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      Ever wanted an explanation of the Hexadecimal system used by SC4 for IDs? Well, here's your Hex 101, don't be scared, i promise to keep it simple.

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      Learn how to write short, simple scripts using AutoHotkey to automate repetitive modding tasks. At the press of a button, something like this is achievable:


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      How to make a visually pleasing slope...

      …exactly the way you want it, without the help of a slope mod.


      Yes, it‘s right. We’ll attempting the almost impossible: Creating a slope that looks good, exactly the way we want it, without resorting to a slope mod. The goal of this tutorial shall be: We will be (for demonstrational purposes) making a 7.5m overpass over a railway line, where the terrain rises exactly by 1.5m per city tile.

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      Want to know the full ins and outs of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? Well look no further...

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      This is a method to let you reset cameras in Gmax with a right-click on the viewport as in 3ds Max. This is useful when after previewing different views with BAT scripts you are left with an ortho view locked in where perspective used to be, or you accidentally shift one of the top/left/side views into perspective and want it back.

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    • Spec maps in Cities are super weird. Am I right that 100% white reflects a different image (wood floor interior) than every other value (reflection of generic buildings). How the hell do you deal with that? I haven't seen this little factiod mentioned in any of the guides that I've read.
    • @Evanjs ...  Home Depot & Fleet Feet are B62's. I have them and will release them eventually. The Walmart looks very much like something Bobbo would have created, but I have never seen (or heard of) it before.
    • The problem is that you are trying to pack a pre-rendered map, and that means to share a huge file. While you aren't close to a hard limit on the file size (there is one, but is higher if I remember well), it would be preferable to avoid uploading big files anyway, to avoid overusing the site storage and bandwidth (as you can see, there are some pressing funding issues). Unfortunately, to share a map with an small file size and to keep elements on the map are mutually exclusive options, either you go along with the 108 Mb file, or you fall back on the conventional method of sharing a SC4M file (created with the SC4Mapper or the SC4Terraformer), or a grayscale image (created with the same software), giving the end user the task of rendering and foresting the map. It is, undoubtedly, an unfortunate compromise situation.
    • Hi everyone !
      I recently started to tinker with 3D programs and decided to apply my newfound abilities to my favourite game !

      I am French (where do you think I got this outrageous accent ?!) and passionate about Parisian architecture. So, it was only natural for me to start releasing buildings from that city
      So, where to begin ? Maybe, the obvious : you can have a look at said assets here, on my Steam workshop page.

      For the moment, I stick to the Paris I love, the old streets of le Marais, les Halles (the 16th-18th century Paris). Not only am I more familiar with its shapes and architectural language, but I have a treasure of documentation to pick from (noteworthy the Fac-Simile of street preservation surveys done at the time of Haussmanian big works...I have the whole façades to scale, let's use it !).
      That said, I'll obviously work someday in the near future on the most iconic Haussmanian blocks
      Bear in mind that I'm very new to this sort of trade, and even if I am quite satisfied of how the assets turn out to look, I think I can improve in quality. (Having been a registered user of Simtropolis for a long time, I know these parisian assets will be compared to the stunning buildings Porkissimo made back in the days, well, I'm not quite there yet ). And to conclude this first post, some screens.
      See you soon !