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    Please PM ilikehotdogsalot if you have any questions about this tutorial!

    In the last few days, I have been getting many PMs and comments about making mosaics, so I decided to make a step-by-step tutorial on...


    Step 1: Open up your Simcity 4 game, and choose a city and area you wish to photograph.


    Step 2: Open up photoshop and create a 1024 X 5000 pixel document, the height of the document can be larger if you decide you want to take many pictures.


    Step 3: Next, Photograph the area in Simcity by using the


    Prt Scr SysRq Key

    located on your keyboard, this key photographs the entire screen. Make sure to have the Pause off and the menu hidden 4.gif


    Step 4: Now that you have taken your first picture, Paste it into your photoshop document, do this by pressing CTRL and V at the same time.

    Congratulations! You have successfully taken your first picture!


    Step 5: Head back into Simcity to take another picture. To do this correctly, Only move your arrow keys up or down so that it lines up with your last picture, Donot move them left or right or else your pictures will NOT allign! Try your best not to go too far up or down or else your picture will not allign with the first, Use your judgement, If you make a mistake, Just go back and try to take the picture again.


    Step 6: Now that you have taken your second picture correctly, Paste it into photoshop, do this by pressing CTRL and V at the same time.

    Congratulations! You now have correctly done 2 pictures for your mosaic! If you wish to do more, Repeat the steps above, I will do one more picture to complete the mosaic.


    Step 7: We now have all the pictures pasted and ready to go in photoshop, they are all seperate layers [ie: picture 1 is layer 1, picture 2 is layer 2, and picture 3 is layer 3]

    We are now going to allign Layer 1 and 2 [pictures 1 and 2] to create the mosaic affect.


    Step 8: Select the cursor tool and select layer 2, I have highlighted them in red.

    Step 9: Drag layer 2 [picture 2] so it alligns perfectly with layer 1 [picture 1], You can also use the arrow keys.


    They're alligned! Hurray! Congratulations! If they didn't allign well, Try the above steps again.

    Repeat these above steps with layer 3 [picture 3] and you've created your first mosaic!

    But this is where it gets tricky, so pay attention!

    Step 10: Now that everything is alligned and your mosaic is ready, Select the rectangular marquee tool and marquee all the pictures > Then go to Edit> Copy Merged, This copies all the layers into one.

    Step 11: Open a new document

    Step 12: Paste all the mosaic by pressing CRTL and V at the same time.


    There! Now for the final steps, We are going to break up the mosaics into 800 x 600 images...


    Step 13: Press CRTL and R at the same time, You should notice a ruler appear, I highlighted it in red.


    Step 14: Select the Marquee tool, at the top you should see Style: [drop down menu]...Go into the drop down menu and select FIXED SIZE. The Height and Width Bar should open up by now, Insert 800 x 600 px, I highlighted in red for you 4.gif


    Step 15: Go to Image > Image Size...You should see a popup come, This is where you change the image size, Change the Width to 800, however, Keep the Height the way it is.

    There, your picture is now resized! This is the stage where you can edit your picture, add borders, etc, I'll leave the picture alone and move on to the next step.


    Step 16: Select the Rectangular Marquee tool again, Now if you click anywhere in the picture, You will notice a marquee box will be created, The box is 800 x 600, This is a guide to help you seperate the mosaic into different images.

    Step 17: Now go to Edit > copy, This will copy the image, Open up a new document and select CRTL and V at the same time to paste the image.


    Your image will now be pasted!

    Step 18: Go back to the mosaic document.


    Step 19: Remember that ruler I was talking about earlier? Well, Click on it and hold your mouse and drag down, This will bring up a marquee line, This line was made to know where you last left so that your images allign when you upload them. Drag down the line to the bottom of the marquee box and let go.


    Once you let go, There will be a blue line, This is to help you decide where to put your next marquee box.


    Step 20: Now repeat repeat steps 16-20 to seperate all your pictures in the mosaic, You are now finished!


    All you have to do is save each picture document and upload the pictures into a picture hoster imageshack.us/photobucket.com or flickr.com...

    To post them on simtropolis or other websites:


    YOU'RE DONE! You did your first mosaic, Congratulations!

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