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    Specialized Cities - Sardines and Apples


    Specialized Cities - Sardines and Apples by thy451

    PART 8: SPECIALISED CITIES -- SARDINES AND APPLES In the last part of this section, I will make a short discussion on how to achieve those specialised cities, cities that are built only for one purpose only. All other considerations are thus disregarded. These are not the best cities in the sense of high wealth or high profits but they are the best in terms of their particular vision and purpose.

    B8.01: Sardines: Concept

    The purpose of this is to pack as many people as possible into the city. It is not about how much profit or how advanced the city is but how many people can you squeeze into one city.

    B8.01.1: The Higher you go...

    To start off, you need first to get those high wealth residential buildings. So build as you normally would. You have to make sure that all residential buildings are of stage 8 and highest wealth ($) level. It must be high wealth not low wealth buildings. Place as many parks as you can. Start off in on area rather than do it throughout the city, unless you can afford all the parks.

    B8.01.2: The Greater the fall

    Once you have secured the neighbourhood and make it rich, it is time to cause the buildings to be distressed. As each level of fall in wealth level, the same building will hold more. This is why I told you to move section by section. Since after removing all those parks, your maintenance levels would fall. Thus you can proceed on to the next area. Therefore start removing those desirable parks and maybe even education. But I do not advice removing health facilities as the longer the people live, the larger your city will become.

    B8.01.3: Upwardly Mobile Poor

    Remember, it is a fall in desirability not an increase in commute time, even though changing the commute time for the worse would lower desirability. This is because this city is primarily going to hold a lot of people and if commute time is high, no one will move into the city and you may get buildings that become abandoned. A good advice would be to place the low costs buses. It will help you generate some additional income to make up for the loss in taxes from the rich. And also it will improve commute time in this overcrowded city.

    B8.02: Fresh farm produce, Yummy... The concept for this is to create a viable sustainable farming community that is profitable. I used the word sustainable because the farms must be able to exist many years later and not be pushed out due to development or lack of people working in the farms.

    B8.02.1: Home Schooling

    This is the most important thing about creating a sustainable farming community, there must be no education. Not even a library. This is because once a Sim starts getting educated, they will no longer want to work at the farms at all. If that happens, these Sims will have no jobs and the result is that they will soon leave the city, thus causing your buildings to be distressed. After that, a new batch of ignorant Sims will move in and the buildings will be back to normal. But this would not last long. You will have this cycle of distressed buildings or massive waves of reconstruction over and over again in the city.

    B8.02.2: Market for the produce

    To allow this farming community to prosper, it is best to have big neighbours with huge demand. That way the demand will rub off on your city, which is not likely to generate that much demand herself.

    B8.02.3: Migrant Workforce

    An added way to bring in more cash other than construction of those polluting industries is to make use of the fact that people can travel and work in different cities. You could build a commercial area at the edge of the map so people from the neighbouring city can come here to work. Or you could build a residential area for the poor such that these people go and work in the richer cities. This also helps your richer city as they need not have low wealth housing in their city.

    B8.02.4: Green Water Belt

    Given that farms pollute the water supply, you should place your water supply away from the farms. Also try to leave a distance between the farms and the residential area much like the Green Belt idea for air pollution. Commercial zoning in between is acceptable since they do not complain about the water. Although if one was working in an office, I am sure that one would not want their water for making coffee to be green in colour. But I suppose Sims enjoy their morning coffee with a tangy pesticide flavouring.

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