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    Some people do not know that with an auto installer provided with some of the downloads on the STEX, you can select the folder where you want it to be installed in. Using the default location provided by the installer can ruin your personal method of organizing your plugins. Sometimes certain authors also have their own way of creating certain folders in the plugin folder during the automatic installation for their own files. Luckily, if you do not like this, it can be redirected. Here’s a brief note on how to do this:

    When you download a file with an auto installer in it, run the installer and click next like you normally would until you run into a screen similar to this:



    If you are in the right screen you should see a bar with a directory where the files will be installed, like with me in the picture above marked in red. If you want it to go to a different location, simply select the button with the three dots on it or whatever button you might have next to it. You will get a screen like the following where you can browse your directory:


    Now simply select the location where you do want your files to go in the directory by expanding the tree to the location of your preference. After you've done all of this, you can go to your chosen folder and see if all the files are there.  Also, never forget to read the enclosed readme if there is one because it can provide essential information as to where to install your plugins.

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    • Whilst you can enable transparency for models, that really only applies to seeing objects through glass/transparent areas that are not part of the model itself. The issue here is that the alpha channel itself does not correctly match the contours of the model, the halo represents the area the Alpha should be covering but isn't. Literally those halo lines will either be on (white) or a shade of grey that still allows too much of the edge to show through. From what I could work out, that's the crux, 3DS max isn't correctly making the alpha channels so SC4 can't pick up on it. The edges should be more transparent and indeed this is something a lot of users would like to see fixed. It seems to affect 2014 and newer versions, so everyone on a student licence version is affected. I agree, long term it would be best if we could fix this issue by finding the cause. But sadly no one with the knowledge of the inner workings/scripting such as SimFox seems to be batting right now . I wouldn't go as far as rubber stamping that statement, but from what I understand that's correct. But the default settings work just fine when the alpha channel is correct in the first place. I also can't see how the model settings would be able to alter said alpha channel to correct the problem. Bearing in mind the models are still created by SC4 BAT, nothing here has changed. Assuming you've used the default install path, you can verify the faulty alphas easily. Rendering a model, then open the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\gamepacks\BAT\Outputfiles folder. Here are the BMPs that are exported by 3DS Max for FSH conversion. You can easily check them in a photo editor. Actually, if you run the scripts manually you can edit the images and import an edited set from here automatically. I must say, I didn't check the files here, the ones I tested for Matt were from the model file and converted from FSH. It might be worth double checking the BMPs to make sure it's not the FSH imported that's altering the alpha channel, but I don't expect them to be any different. Is this always necessary for each model? It's just helpful to gain more data, because that again confirms the alpha problem. I wonder how consistently the edges are off between different models. If a pattern for the error can be read from looking at samples of the problem, that might help pinpoint the solution.
    • My thinking too @Avanya the fence comes "integrated" as modular props that I place in the asset editor if that what you mean. I would love to merge it with the model itself but I have not much space on the UV and also it creates that ugly ruining texture... I'll upload a second empty version later on for players who love detailing the sh*t out of their cities. 
    • Looks good! I'd suggest having the fence be part of the building - some people avoid buildings with a handful of props and having the houses without the fence wouldn't look that great. So at least for your future buildings, I'd suggest integrating fences into the building itself. As for names I'm no help at all - All my stuff have very boring names.  
    • Happy to make your dream buildings!  @HipHop01   I've uploaded the two first buildings, still have some minor beautification things to do but the base is there and probably won't change. One thing i'm unsure about are the fences (if I should put them on by default or let the players fiddle around in game... I'm thinking about uploading another version of the houses without fences ).  NA Medium density housing - 01  NA Medium density housing - 02 and SKETCHFAB (Quite disapointed with the color variation, doesn't make much difference... And for the seam problem I haven't found a solution.)  Need make the names more appealing, suggestions are welcome.   I've also begun to work on my third building, here is a sneak peak :  Its a single house based off theses ones.  Not sure if this is going to turn out good or not, we'll see.   Will be away for the next few days but I hope to finish this one very fast.  
    • Considering the time it takes to create assets I wonder what the effects of modders being absent from the community while working on them can have. Looking at Shroomblaze's latest releases he posted a few a month, which fits with the time we haven't seen anything from him and the amount of assets in the pack. The workshop could become pretty dead for periods of time if more modders are working on packs like this at the same time. Will be interesting to see how this works out and love the fact Paradox is doing something to reward modders for their work.