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    Some people do not know that with an auto installer provided with some of the downloads on the STEX, you can select the folder where you want it to be installed in. Using the default location provided by the installer can ruin your personal method of organizing your plugins. Sometimes certain authors also have their own way of creating certain folders in the plugin folder during the automatic installation for their own files. Luckily, if you do not like this, it can be redirected. Here’s a brief note on how to do this:

    When you download a file with an auto installer in it, run the installer and click next like you normally would until you run into a screen similar to this:



    If you are in the right screen you should see a bar with a directory where the files will be installed, like with me in the picture above marked in red. If you want it to go to a different location, simply select the button with the three dots on it or whatever button you might have next to it. You will get a screen like the following where you can browse your directory:


    Now simply select the location where you do want your files to go in the directory by expanding the tree to the location of your preference. After you've done all of this, you can go to your chosen folder and see if all the files are there.  Also, never forget to read the enclosed readme if there is one because it can provide essential information as to where to install your plugins.

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    • Already thinking about a future project and wondering if it's technically possible.  There are lots of large scale airports in the game with the custom airport roads, these are great for the international flights but what about small rural airfields?  I have noticed there is paths available in the asset editor for taxiways and runways, will it be possible to make a grass/dirt airstrip? I don't think a modular one using the airport roads mod will be possible but a fixed strip and small terminal/hanger should be easy to create. I know with train stations and harbours you have the option to make them local only. Do you have the same option for airports when creating the asset? You could set up a small dirt strip, add a plane route from there to your main airport terminal and just assign small aircraft like a Cessna to that plane route. I've already done this with cargo terminals and selected local only when plopping a plane stand and assigned DHL/Fedex planes to a route.
    • BRAVO! on the maxis mansion revamp, also the zurich house lot was a very nice surprise, though one question does this mean you have abandoned the old zurich house lot that served as the centerpiece of the Trowbridge office park?. keep up the brilliant work mate!
    • now that I look even better at them, these row houses (didn't look at them like that before, donno why) will be places well in my lower mid density or in the higher low density for sure, quite need them   ye, lower mid density will be
    • I'm hoping to see more elevated freight stations now that it has been shown to be technically possible. I definitely agree with you on the realism side of things and it is something I've thought about. The building was inspired by an existing Victorian structure in my home town (picture in the 5th post of this thread). The rest of the station has been demolished but the lifting tower remains, what you can't see from the first images I posted is the container crane inside the building. Adding a lift shaft down to ground level is one of the changes I am planning to make. I'm imagining that the city planners have removed the old lifting gear and replaced them with modern machinery but still keeping the historic exterior of the building.  As for the width, 4 tiles is the maximum I'd like this asset to be. City centre space is valuable, having a compact freight station would mean it fits nicely within the standard zoning area. I've also designed it to fit next to this asset; http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=762691618  I already have ideas for more modern versions of freight stations.     Edit: Just thinking, @Tim The Terrible did you mean alter the length of the building instead? Currently it's 4 tiles in length and width, instead of 4 arches I could increase it to 12 so more of the train will be covered by the building. Although doing so would increase the tri count dramatically.   
    • Thanks for you answers. I'll come up with a list of things I am requested with better explanation so it's more clear to me and maybe others. 1) New bridges. There are too few bridges for RHW-6 and apparently no choice at all for RHW-8 and RHW-10. If there are third party bridges for those networks, please let me now and I won't be requesting this. 2) Concrete barriers. I realized that this would be not realistic to have them everywhere. I realize that it's supposed to be added using a third-party mod, not NAM. I apologize. I might want to make this myself but not sure can I make it or not.. 3) Direct AVE-6 -> RHW-6S. This is what I was referring to. Using AVE-6 -> OWR-3x2 -> RHW-S6 would remove the barrier but it would also look ugly because of the arrows on OWR. Ideally, I would like to have two new RHW-6S->RHW-6C transition without a barrier and AVE-6->RHW-6S transition like it is but not always putting this gray thing in the middle of the road but only when near by (I mean the one that is using the transition) AVE-6 is using it. I could use AVE-6 -> RD-6 and then RD-6 bridge which hasno barriers and unnecessary gray things in the middle, but that'd be a bottleneck. What I am saying is that I don't see any nice ways to connect two AVE-6 located at different sides of a river. 4) RHW-8 to two RHW-4's. Thanks! 5) 8-lane roads. The only thing that won't be realistic in this case (using two OWR) is that painting because normally two two lanes in different ways going along form a regular road which have different painting. Can we get one-ways without that much painting? Sorry for offtopic, but any ways I can fix this?