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      Learn how to make your installed Automata useable as props in the Lot Editor.

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      Are you tired of building in the same four directions? Do you wish to break free of the shackles of SC4's grid system? Well this tutorial will give a basic overview about diagonal gridbusting.

      Diagonal city building, or gridbusting as the SC4 veterans call it, is a hard skill to master. One requires a great many mods and attached is a list of relevant mods to help get you started. There are numerous in-game barriers to overcome and a great many visual issues which must be addressed to create that dream diagonal area.

      Read on if you are interested in grid-busting!

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      Wondering whether or not to use a slope mod? Want to see why you should have one installed? Then look no further, this guide should have you covered.

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      Want to know the full ins and outs of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? Well look no further...

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      Is there a lot that you wish you could plop on the water?  Or did you create your own lot only to find out that the game doesn't allow you to place it in or near the water?  Grab the iLives Reader and follow these simple instructions :) 

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    • Another thing that's come to mind is that in the early days of BAT4Max, there was some kind of "fix" done which corrected an alignment problem. But I don't remember what the alignment problem was.  @rsc204 ok I was hoping that one of the settings changed which values it considered transparent or opaque. Like right now it seems like everything that is perfectly black is transparent and everything that is non-black is opaque (or maybe it's 50% grey and everything above or below is rounded up/down), but maybe there'd be an option for making perfect white opaque and everything non-white transparent. So you're saying you know what the settings do and they aren't useful? Some fun storytelling from back in the day... Originally BAT4Max didn't automatically make and insert the .FSH files, it just spit out the output files to some folders and created a .bat file which you manually ran when you were ready. Then you manually inserted the .FSH files it created into the .SC4Model file. But the real pain was in doing the first TruNite (MaxisNite, before DarkNite was created) renders, where you had to manually go through and copy the day alphas and paste them to replace the night alphas. So I'm pretty sure I'd have start having flashbacks and panic attacks if I had to do something like that again.   @mattb325 The background color is grey just like it's always been and that shouldn't be affecting the alpha but I'll give it a shot.
    • Working on an update for this farm. Please stand by.... New update will fix color of the crop. The XRax house is under repair. Sizing issues and coloring and roof textures.  Will also introduce a new better looking storage shed.  Hold on its in the works. Will be uploaded as a  new farm since the current one is up to 83 downloads. The roof has also been lowered so it is not so tall. I will also be working on the night lighting. Try to find a better way.
    • Well, that's actually a trick question.  The problem is that the rest of the game isn't realistic.  For example, population density tends to be many times higher than in the real world.  And the transportation system does not act realistically at all; part of the GUI's job is to deceive you into thinking that it does.  But none of the motorized traffic ever stops for stop signs or stop lights (or anything else, for that matter).  Nor does any of the mass transit ever stop at intermediate stops.  How does that work with a bus full of Sims?  Well, buses, like all mass transit vehicles, always hold exactly one Sim.  For that matter, mass transit vehicles are an abstraction that doesn't really exist in the code.  For example, you may have a Sim acting like a pedestrian until reaching a bus stop, whereupon the Sim starts behaving like a bus; when the Sim reaches a subway station, if it appears to board the subway, in reality it just starts behaving like a subway train. This also means that Sims never wait for the bus or the train, or whatever.  Their journey moves uninterrupted from source to destination.  There's no stopping for stops, and buses don't stop at stoplights, either.  Imagine if real world mass transit worked like that! It is due to these differences and others that real world values are actually irrelevant when configuring the NAM Traffic Simulator.  Instead, the default values of the simulator have been chosen to fit in with the rest of the city simulation as best as possible, with the goal of making the city simulation as a whole as realistic as possible.  The Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool allows these values to be adjusted for particular cities or particular tastes (or both).  Using the default values of the traffic simulator will generally give you an excellent experience.  But in the end, the most realistic values are the values that make your city as a whole look most realistic to you.
    • ok here we go... still working on it but i thought I better post a pic... i made sure the garage door was taller then the door of the house. and I decided that I would go ahead and attatch the garage onto the house like the original version.  thought or input.... I also did the windows a bit differently made them so if this house was real the windows could be opened infact I may just do that leave one open... or maybe two... lol... so anyways... still have a while to go but any mistakes at this point would be more fixable and the way I did everything this time its not such a jumble of a mess.. the roof sticks out just a bit like in real life.. I did the same thing with the door I looked at my doors and I decided that I would do these the same way so if this was a real house you could open the door as well. i even put a door handle on it.. lol... well its a start anyways...  
    • Looking at your preview render shot, I'd say that your background colour is off.   Open the material editor, and then under Rendering->Environment drag (as an instance, not a copy) of MR_Physical_Sky to an empty slot. Then, click on the ground colour and slide the whiteness to its max value and the saturation to its leftmost value. You'll end up with an RGB of 0,008/0,008/0,007 and that seems to do the trick 99% of the time.