)? 

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