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      Learn how to make your installed Automata useable as props in the Lot Editor.

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      Are you tired of building in the same four directions? Do you wish to break free of the shackles of SC4's grid system? Well this tutorial will give a basic overview about diagonal gridbusting.

      Diagonal city building, or gridbusting as the SC4 veterans call it, is a hard skill to master. One requires a great many mods and attached is a list of relevant mods to help get you started. There are numerous in-game barriers to overcome and a great many visual issues which must be addressed to create that dream diagonal area.

      Read on if you are interested in grid-busting!

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      Wondering whether or not to use a slope mod? Want to see why you should have one installed? Then look no further, this guide should have you covered.

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      Want to know the full ins and outs of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? Well look no further...

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      Is there a lot that you wish you could plop on the water?  Or did you create your own lot only to find out that the game doesn't allow you to place it in or near the water?  Grab the iLives Reader and follow these simple instructions :) 

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    • @Judazzz Totally agree on that one! But as Shroomblaze was the one to contact them and suggest it, I guess he's okay with it. @TPB As a modeller it definately looks like modders get the short end of the stick and I really wish they got more love. Just looking at the stuff I've made alot of it wouldn't be possible without modders - I'm not even sure I'd have been this hooked on the game without mods! Boformer mentioned one thing about this DLC that I liked - the effect to loading times. Maybe these paid ones aren't the way to go, maybe free DLCs consisting of new and/or old stuff would be much better. Since buildings don't really break with updates (at least not most of them) there wouldn't be much support needed. So just from a practical side having for example the Brooklyn/Manhatten theme as a free DLC would be nice. Ideally (in my oppinion) with an optional donation button going straight to the creator (at least the majority). Ofc some people will be left out of such a spotlight, but on the other hand perhaps it could also motivate more people to create/finish building themes. The fact that it would be semi-official should also help promote the good assets (proper sizes for the game) and satisfy the desire for more buildings. Dunno if it would have a positive impact or not. I think this discussion is very interesting though, because this game wouldn't be the same without the community and I'm all for positive reinforcement - just gotta find what works and what doesn't. And I really really really hope CO/Paradox don't forget about out modders - they so deserve some love!
    • How is this going? Did the Above Ground Metro get abducted by Paradox?
    • All hail MrMaison! Man, I can't give you enough praise. You've nailed it once again, absolutely awesome tree! I think I will give you a new nickname: Viridios, God of Vegetation! YEAH! lol
    • Loving the way these look. In a game with mostly orthogonal angles, those FAR tennis courts go a long way making the scene more interesting. And to second what rsc said, one can't beat CP seasonal flora. I've always sort of liked the Maxis mansions, but the lots could never justify them. These overrides will literally be the perfect thing for me! Can't wait to see their release!
    • Some texture updates and a few minor tweaks to the model. @T Wrecks the prototype does have a roof access hatch on the headhouse, and I've added it. I also found a (hopefully) less jarring texture for the newer side of the workhouse roof, and added the little sheds at the base of the bins for first floor access. @Takingyouthere thanks for the kind words. The final 133% will make the structure even more imposing. Night lights don't work. I will look into the common fixes, which I haven't applied yet. This is what the night lights look like in perspective render; they are using 3ds Max photometric templates of 1000w floodlights (commonly found atop bins on these structures) and 100w halogen (warmer lights in workhouse/head house). Found and fixed part of the model projecting into negative Z axis but there is still a problem with zoom levels above 5; I'll look at growing the LOD slightly.