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    • I know DuskTrooper did a similar building - but I think its different as its not tiered.
    • Of course the other alternative to all of this is no one tries fixing any of the plugins instead they update the readme (or if the STEX can add extra fields to have a FIX field, maybe?) to include clear instructions on what's wrong with the plugin and how users can fix it themselves ... it doesn't need to be limited to one fix it can included as suggested above different fixes for different situations, its then up to the user to decide what they want to do ... ... and yes some users are going to struggle but if the instructions are really clear with maybe links to the Omnibus and lots of pictures then there is no reason why someone can't do it, and then the whole subject of copyright, and whether we have the right to change anyone's work goes right out the window. Patches are a bit different but again they can be added to the STEX separately and the readme updated to say that a patch is available <here> that will fix ?
    • I like how Andi is back and the entire BAT section is undergoing revolution.
    • hehe, cool, looking forward to see the BAT in everyone's game! btw the lot size is 20x21!!! so make some room, sweep sweep... thanks for the kind words and your excitement :-) well there is no worry actually about performance at all. See the level of detail in the 3D scene will not affect the game since all will be rendered on flat surfaces and be displayed like that ingame. So the LOD itself will not be that complicated and therefore use up system resources or weigh down on the old game engine. Actually there will be three LODs used, two boxes for the base, and one custom LOD for the tower. The size will be I assume around 18 MB total. That is the only thing that could affect performance, but I dont know how much SC4 is affected by plugin folder size. I assume not much since lots of people have tons of files in their plugins folder.