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  • Cheats for SimCity 4


    Console-based cheats

    Press [Ctrl] + X to bring up the console. Note that you may have to first press [Esc] before the console will appear. A dialog box pops up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Enter the code in this box and press [Enter]. Note that valid codes close the console, invalid ones leave the console open. If you want the console to stay open after entering valid codes, press [Shift] or [Ctrl] as you press [Enter]. This also allows for rapid-fire cheating! See next paragraph for that.

    Rapid cheating tip: if you want to make lots of money quick by repeating a cheat (the "weaknesspays" cheat for example), type in the cheat into the console per above and copy it to your clipboard ([Ctrl] + C). Then, hold down [Ctrl], press [Enter], and then repeat the cheat by simply pasting the cheat to the console ([Ctrl] + V) and then press enter. You can get into a sequence of holding down [Ctrl] and then hitting V and [Enter] alternatively to rapid-fire the cheat. Minimal typing, big bucks fast.

    Or even easier, once the cheat has been activated, CTRL+X again and hit the Up Arrow and Enter to activate your last cheat without having to type it again.

    In order to get cheats to work, you may need to press escape a few times. This will clear out any previous actions you were going to do. ie. If you are zoning a residential area, and want to cheat, pressing escape a couple times will bring your cursor back to the circle icon.


    • weaknesspays Gives you 1,000 Simoleons.
    • you don't deserve it Enables you to place all reward buildings.
    • fightthepower Removes the requirement for buildings to have power.
    • howdryiam Removes the requirement for buildings to have water.
    • whattimeizit <0-24> Sets the 24-hour clock to the specified military time. 0 = midnight, 12 = midday, 13 = 1 PM, etc.
    • whererufrom <new city name> Change your city's name on the fly.
    • hellomynameis <new mayor name> Change your mayor's name on the fly.
    • stopwatch Stop and start the 24-hour clock.
    • dollyllama Makes all the advisors turn into llamas. :golly: Note that if you're already in the advisor window you'll have to leave it and come back to see any changes. To turn the llamas back into people, re-run the cheat. ^_^
    • sizeof <1-100 magnification> Zooms in on whatever screen you're looking at. Independent from game zoom level. Note that a magnification of 2 means the screen graphics will appear twice as close to you.
    • tastyzots Removes zots from zones. Does not actually fix the problems though!
    • recorder Starts animation recording options. Follow the directions. Files are saved in your "My Documents\SimCity 4\RecordedAnimations" directory. This cheat can also be accessed by pressing [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + R.
    • gol Makes green squares dance on your city. Press [Esc] after typing this cheat to turn it off.
    • zoneria Hides zoning colors for empty zones. Type cheat again to re-enable zone colors.

    If you install the Extra Cheats Plugin, here are the known additional cheats:

    • Barstuck Once invoked, all of your small commercial services (low-density 1x3 lots) start turning into coffee bars, and then they stay that way forever.
    • BuildingPlop Plop directly RCI buildings. Residential plops won't work.
    • Casper Gives rise to spirit in your cemetery.
    • CreateException Create exception. Be careful!
    • DrawPaths Display automata-able path. Used to develop mod like NAM.
    • Effect Control game effect. Parameters unknown.
    • Flora <on|off>|preserve <on|off>|propogation <on | off>| blast <splat_count> <per_splat_count> <splat radius> Controls flora simulation parameters. By default, during city play flora simulation is on, preservation is off, and propogation is off. Preservation refers to the keeping of trees on land when the land is developed. Propogation refers to the spreading of seeds and automatic creation of new flora life in the city.
    • FPS Shown FPS/frame per second.
    • GP <on|off> Enables or disables game pause when you switch to another application. This is useful for if you go away from the game and you want it to sleep while it is in the background.
    • HidePaths Hide paths shown by DrawPaths.
    • LotPlop Plop directly any lot even lot that require special condition, like business deals.
    • Moolah <money> Set the money according to the money argument.
    • PlopAllBuildings & PlopAllLots Plop all buildings and lots respectively. Warning, require high computational power.
    • RiskyMoney Add $10,000 with risk of an earthquake.
    • ShowTime Show the real world time.
    • SimDate <date> Change the game date. The format is MM DD YYYY.
    • Snow An easter egg that included in the mod. Try it!
    • TerrainQuery Used to query the terrain.
    • Udriveit Make the selected vehicle to be controlled.
    • WatchMeMove Enables animation stepping. After it is enabled, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Alt] + [F11] and [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Alt] + [P] to do animation stepping and pausing, respectively.

    Other cheats

    • Get the full God Mode back After incorporating a city and switching to Mayor mode, you'll lose the God-like terrain shaping powers you had. To get the earlier God Mode tools back inside of Mayor mode, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] while in Mayor or My Sim mode and then click on the God Mode button. You'll get your old God Mode menu back, though when you leave God Mode and return, you'll have to perform this cheat again to get the fuller God Mode back again.
    • Get multiple gifts James Unger writes: "So far I found it works with the Mayor's mansion, and the house of worship, but that's as far as I have tested. Go into options, and turn off the option that makes important issues pop up. Then, wait for the news article to scroll by declaring that the gift is now available. Click on the arrow to maximize the article, but do not click on accept. Then go into the gifts menu, and build the gift. Then quickly click on the Accept link in the news window, and you will be able to build a second instance of the gift.


      Edited by Cyclone Boom

    User Feedback



    TerrainQuery works well.  I find the only way to turn it off is exit to region.  Is there another way?

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    Chief ZDN


    I've typo here, 12 PM should be noon. Sorry, I'm not native English speaker.


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