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  • Downloading, Installing and Running SC4Terraformer


    Downloading the Application

    IMPORTANT NOTE: It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you completely read the ReadMe for the application and ensure you have the correct version of DirectX and any other supporting files.

    1) Version 1.0c of the SC4Terraformer application (SC4TF) can be found in the Modds & Downloads -- -- section of SimTropolis.

    2) Version 1.1 of the SC4 Terraformer application (SC4TF) can be dowloaded by clicking on the link.

    3) SC4Terraformer and SC4Mapper are both available from the SC4Devotion LEX. Note that you must register in order access the LEX.

    4) Create a folder on your computer's hard drive and name it SC4Terraformer.

    5) Download the application (it is a zipped archive) and save it to the SC4Terraformer folder you created.

    Installing the Application

    1) Unzip the archive ensuring that you use the "Use Folder Names" option in order to reconstruct the necessary folder structure for the application.

    2) The application is installed -- there is no installer file that needs to be run.

    3) No other zipped archivves need to be unzipped. DO NOT unzip the library.zip file.

    Opening A Region

    1) To run the application, navigate to the sub-folder in which you unzipped the application and double-click on the file named SC4Terraformer.exe.\

    2) The application's ReadMe file is displayed and can be closed, if desired.

    3) In the Browse for Folder dialog box, highlight the region folder you wish to open and click the OK button. A Loading Region dialog box is displayed as cities are being loaded.

    4) In the Report dialog box, click the OK button to open the region.

    5) The SC4Terraformer Main Window, SC4Trraformer toolbar, Overview and Slider Window open and display the Fairview region.

    Creating A New Region

    1) In the SC4Terraformer Main Window, click on File - Create a region (or, press Ctrl+N).

    2) In the Region creation dialog box, in the Region Name field, type in the a name for your new region.

    3) In the Width and Height fields, typ in the desirred dimensions for your new region.

    4) Leave the SC4M file field blank.

    5) Click on the OK button.

    6) A blank, flat region is created and is ready to be terraformed.


    The default configuration bit map created by SC4TF when creating a new region is 4 x 4 pixels and consists of all small (red) city tiles. If you wish to use either medium, large or a mix of city tile sizes or, a specific tutorial calls for a specifically sized config.bmp file, you must create the appropriate config.bmp file yourself using a graphics editor application. Once you've created a new region, overwrite the config.bmp file created by SC4TF with the one you just created. The next time you run SC4TF and open the region you created, it will be configured to use the config.bmp file you created. The config.bmp file created by SC4TF can be found in the following path:

    \My Documents\SimCity 4 \ Regions \ [REGION_NAME] \ config.bmp

    where [REGION_NAME] is the name given to the region in Step 2), above.

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    Hey...at first..I have to apologise for my bad english..I´m german and mustn´t talk often in english..Now, to my problem..i want to play the very beautiful maps that anyone of the users here created..so i have to download the sc4terraformer...i read the indroducts...i have to unzipped the zip folder...ok...done...now i have to click on the SC4Terraformer.exe.\ file..ok..but i havent anyone exe-file..

    Can anyone help me? i want to play good maps...i have no creativity for good maps:(

    thanks to all!

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    I have Windows 7 and the Terraformer shows only black once I arrive at the region.


    Is there any way someone can help?

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