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      Learn how to make your installed Automata useable as props in the Lot Editor.

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      Are you tired of building in the same four directions? Do you wish to break free of the shackles of SC4's grid system? Well this tutorial will give a basic overview about diagonal gridbusting.

      Diagonal city building, or gridbusting as the SC4 veterans call it, is a hard skill to master. One requires a great many mods and attached is a list of relevant mods to help get you started. There are numerous in-game barriers to overcome and a great many visual issues which must be addressed to create that dream diagonal area.

      Read on if you are interested in grid-busting!

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      Wondering whether or not to use a slope mod? Want to see why you should have one installed? Then look no further, this guide should have you covered.

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      Want to know the full ins and outs of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? Well look no further...

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      Is there a lot that you wish you could plop on the water?  Or did you create your own lot only to find out that the game doesn't allow you to place it in or near the water?  Grab the iLives Reader and follow these simple instructions :) 

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    • In the end I decided to make a Roads United dependant mod. It would be only road arrows decal changer and retexture of bus, bike and tram lanes. P.S. How can I access vanilla road textures? I want to remove the red overlay on bus lanes and green from tram and bike lanes. I can do that using German textures, but stripes and dashes are custom there. My road style is going to be same as vanilla.
    • I can not change lot width and depth of certain lots (for example- peg container seaport) in Lot Editor. When I change width and depth of the lot in iLive Reader it shows that the edited lot has been successfully saved. But when I reopen the lot in Reader or Lot Editor I see that the lot remains unchanged. How to get rid of this problem?
    • It means they must be in the plugins folder directly, i.e. "...\Plugins", not inside a sub-folder such as "...\Plugins\Folder A". You can move your files around afterwards, buth the Plugin Manager only looks for files in the main ("root") plugins folder and ignores any sub-folders.
    • One thing you can do with a tiling texture is to rotate it differently for each tile, giving the impression of concrete slabs with narrow seams between them. That's basically making a virtue out of necessity: it still looks tiled, but it looks like an accurate depiction of real tiles rather than an unwanted side effect of identical textures. You could also add some unpaved surface area. The aerial photograph shows that some of the silos seem to stand on grass. Why not add some grass surface, perhaps some low shrubs at least, and maybe fences / barriers / guard rails / kerbs wherever vehicles may accidentally end up on the grass? There's no need to be afraid of hedges and trees, either. Of course, you won't have lush gardens, but a line of trees along the main access road or some hedges around a parking lot are not out of the question. If there's a grass area between office and parking lot, a footpath to connect both would also be a good idea. It is generally helpful to have some defined areas: A loading area with some cargo or cargo handling equipment scattered around, an on-site parking lot for the staff (complete with cars), an office (maybe with a little 'corporate park' around it or at least a little outdoor area with one or two benches/tables and a trash can for the staff to enjoy a coffee and a cigarette during breaks?) ... As MGB said, some site roads will also help, and while you're at it, you may also add some street lights or other kinds of light poles. This will all help to turn a rather sterile, static lot into something that's full of plausible little details and looks like a living object.
    • Ah, the Cuban baseball player. I knew about him yesterday; here in the south cone we know nothing about baseball, or central America in general... Anyway, maybe that could be easier with reference images, and I suppose this would go to the end of Adrianor's development list, if it's taking it.