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      Learn how to make your installed Automata useable as props in the Lot Editor.

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      Are you tired of building in the same four directions? Do you wish to break free of the shackles of SC4's grid system? Well this tutorial will give a basic overview about diagonal gridbusting.

      Diagonal city building, or gridbusting as the SC4 veterans call it, is a hard skill to master. One requires a great many mods and attached is a list of relevant mods to help get you started. There are numerous in-game barriers to overcome and a great many visual issues which must be addressed to create that dream diagonal area.

      Read on if you are interested in grid-busting!

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      Wondering whether or not to use a slope mod? Want to see why you should have one installed? Then look no further, this guide should have you covered.

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      Want to know the full ins and outs of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod? Well look no further...

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      Is there a lot that you wish you could plop on the water?  Or did you create your own lot only to find out that the game doesn't allow you to place it in or near the water?  Grab the iLives Reader and follow these simple instructions :) 

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    • That's a pretty nice lot, but it does look rather empty, even if that's close to the real-world shot you showed us. If I may offer a few tips to improve this: Take a look at the Maxis Overlay textures (Straight = 0x257C0000) which add tyre marks, using these to make roadways within the lot would help give the appearance of more going on. Then consider sprinkling some industrial props like barrels or crates, JES (Jetstarrs) many prop packs are filled with useful industrial props. Just a little smattering of detail here and there can really bring a lot to life. Lastly, consider using a different base texture. Many will not tile well, especially for big lots. What this means is that because the textures are identical, it brings out an obvious pattern on larger lots. I'd recommend using one of these five textures: 0x25FB1000 0x25FB1100 0x258B3000 0x258C2000 0x258D1000 All these are Multi-FSH textures, try them out and you'll see the difference they make. By using multiple textures, which are selected at random, you get a less uniform surface, which looks much better on larger lots like this. You place them just the same as regular base textures and it all just works.
    • I'm referring to the ramp but if you want you can make the entire set, possibly in McDrye style! 
    • If you don't mind a small dependency, dispense with the default parking textures/props entirely, this is the best set out there: Maxis never really took that much time labelling things, users were expected to work it out. If you looked up the prop exemplars in the SimCity_X.dats, you could find the timings. Otherwise, it'll take some trial/error to work out what times they will/won't appear. SHK by comparison, grouped his props into groups using TZX names, representing the times they would show: tz1 - 0600 - 1200 tz2 - 1200 - 1800 tz3 - 1800 - 0000 tz4 - 0000 - 0600 tzs - 0700 - 1900 So when lotting, they are much easier to use. The pack contains everything you might need for parking and IMO, better cars than Maxis provided too.
    • Could you expand on what exactly you mean? As in are you looking for a similar style, or were you looking for a smaller ramp? Or so you mean the lots which show a rail cutting rather than a ramp? I did have some ideas for re-use though, such as a diagonal version and variants for GLR / HSR networks. I've also been looking (drooling) over McDyre's old London Underground project and thinking about making something similar.
    • Can you make a ramp similar to this, please!!