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    • Cool ship! cant wait to see more stuff
    • If I did that, it might as well be made as a prop, no, nuhuh, no way, I hate fiddling with prop rotation
        That is exactly how the segment snapping is achieved, but these buildings are based on the wind turbine (for now, looking for a less annoying template if anyone has any ideas), which doesn't require any services. If buildings were built along the pipes they wouldn't be able to receive trash / police / fire services, and the RICO buildings will complain about no input no output.
      The actual refinery buildings will still have to be placed roadside. This might illustrate it better - here is how placement will work, everything is slope conforming and snaps to the previous segment, no alignment funkiness. I am in the minority, I like to play this game as a game. I have the difficulty tuning mod cranked all the way up and often have to make decisions between running trash pickup and having the university open.
      While I understand and appreciate the City Painter crew, I would rather create assets that can approach that level of detail without hours of tinkering with props. Thanks for the offer! but I hate using non-default props in my assets, it's probably PTSD from all the brown boxes in SC4 lol
      If that ever changes, I'll make sure to let you know, you do make some amazing things. The other side of that is that with all the crevices and dark areas, I'll probably blow the budget on lights... I did on the Forney Power Plant I just released.. these will probably be even worse for some of the bigger assets. I think you're right - I would like to have at least one smaller looking pipeline to run out to the holding tanks/silos/whatever structure holds oil for storage... But breaking it down into Light/Heavy/Naptha is probably overkill.   Thanks for all the advice folks! I'm really enjoying chatting and collaborating with you all about this. More to come!  
    • @DavidDHetzel Nope. It is the beginning for a sorely missing subway car depot On another note, I have a small update on the HD stone project I started a while ago. Here are a few.
    • Very unusual. I'll be interested to see what it becomes.
    • Nice! I always love myself a big modular station!