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      Want to know the full ins and outs of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? Well look no further...

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      This is a method to let you reset cameras in Gmax with a right-click on the viewport as in 3ds Max. This is useful when after previewing different views with BAT scripts you are left with an ortho view locked in where perspective used to be, or you accidentally shift one of the top/left/side views into perspective and want it back.

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      The following article has links to various threads, tutorials, websites etc for any new players or others who are a little overwhelmed with information overload on the Simtropolis site.

      Be aware you will have to do some reading on the threads but there is some very good information in them and I think you will find them helpful.

      Have fun with the game and happy hunting!

      :] PLEASE Feel Free to Make Your Own Suggestions :]

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      Learn how to make your installed Automata useable as props in the Lot Editor.

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      Wondering whether or not to use a slope mod? Want to see why you should have one installed? Then look no further, this guide should have you covered.

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    • I would have to let this rattle around in my mind.  I would really like a way to be able to easily switch or assign a station to an appropriate type, though at the moment, @BloodyPenguin says it is not possible.  However, that's where it ends for me.  I don't really see the benefit of having the two types share one track.  Visually, if the caternary was left, what about the third rail?  If the station isn't connected to the MOM tracks, which I would assume would be most of the time, any changes you make to the appearance would stand out when connected exclusively to vanilla rail.  Also, realistically if you have two different networks going to the same station, I would think it would probably make sense to have them each have their own station track.  Personally, as I had mentioned before, I neither find the idea of mixing transport types feasible or practical.  For now, I think the MOM conversion tool will be suitable until more MOM exclusive stations and transfer stations are made.  
    • I'm sorry to say, if you can't fix the mis-matching piece, there is a functional problem. You see what's happened is that the small stretch of RHW-4 has been converted (or reverted to the base network), to RHW-2. If you turn on the paths ("drawpaths" cheat), you'll see that section is bi-directional. It should still work, but perhaps with automata not going where they should and reduced capacity. Visually it's minor, but clicking around often fixes these problems. Every time you click on one tile with the RHW tool (or any in-game network for that matter), the game has to re-draw everything. In doing so, it's checks the tiles surrounding the piece and tries once more to find the correct setup. Whenever a lot of networks come close to each other, that code must be more and more complex. Sometimes the game simply can't do all the maths and it goes wrong. Other times, the stabilisation code which helps to make these things work, simply isn't sufficient to work. In this case, if clicking doesn't help, that's because of the aforementioned changes that semi-broke the current SPUI implementation.
    • Most in Europe actually have significantly reduced speed limits inside them, some with cameras to enforce it too. A shame because I do enjoy tunnel blasting every now and again, however childish it may be . That's really the best solution to tunnels when using RHW. If you want that to look seamless from RHW-6, find an excuse to put in an interchange either side of the tunnel. One side can have exit ramps (d type), with a lane branching off, so the highway transitions cleanly to RHW-4.