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    Some people do not know that with an auto installer provided with some of the downloads on the STEX, you can select the folder where you want it to be installed in. Using the default location provided by the installer can ruin your personal method of organizing your plugins. Sometimes certain authors also have their own way of creating certain folders in the plugin folder during the automatic installation for their own files. Luckily, if you do not like this, it can be redirected. Here’s a brief note on how to do this:

    When you download a file with an auto installer in it, run the installer and click next like you normally would until you run into a screen similar to this:



    If you are in the right screen you should see a bar with a directory where the files will be installed, like with me in the picture above marked in red. If you want it to go to a different location, simply select the button with the three dots on it or whatever button you might have next to it. You will get a screen like the following where you can browse your directory:


    Now simply select the location where you do want your files to go in the directory by expanding the tree to the location of your preference. After you've done all of this, you can go to your chosen folder and see if all the files are there.  Also, never forget to read the enclosed readme if there is one because it can provide essential information as to where to install your plugins.

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