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  • How to Get Row Houses

    Chief ZDN

    This article was copied from SC4ever.com. This article originally created by Emma LB and Patrickov.

    If you want a row of houses like these images...


    ...then the easiest way to get them without getting bigger buildings, is to zone medium density residential one square across and one to three squares deep. Next to that you zone another square in high density residential, and next to that again one with medium density and so on. Your layout should look something like below image:


    Happy city building!

    Row houses could be extremely helpful if you cannot handle your wealthy sims well. I got a problem that wealthy sims tend to be rushing in a residential region when I planned some medium-density lots, but abandoning their luxury houses to medium income sims very soon.

    Row houses have two features: They don't overgrow and they don't attract wealthy sims at all (That's good if you are annoyed by those hard-to-please rich people). I tend to build row house zones except for those low-density zones high up the hill and before I can get high-density apartments.

    Moreover, they utilize streets well. Several hundred sims can crawl on a street of row houses without clogging the street by adding just 1 bus station.

    Thank you.

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    • I trust your judgment, as your stuff just keeps getting better and better all the time.