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    Central Asia

    Our journey to Central Asia begins with one of the greatest environmental tragedies of the 20th century - the shrinking Aral Sea. In 1960, it was the world's 4th largest lake with a surface area of over 26,000 sq mi - but with the rivers feeding it being diverted countless times for cotton farming, it's less than 10% of that size today. While there have been small improvements in the northern half with a recently completed dam, the rest of the lake is still in dire straights, with entire parts drying up completely in recent years. To make matters even worse, the exposed seabed is littered with harmful chemicals and cotton fertilizers - which have blown over the surrounding landscape, causing a whole host of health issues for the locals who still live in the area. The ship graveyard of Moynaq in Uzbekistan is an eerie reminder of the past - once a bustling port, the city now lies nearly 100 miles from shore. Further north past the Kazakhstan border is the city of Aral'sk - just like Moynaq, this city used to be a vital seaport in the region. Many people's entire livelihoods depended on their catches, using this port for years - but now all that remains is rusted cranes and ships lining the harbour. There is hope however. While the southern half is likely on it's last leg - the Dike Kokaral, built in 2005, has been restoring water levels in the northern half of the sea considerably in recent years. There's been talk about the city once again becoming a port - but it'll take quite some time to get there. The next destination is the Nurek Dam of Tajikistan - one of the most impressive sights in all of Central Asia. Towering some 997 feet above the town of Nurek, this Dam was built by the Soviet Union from 1961-1980 was once the tallest dam in the world. Since overtaken, it's still the largest earthen dam in the world - there's really nothing else that compares to it. For many people of central Asia, nomadic herding is a way of life. The steppes of Kyrgyzstan are an excellent place to do this with plenty of places for cattle to graze - and the many small creeks and steams that line the valleys make great places to set up a yurt as well. Evenings are special here - there's a simple beauty to watching the sun set over an endless field of grass. Our next stop is the sacred Namtso Lake, located high up on the Tibetan Plateau. The locals believe that the waters here are sacred and pure, bestowed by Buddha himself - and can wash away the sins of mankind. A number of stupas are located around the perimeter of the lake - used for meditation and to make offerings, they have a vital role in the life of a Buddhist. We climb further into Tibet and soon approach Lhasa and the Dalai Lama's home - the Potala Palace. This is one of the must see attractions of Tibet - towering above the surrounding landscape, it's been a sight to behold for well over a thousand years. Snowstorms here are rare, but when they do occur it makes for a magical atmosphere. Travel some 300 miles west and you'll come face to face with the world's tallest mountain, 29,029 ft Mount Everest (Everest seen in the middle - the world's 4th tallest, Lhotse, can be seen directly below it), located on the Tibet/Nepal border. First climbed in 1953 by Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and New Zealand mountaineer Edmund Hillary - some 5,600+ have made the ascent ever since. Despite relatively low fatality rates compared to other 8,000m+ mountains - make no mistake, this is still one of the deadliest mountains in the world, especially in winter. In winter, no mountain on the face of the planet is more terrifying than the world's second tallest peak, 28,251 ft K2, located on the Pakistan/China border. With winter temperatures routinely in the -40Cs, huge gusts of 30-50MPH winds, and regular avalanches - it's not hard to see why no one's ever made a winter ascent here. With only a little over 300 people making the ascent in total - it's one of the most difficult climbs in the world, and lives up to the name "The Savage Mountain". Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Please take a look at my "2016: Year in Review" over the next couple of days! Replies for "Southeast Asia"
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    Version 1.0.0


    Loewenthal Metals, located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago's south side, once functioned as a lead and zinc melter and scrap metal dealer, but ceased to operate in the early 1950s. The building currently appears vacant, but nearby development may soon rescue this building from an uncertain fate. This lot is modded for industrial (I-m) but would look right at home in a grittier commercial or mixed use district as well. 5x2 growable and ploppable I-m lots Provides 186 jobs (modded with the Industrial Quadrupler in mind) MaxisNite and DarkNite versions included DarkNite requires the Day and Nite Modd Installation Instructions: 1. Download either the DarkNite OR MaxisNite version. If you are unsure, choose the MaxisNite version. Attempting to use both versions in your Plugins at the same time may cause conflicts. 2. Unzip the .zip and move its contents into your Documents > SimCity4 > Plugins folder. 3. Enjoy! - Comments, questions, or issues? Check out my BAT thread.
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    New possibilities with NAM 36 in active development Who can spot the new items! -eggman121 (NAM Team member)
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    Olsènes - Unfinished stuff

    Hello guys! As said previously, even though I decided to give up with Olsènes, I promised to post some unfinished pictures. I was thinking that those parts of the city, even if they look like crap, were still deserving to be featured on an update. I also thought this would interest some of you to see how the city was planned. Thus, I will explain here neighbourhood by neighbourhood what I was planning to do. ps: please don't mind the bad quality, as I said it's unfinished work 19. OLSENES - UNFINISHED STUFF 1. Central Station and its surroundings As shown on the 'work in progress' thread, the central station was formerly a passing station, so I didn't like it. I built this Orsay station instead, which I think is one of the best station ever made for this game. Normally, stations surroundings are often crappy neighbourhoods but here I wanted something different. I wanted a prestigious station surrounded by nice looking surroundings. It's why I built the 'de Ligne Boulevard' a tree-lined avenue with the tramway that ends with the 'Belmont park". I know I don't build enough park in my cities so I wanted a little bit of greenery in the city centre. I also built an Haussmannian neighbourhood next to the station, called 'Litlle Paris'. Rents are obviously high there. Unfortunately, after trying to finish it and being unable to save each time, I gave up. On the west side of the station is located the CBD with one railway track going through it. Two other tracks were crossing the river to the south. Then, on the east was supposed to be build some railyards and some train depots next to the tracks. Between the tracks and the river, some low health houses, to make some contrast in comparison with the showy buildings of the CBD. 2. Upper city This is the upper part of the old city. In the middle was supposed to be the 'Place d'Arme', an important square and transport hub with several tram and metro lines. There was also supposed to be another important station next to that neighbourhood, just next to an important church. 3. Herbinster Nothing special here. It was supposed to be the kind of neighbourhood that grown just outside the city walls before they were removed. It's then a mix of offices and apartments. The neighbourhood is separated from more suburban areas by an urban tree-lined highway, as you can see on the bottom of the next picture. There were supposed to be the city university there, some commie blocks ans some healthy houses on a hill. 4. CBD For once, I was 100% happy with my work here. At first, I didn't plan to build huge skyscrapers in the city but then I changed my mind. For me, they're a way to add some verticality and some modernity into my w2w European cities. I was really proud of that CBD because I thought (and still think) I found here the best combination of buildings who all look great together. It's also not too much and enough at the same time. 5. Etale & Glanes Here is Etale and Glanes neighbourhoods. The lowest part of Etale is located on the extreme left of the following pictures. There are some buildings from the CBD there. I also added a tramway line running in the middle and a bridge connecting it with the old city. I still had to change some w2w buildings. Just on the right, below the stadium is located 'Upper Etale'. It was supposed to be built around a square with a small church and a museum. You can also see the railway and the motorway going below the hill with a tunnel. Even though I liked that idea, I was not really satisfied on how both the railway and highway were made on the top of the picture. I indeed didn't like the connection between the two railway lines and the fact it was not possible to make a more curvy motorway. Finally, on the left: Glanes. This was supposed to be a low residential neighbourhood. A bit of Hollogne on the left: 6. Mazy-Notre-Dame & Avenue Louise I've already shown this neighbourhoods with some pictures. That district was supposed to be divided by the 'Avenue Louise', a prestigious avenue between the city centre and the suburbs. This was inspired by the eponymous avenue in Brussels, an avenue surrounded by offices and healthy housing which has become an open sky motorway due to its traffic and the way it was built. The avenue was supposed to end with a palace surrounded by a healthy neighbourhood, as well as some of the tram lines running in the middle of the avenue. On the left was also planned an important train station. 7. Yvoir & Mariefontaine Yvoir (on top of the river) and Mariefontaine (on the bottom) were supposed to be the most industrial neighbourhoods of the city. As you can see on the pictures, there were already some factories built there. The idea here was to mix industry and low health residential areas like in other industrial European cities (the examples here were Liège or Charleroi). The next picture show that idea: some rail tracks with warehouses, some empty lots, industry next to buildings and some supermarkets replacing closed factories. I also added the Grand Moulins building (the white one on the right) as a symbol of renewal and conversion. On the other bank, the motorway was supposed to run through the area on an ugly bridge above the industries. 8. Global views And we finish here with 4 global views of the city: I hope you enjoyed it even if it was a little bit unusual update - REPLIES - @_Michael Thanks a lot! @tariely Thank you too! @raynev1 Thanks for the kind words @Ln X Thank you too! tram is love, tram is live @kingofsimcity Thank you @philforhockey51 Thanks! I wish I could add some boats but it doesn't look that great with the LE. @Akallan Merci beaucoup @kschmidt Thank you too Yeah right, some of the small Scandinavian houses could make thing of Copenhagen @Wallibuk Thank you too! Amsterdam or Bruges, it's just for the canal idea. But you're right, with those buildings from my plugin folder, it looks more like Stockholm @Takingyouthere Thank you! i indeed spend a lot of time trying to find the best place for each building. @slickbg56 Thank you for those kind words! @kelistmac Thank you my friend! My inspiration comes from your previous work on Bassen, it always amazed me! The sidewalk is a personalized one. I just took a random texture on google image @RandyE Thank you too! @sucram17 Thank you too
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    So there's still a little bit of work left to do in this area, but I've gotten the hard part. Off the top of my head, the remaining hard part are the arches for the two main entrances of the building, but I'm hoping that they're similar enough to these ones that I can reuse a lot, or at least use the same methods. The preview render is underwhelming because most of what I've modeled will only show up later when I change the material to add the lines in. So I've included a screenshot of the viewport. Most of those lines on the stone and terra cotta will be panel lines, and the individual blocks will have random variation. Modeling this stuff is overkill but I think it will be easier to do it this way than it would be to manually put all of that in with textures.
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    Alijstar - Intro

    Hello guys, I stopped playing on Olsènes, the city crashing all the time, which is a nightmare. I still plan to post some unfinished stuffs in a near future though. So, I worked on a new city when I had the time during the holidays: Alijstar. The city is inspired by Bruges, Amsterdam and Berlin with my little personal touch. So yeah, water will be everywhere. Here are the first pictures: 18. ALIJSTAR - INTRODUCTION 1. You already know that one 2. The 'Liberty Square'. More details next time! 3. The city is known for its churches... 4. The most impressive one: the Cathedral 5. And one small mosaic for the end That's enough for the moment, I hope you enjoyed it! More pictures soon - REPLIES - @_Michael Thanks for the kind words @philforhockey51 Thank you too. I really enjoyed building that small park @Ln X Thank you too!
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    so I've been waiting for sub buildings to become native so I could finally finish off Flinders Street Station (from Melbourne) here's a quick WIP look - probably will release sometime soonish - maybe next week. Let me know what you guys think!
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    Thanks everyone @jsimcity4I had looked through it on google books and it did have a lot of nice photos, but sadly none of them were big enough, because what I'm using the photos for is counting the number of bricks to determine the dimensions of things. But I did make a trip downtown and I got very good reference photos of the alley, which was the last major thing that I needed to find references for (other than the elevator tower on the roof but that's likely hopeless, but if that's the last thing I model then I can do it and even if it's slightly off it won't impact the rest of the building). And I'm glad about that because I think I've spent more time looking for photos of things than actually BATing. I also got some good pics of other buildings downtown. @aaron graham Thanks! @Michelle Yukimura I think you might have asked about that building before? I doubt that that building would interest us. I've looked at the art deco government buildings across from it though. Guardian update:
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    Maybe I should post about this BAT I've been working on...
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    Alijstar - The Venice of the North

    Hi everyone! Time has come for a real update of Alijstar, also known by tourists as 'the Venice of the North'. I advice you to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and install you comfortably, because there are more pictures than usual 20. ALIJSTAR - THE VENICE OF THE NORTH 1. Let's begin our tour of Alijstar with one of the city's main location: The Liberty Square (Vrijheidsplein). This important place has always been the central point of the city. It's indeed here, during the Middle-Ages and Renaissance, that merchants from all over the known world unloaded their precious shipment. Since then, the city has never lost its commercial identity, even if the harbour facilities moved a bit outside the city centre. 2. Next to this square, you can find the Ducal Palace and the Our Lady Church. 3. Not far from here is located the Municipal Theatre. 4. 5. 6. In this densely urbanised city, canals offer some fresh air and some greenery to its citizens. 7. The former Grand Moulins factory, now used as the city's Modern Art Museum. 8. 9. The Old Harbour Station. Well, you can't actually see the harbour but it's for another update 10. 11. St. Catherine's Church 12. 13. 14. Diagonal canals, yeah! 15. 16. The St. Rumbold's Cathedral, part of UNESCO World Heritage. 17. 18. Despite the quiet feeling that the canals could give, Alijstar is a bit noisy city. The highway is for instance not far. 19. But less forget the noise and come back where tourists prefer to spend their time: the St. Peter's Church and its surroundings. 20. 21. Summer seems obviously like a good idea, but autumn is also a nice season to visit the city. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Some random shots. 28. 29. 30. 31. More general views: 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. And finally... I hope you enjoyed all those pictures - REPLIES - @_Michael I'm glad this gives you inspiration! Thanks for your enthusiasm! @KRMill09 A bit of 50/50. I usually plop most of the buildings on the corners and let it grow in the middle of each row. Thank you for the comment! @kschmidt I try to build every churches from my plugin folder each time I build a new city! Because it's how an European city is supposed to look like. Thanks a lot for the comment! @Themistokles Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it that way! @rathefalcon Yeah indeed, 5GB of plugins! Most of the time, those who designed train networks tried to avoid as much as possible steep slopes, it's why I try do do it that way. Thank you too for the nice words! @Akallan Thank you too for the comment! Yeah I often have abandoned buildings when it's Work in progress, or here when it's unfinished! Pour l'autoroute, il n'existe pas de tunnel pour le RHW. En fait, il s'agit d'un tunnel de route à sens unique modifié grâce au Rivit Tunnel Mod (attention, bien lire le mode d'emploi, envoie un MP si t'as besoin d'aide) et le RHW y est simplement construit jusqu'à l'entrée! @Odainsaker Thank you too! That's how I try to build my avenues! @kelistmac Thank you too my friend! I really tried to make this river part of the city's identity, instead of just being an annoying bunch of water in the middle of the city. Of course, Xannepan's banks help a lot! @sunda Thank you too! @TekindusT Thanks a lot! @weixc812 Thank you! @raynev1 This game is so frustrating indeed... I wonder why I still play it. I must be masochist... Thanks a lot for the comment! @dc'smycity Thanks a lot! @Takingyouthere Thank you too! Yeah, sometimes you only need a few buildings to make it look great! @123deoliveira4 Well, here it is. Thanks for the comment!
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    @clhigh7 That's a nice looking university! Some pictures to show the progress so far. I tried to put the diagonal buildings in a certain way to make the illusion of them being a bigger structure. This time I did put more thought into leaving more open area's near the each district blocks, so the centre doesn't look too crowded. Although this is far from finished (missing public transport infra. etc). Here's an overview picture of the city tile. The airport is going to cut through the half of the city, which in a way justifies the over the top highway system (Note: not all roads are going to be used, they're a template for several bike paths etc). The region so far:
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    I always said that I'd be back! They're all WIPs of course. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the little show! This pool will be available for a public recreation area, though a smaller model will be made for houses. Enjoy!
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    Article #6 - "Bahía Azul Holidays" Bahía Azul is a touristic city of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 12 kilometres of Wer City and 344 Km of Yuti, capital city. Placed in a bay of the same name, the city has big beaches. Bahía is surrounded by mountains, creating beautiful landscapes. This place is an interesting point in Metzú, full of nature and entertainment. Full Map Population: 10.336 (2017) Metropolitan Area: 11.365 (2017) Main Activites: Tourism Holidays in Bahía... 1. Skyscrapers of Bahía Azul. 2. Bahía Azul Downtown. 3. Main Avenue of Bahía. 4. A view from the mountains. 5. Bahía Azul Suburbs. 6. Bahía Azul. (Blue Bay) 7. Balneario Punta del Diablo. 8. La Rubia Beach. (and Balneario Punta del Diablo) 9. Balneario del Centro. La Morena Beach. Bahía Azul Downtown. 10. Main Avenue. Altos de Bahía. The most populous neighborhood of Bahía Azul. 11. Emperador Hotel. Altos de Bahía. A perfect mixture of concrete and nature. 12. Altos de Bahía at night. 13. Life in Bahía is quiet, paceful. 14. Bahía Azul Downtown at midnight. 15. La Morena Beach at night. 16. City in motion. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
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    One of my favorite farming scenes I made during 2016 (not shown yet in a show us thread) - the terraces of Colca Canyon, Peru. More South American scenes available in my "South America + Bonus Pictures" update here.
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    My first mosaic, a rather simple show of a hilly detour created to move cargo away from the tunnel that connects both centric terminals in the city; it's also my first successful usage of a draggable FARRW, which is harder than I thought!
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    TMW - Special #12.1 | "Shore Leave"

    Overview ~ The Normandy crew finally gets some well deserved shore leave. But when an unknown mercenary gang chases them through the streets of the Citadel's Zakera Wards and attempt to eliminate them to fulfill their objective, the seasoned Normandy crew retalliate; taking every necessary step, making the strangest discoveries and encounter a number of strange situations. What happens then? What's going on? Why is there a Volus charging overpriced Pizza? Replies (1) Thanks a lot! Lol, Thanks Schulmanator Discussed it with you via PM Thanks btw. Lol, Thanks Shub Thanks ggamgus, But Resistance? Doesn't involved Squid like ships but I get what you mean Nah I beg to differ, I think we should interact with another Civilization. It'd be interesting And if they're hostile, we can always blow'em up Wow, offely big complement, Thanks! (Lol Prothean) Thanks a lot, and it's my pleasure but I should really be thanking you for making the BAT Thanks Will! Indeed destruction is always something of awe Thanks a lot! Replies (2) Schulmanator Definitely a brutal place, though driving the Mako is a lot more hectic than it looks Thanks! emperordaniel All of the above! KonstantinII I can't say, though I have an idea. And I know that, though the update I made wasn't based on it Ace❤ Thanks a lot, I've been striving to get better at BATing B-more4 Thanks a lot, it's what I've been going for Hazani Pratama Thanks RepublicMaster It indeed does...at least I think Thanks Will! capt_blackwood Thanks a lot IL. Thank you! ___________________________________________________________________________________ Note #1: THE CITADEL DLC. Best. Part. of the Mass Effect series and totally WORTH the money - I really loved every second of it. Funny, interesting and just over all great to watch and play; screw the original ending for the series, that's how it should've ended instead! But anyway, I based this update on it cause I loved it so much haha. So yeah and this took foooooorever to make as well cause I had to BAT the damn Citadel Ward to get this one picture. GMAX CRASHED 20 times to render this for SC4. WTF right? . Anyway, hope you enjoy this update as much as I enjoyed the DLC I bought (seriously the dlc for me was personally awesome, don't give a damn 'bout what anyone else says. It's cheesy, but awesome) Damn -- I think I may have said too much. Hmmmmmm... BTW. Mass Effect Game players. Spoiler Alert. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Note #2: Yep. I remastered it. One of my up-there kind of special updates that are rather more than the average update. Although I'm not sure if its better. But it's always better when you BAT it and export it with 3dsMax. So I'm just gonna roll with it. I think I maybe abusing 3dsMax now lol. I've also wildly decided that the Citadel episode 'Shore Leave' is now going to be a multi-part episode covering one of the best points in ME3. This everyone, is part one. Or in this case, part one remastered. And its more or less a Teaser. Sort of. Maybe. I don't know. All I know is that Mass Effect + SC4 + 3dsMax & Reflections = Pure visual bliss. SimCity is art. And this is how I choose to express my thoughts. ___________________________________________________________________________________ SPECIAL MULTI-PART UPDATE #1. SHORE LEAVE. After fighting geth, sovereign, the collectors and basically any bastard faction that got in the way of the Normandy Crew, Admiral Hackett gave the crew some well deserved Shore Leave. The Normandy at this point was being given some thorough inspection and routine maintenance to keep the ship in prime condition. Meanwhile... the crew decided to take some recreational time out on the lower end of the Zakera Wards. The Normandy was docked, the crew was settling in and relaxing...What could possibly go wrong. Well just about anything can GO wrong. It is the Normandy Crew, and Commander Shepard could be just about on every mercernary's target list, not to mention his seasoned team. After falling high off from a fish tank floor from a French Sushi restaurant, taking heavy fire from a band of unknown mercernaries, meeting up with every member of his team, paying for overpriced Pizza to a Volus delivery guy, infiltrating a high security casino, seeing a dead guy, running through the citadel archives illegally, destroying public property, discovering Commander Shepard has an evil abandoned Cerberus developed Clone, destroying more public and private property and then finally getting locked up in an Iridium Archive cell with only hour of air in supply inside... Yes. There were words here. If you want to read it. Just try it. In near-white letters. Or alternatively. You could instead wait in anticipation for the continuum episodes. His Cerberus clone decides to take the Normandy along with his identity as a whole and run Samantha Traynor of through a dishonorable discharge while Shepard and his team make their way into the ship using Samantha's Cision Pro-mark Toothbrush that had Mini Mass Effect fields, effectively opening the secure Evac hatch that lead into the Normandy. Yes quite a story. But that's not all. They infiltrated the Normandy, killed the Clone's mercerneries and tried to kill him in the process before he stole the Normandy his identity, and all his cool cabin stuff that the clone trashed. Seemed to have got Shepard pissed. The mercenery pilot that had the worst piloting skills then tried leave the Citadel and activate the FTL drives to leave Widow. Of course... BEFORE: AFTER: Being as awesome as Joker and Cortez were, they got in the way of the Normandy as bait to stop them and lure them ahead. They couldn't escape, and started firing at the Skycar that Joker and Cortez were flying. With that, Shepard and his team had enough time to kill all the merceneries left, punch the clone in the face who then decided F--k it and commit suicide just has Shepard tried to help him up from the edge of the Normandy's cargo bay doors. They arrested Brooks who was essentially a traitor who deceived his team and gained control of the Normandy again with EDI hacking her way back into, shortly then began harassing the last mercenery pilot in the cockpit. Ahh amazing... Finally they could relax and blisfully stare at the Normandy. And take some REAL Shore Leave. Ya' know, gambling at the casino, playing at the arcade, eating food...yeah...pretty much. So. How did it all come down to this? Chicken with a sky car and larger frigate. Chasing the outlaws on the streets of the Zakera Ward arm. Firefights as a sushi restaurant. It'll all unfold eventually. To be continued... ____________________________________________________________ _______BTW______ If you're gonna ask about where I got the buildings...I BATed them myself like I said on the note which you may or may not have read... Anyway, I won't be releasing them cause they're actually one massive city BAT which won't really have any use in your cities, but I'll try splicing it to give you the buildings if you'd really want them! Thanks again, please tell me how it turned out You want these BATs. You know you do XD. Hopefully to be released somewhere around Christmas.
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    Today a wider shot. A little progress, trying to use tramways for the first time
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    Thank you everyone, I am back from Spring Break now so I get to work on it again, I have yet again made adjustments to the windows and the map, (Sorry I suck at this part ) as well as some roof junk work. Thank you all for your support and constructive criticism.
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    An even smaller update today, just to show the few new props (12 actually) I did from Monday to this afternoon Combalot mausolea with a smaller one, a large crippled family grave, two freshly burried coffins, small devices of the "sarcophagus-public-housing-graves" @matias93 had proposed (I hope I went close to what you thought about !) and some of these small electric vehicles with some water tanks on wheels, used in parks and cemeteries by the gardeners. I added these small signs which name the alleys, it's not so visible because of the base texture. I think they are too small so I will certainly re-size them a little. I will certainly make yet an other big mausolea, at least as big as Combalot's one, but I still have to search for inspiration
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    A small school and some housing clusters by the road.
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    cmdp123789- I might mod for the game, I'm still thinking. Ceafus 88- Lol, yeah your right. NYBT Peter Stuyvesant What do you guys think about my windows that I have changed, I still have more work to do.
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    Well there's no reason in fact I don't start a thread on Simtropolis as well now that I have a valid account I have created buildings with Gmax for nearly a year now, still I have only four releases yet, all available on our old french home Toutsimcities. I have, yet, many projects hidden in my folders but that may be long to come out mainly because of my extreme laziness. I would'nt re-post here the various previews, but everything can be seen on my thread on SC4Devotion and on TSC as well. For some weeks I have been collaborating with my dear talented colleague Sciurus on a railway pack including many stations and other devices. We're sleeping on it for the moment but we will be back on that in the future as well I just have small things to show today, the various props I've been working on to be packed in a single prop-pack which will be a dependency among others for some of my forthcomming projects. Including an early-20th-century-suburban-houses-pack of (planned) 5 models and a modular cemetery as well. So this is nearly finished ! So the others projects will boost up I still plan to make two other fence props, and one small, typically french outdoor restaurant usually found on wharfs, plazas or parks, called a "Guinguette" (or a "Pied-Humide" in my town). I'm indeed quite happy with the small hearse, my first attempt in vehicle creation. I'd like to make a horse-driven hearse but I'm afraid with the horse, I suspect myself to be ineffectual and to make a hideous freaking out freak instead.
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    WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- In celebration of my follow-up visit with the Cardiologist, I'm going to post a few quick pictures, today. (it seems my heart is strong as an Ox and I may well live forever -- or until the health insurance premiums go up again!) Here are a few pics of standard Maxis lots and rewards. Lots of people have told me they don't like to use them, but I try very hard to develop my cities through natural growth (a mix of Maxis and custom content) -- so the cap busters they provide are useful to me. But I think you can make MORE out of the Maxis lots with some thought and the use of filler lots and MMp's. Also, you can get very creative with the uses of filler tiles. Here are a few samples. Tourist Trap A few Pedmalls, some diagonal parking, and MMP landscape and you've got a quaint little "Tourist Trap". The City Fathers have had to ban at least one World Leader from stopping here after his political rallies. Last time he was there he became mesmerized by the mechanical juggler out front and didn't speak for hours. He was quiet for so long they thought he'd died in an upright position! He shall, of course, remain nameless. (Or was it Alec Baldwin?) Bureau Of Bureaucracy It's a nice, big Neo-Classical building you find in most large cities the world over -- so why not use it? A few BSC Park Paths, a couple custom paved area filler tiles, some parking spaces, and the MMP landscape -- and you're good to go! The parking lots sometimes bring up questions. Of course there are probably NOT enough parking spaces for such a large building. The "Project Feelgood" tenements (for example) would, most likely, require 40 or 50 individual parking tiles!! So there IS a limit to realism. Sometimes it's better to go with "the spirit of the thing". Maxis Hospital Once again -- I have experimented with larger, and more elaborate custom hospitals. But they tend to take up much larger spaces and frequently look somehow "out of place" in any given city. The Maxis variety is your everyday, run of the mill, garden variety hospital that will look OK in any city -- even small ones. Again -- BSC Park Paths, a fountain, some parking spaces, MMP landscape -- and a compact, logical layout. Center Island Here are two pics of a green space that includes parking right in the middle of the business district. The first shot gives the overview, while the side shot gives you a feel for the street level view. I saw one of these arrangements once in an older area of a large city. This was their way of thinning out the area, greening it up, letting in some light and space, and improving the city through urban renewal. Plus -- it is proven that a city with a lot of trees will be as much as 7 degrees cooler in summer, while the trees help to block winds during the winter. Let's not forget Global Warming. AND -- my designs are flexible as to size and shape because they are made up of readily available 1x1 tiles. No big, 17x12 parks for me, thank you!
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    A commuter train passing through the outskirts of town.
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    The Nominations are now CLOSED! The greatest time of year has arrived, the Trixies are upon us and the nominations have officially opened. The Trixies are a celebration of all types of community contributions, ranging from STEX uploads to CJs, all the way to forum posts. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the amazing content shared over the past two years, and give a special 'thanks' to your fellow members. We last held the Trixies for the year 2014, so understandably, we have a lot to catch up on. This year things are little different. We won't be holding just one ceremony, but two at the same time: One each for 2015 and 2016. Since we last held the Trixies Simtropolis has been through a lot of change, which unfortunately means we’ve had to change the way were conducting the nominations this year. However, we think these changes will make it easier for you guys to nominate members, and continue to nominate throughout the nominations period. The biggest difference is that you will be posting your nominations on the forums. Don’t worry though, no one apart from the admins will be able to see your nominations, just like it was before! Let’s go through how this is all going to work. Nominations Closed on April 5th How To Nominate As we’ve mentioned before, nominating members for awards will be a little different this year. Read the guides below to know how you are going to be nominating members for awards this year, and take note of some slight rule changes which will allow you to nominate members for multiple awards. Where To Nominate This year, all your nominations will be submitted as posts in the forum linked below. Submit Trixie Nominations Here! This forum behaves differently from every other forum on Simtropolis. No one else can see any of the posts or topics you create within it. In lieu of our traditional nominations system, which is now incompatible with ST, this will be where all of your nominations are submitted this year. This comes with some great benefits though! You’ll be able to see all of your nominations at all times, so you can remember what you have nominated and who you have nominated, and you’ll be able to edit these at any time just in case you nominated someone for the wrong award. It may feel a bit weird at first, but trust us that only admins will see your nominations. Submitting and Formatting your Nominations Since everything has changed, how will you be submitting nominations? Its easy, just follow our guide below! 1. Firstly, take a look through the List of Trixie Awards for 2015 - 2016. 2. You’ll first find an award which you want to nominate someone for and copy its award title. 3. From there navigate to the Submit Trixie Nominations Here! forum and create a new topic. 4. Paste the award title into the topic title box, and add a couple of tags: The name of the member you are nominating. The year you are nominating them for. 5. Then in your post, please include the following information: The Title of the award. Who you are nominating. The Year you are nominating this award for. A short Description as to why you think they deserve this award. To help ensure you include these details, feel free to copy and paste the following template into your posts to match the guidelines: Don’t forget to add this info for each of your nominations, or else they may not be counted. I’ll repeat these briefly below: Topic Title: The Award Title. Tags: Nominated member, and Year. Post Text: Award Title, Member Name, Year, Short Description. To submit another nomination, simply start another topic. Ceremonies for both 2015 and 2016 We last held the Trixies for the year 2014, and due to issues we weren’t able to open up the nominations last year for 2015’s content. During these nominations we invite you to nominate content from 2015 as well as 2016. In the end, we aren't just holding one ceremony, but two at the same time: One each for 2015 and 2016. During the run up to the nominations opening we’ve had a series of discussions, interviews, and retrospectives aiming to highlight content from 2015 and 2016 in the hopes that you won’t forget what has been created during those years. This is why it is important for you to distinguish what year you are nominating a member for. Rule Changes This year we are making a slight change to how many times you can nominate a member. Traditionally you could only nominate any given member for one award. But this time, this rule is being expanded. It used to be that someone would only create amazing buildings, or only write beautiful CJs. However, now we have members who cover lots of different parts of the site, for the previous Trixies it was increasingly difficult to nominate them for just one award. This time we are making the change to allow you to nominate a member for up to 3 different awards in both 2015 and 2016. We hope that you submit multiple nominations for a single member to awards in different sections of the Trixies, but we aren't making that a specific rule as there are awards in sections which relate to very different skill sets. Use this new ability wisely... Cities: Skylines in the Trixies Over the past two years we’ve seen the release of a new game which has swept Simtropolis, Cities: Skylines. In the past we’ve never had another city building game which made as much impact on our community as SimCity 4 originally did, so this is the first time the Trixies have had to accommodate another game. You’ll notice that most of the descriptions for awards no longer call out any specific game, that is because all of these awards are intended to be relatable to both games. When nominating, remember the great content created for both games these previous two years, rather than the content from a single game. Quick FAQ Multiple or single threads for nominations? Posting each nomination in its own thread is preferred, as this helps with the processing. Really though, it's up to you. If posting in a single thread is easier for you to manage or edit, that's perfectly fine. At the end of nominations, the Llama Crew will attempt to count anything inside the forum. For both years, how many nominations per user? In each year, you may nominate any individual member up to 3 times. So this means for both 2015 & 2016 combined, you could nominate someone up to 6 times. Who can I nominate? Any Simtropolis user (member or staff) can be nominated for any award. The processing will determine whether a given user is eligible. How many custom "Ad Hoc" awards may I nominate? As many as you'd like! Feel free to be creative with the title & description if a default award isn't suitable for what you have in mind. Is there a limit to how many nominations I can submit? Yes, the sky. Final Words We hope you have a great Trixies... And remember, Nominate early and Nominate Often!
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    Nope! (lol) Been working 11-12 hour days at work so I have been a zombie. This should end sometime this week and I will get back into the groove. As I have windows of time and energy, I have and will be working on single track metro. Currently I am modeling the tunnel pieces. Progress NEVER stops but it does fluctuate.
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    Thanks Cori! I believe you can BAT, anyone can! Just look at the beginning of my thread and have a laugh at how god awful I was! ------------ I started putting on lights on her this week.
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    This one takes a few steps... Maxis's Grand Railroad Station: A 3D model floating about on the internet I saw while looking for pre-made 3D armor sculptures: The model is listed on various 3D model download sites as "Bonn Station" or "based on the historic station in the city of Bonn." Still, look at the windows and trim patters, the doors and signing, and even the groupings of the chimneys and skylights. The coloring is incorrect for the real station, but it is a perfect match for Maxis...even the texture for the signs between the arched wing windows have the same vague writing patterns, as if they are the same texture. Here is an HO scale plastic model of Bonn Station purchasable for model railroading dioramas with the correct colors: Finally, here is the real-world Bonn Hauptbahnhof: Granted that some of the roof hips and ridges are somewhat different, and the central pavilion's rooftop sculptures are completely different, with Maxis's looking more like it could have come from Budapest Station. Then there is the coloring... Given SimCity 4's color palette, maybe it is for the best that they didn't go for purple on yellow. Of course, if Maxis wanted to give us the full effect, they could have gone all out with the vintage 1884 Imperial German version of der Bonner Hauptbahnhof, complete with the Kaiser's reichsadler festooning the side pavilions: Who would have guessed that Prussian extravaganza was the original? Not me, for I thought Maxis's station came from somewhere in Georgia or the Carolinas. Lest there be any doubt, look at those two skylights by the central pavilion. We can probably assume the Imperial station would have been bombed in World War II, and later rebuilt with less of the upper ornamentation. Maxis must have then Americanized it with even less ornamentation and much more modest coloring. Or perhaps they just outright bought and modified the 3D model. I'll be honest, I want the Kaiser's version... ...with the eagles on top, too!
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    Parks in Bellingham: Costa Verde

    Hello, welcome to the second entry: The entry will be huge, because I'll speak of the greatest park in the region, we have 9km of park (5.6mi if you use the imperial unit) They're divided in 3 fully connected parks: -Parque do Canal: Aterro: Ferry terminal in the right side, in the bottom: Integration with metro system. You can see Historical Museum in the left top too. (There's another subway connection here too) And Praça da Bandeira: There were studies for the implementation of a beach in Praça da Bandeira, but the proximity to the port killed the project. By the way, this is the reason why it's called Praça da Bandeira: There's a lot of flags of friendly countries and associations But sims use it very well. There's a lot of gazebos and park benches like this one, where sims can relax and think about life: Aterro: This is the biggest part of the park. Where the park divides it's space with Jayme Costa parkway, popularly known as Costa Verde Parkway. It's know that way because there was no land here in the beginning of the history: It was created with a severe number of landfills (this is what means aterro in the language that the city adopts, the Portuguese). With the new high speed corridor, solutions were also implemented to not permit that the expressway cut the park in half where it needed. pedestrian walks and even the sidewalk of the tunnel are used for making the walk of the pedestrians safe. recreational stuff right after a footbridge There's a lot of park accesses if there's need to create expressways. WIth the ease of the parkway, a lot of facilities moved towards to it. The Parliament and the bus terminal are just two of them. One of the biggest residential buildings in the world was constructed in the "parkfront" Near it, the other buildings look like dwarfs You can see the "to-implement" acess from Thomas Edinson Avenue to the parkway: I leave you with the two most important interchanges of the parkway. The first is named terminal. In the second image, you can see Trumpetstack. This park was inspired by Aterro do Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro: https://www.google.com.br/maps/@-22.9276923,-43.1623716,1324a,35y,293.03h,37.44t/data=!3m1!1e3 @Dgmc2013 Thank you for your kind comment. It feels like is organized because it uses a technique that I'll explain later, called TOD. @MissVanleider Yes, I always have that feeling too. The other reason for having 2 lanes is because it's a very important node in the city.
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    Rhythm of Conformity

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    About this Game Mass Transit is the latest expansion for Cities: Skylines, the award-winning city-building game, and it brings several new systems into play to help citizens traverse their towns in speed and style. Commuters can now get around on the water, up high mountain peaks, and even through the sky thanks to the addition of ferries, monorails, cable cars, and blimps to the game. Along with new transit service buildings, mass transit hubs where lines can exchange passengers, new scenarios, new landmarks, and new road types, urban planners now have more options than ever to add unique style and personality to their growing cities. Feature List Sick Transit, Glorious Money: Add a wealth of new transit options to your city, and add wealth to your city’s income! Let your citizens get across town in ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails! Orderly Hub, Bub: New mass transit hubs can bring all of your services together, letting citizens change rail lines in one building, or hop from the bus onto the ferry, or even find their way through a sprawling monorail-train- metro station. Become a Roads Scholar: Explore a set of new challenge scenarios focused on solving traffic problems and adding new transit systems. New road types, bridges and canals adds variety to your city, and new ways to solve its challenges. Become an expert in traffic flow, and then use that knowledge to improve your city! New Hats for Chirper: NEW. HATS. FOR CHIRPER. (And also new unique buildings, policies and achievements. But HATS!)
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    Thanks everyone! Some more progress. There's only one floor underneath what I've modeled so far (and I won't be doing it for a while yet), but this is basically the entire south side of the building, top to bottom. You can see that I still have some windows and spandrels, and some ornament to put in this area, so I'll do that next. After that I'll turn the corner and do more of the stone base. The little ornament bits are *just* big enough to be able to see at zoom 5 if you look closely. Hopefully they survive (or maybe even pop better) after texturing.
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    Here is some progress of a Dutch-ish themed area.
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    Article #5 - Krupó Lifestyle

    Article #5 - "Krupó Lifestyle" Ciudad de Krupó or Krupó is an industrial city. Is situated some 250 kilometres of Yuti, capital city. Wainor, Vesto, Jalai are near cities. Founded by spanish inmigrants in 1840 with a name of "Serenísima Krupó", and re-founded by american people in 1881. There are a lot buildings with great influence of American architecture, like as New York. Krupó is multiethnic. Formed by Spanish and american people, principally. Although american culture predominates in the city. Krupó has a big problem: Contamination, precisely, Air Pollution. The heavy industries of Krupó pollute the atmosphere and reduce health of people. The National Government makes environmental protection programs since 1999, destining a great amount of money. Full Map Population: 49.781 (2017) Metropolitan Area: 49.781 (2017) Main Activities: Heavy Industries, Financial Services Visiting Krupó... 1. Krupó Financial Center. 2. Main Avenue. 3. Krupó Downtown. 4. Great buildings of Krupó Downtown. 5. Krupó Outskirts. Great agricultural zone. 6. Great Krupó Industrial Pole. 7. Templo de Krupó. A great stadium with a capacity of 35.000 fans. 8. Krupó Outskirts. An other view. 9. Krupó Suburbs. There are a lot of great mansions and rowhouses. 10. In Krupó predominate many elevated conections and many entrances. The traffic in this city is very well organized. 11. Krupó Downtown, Suburbs, roads, elevated conections, farms... A mix of Krupó 12. Krupó Landscape. 13. Downtown at night. 14. Main Avenue at night. 15. Landscape at mid-night. 16. Krupó Outskirts. Road to Wainor City. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
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    Hammered Part IV

    Hammered Part IV Don Rigoletto was the true head of the Maggia family. The machinations he’d put into play to protect his interests had cost him several valuable assets. His Lieutenant now stood before him to inform him that it had been for naught. Hammerhead ran his fingers through his thinning hair, feeling the flattened surface of his reconstructed head. Knowing the fate of those who’d previously failed the Don set him further on edge. He’d been summoned to the Don’s yacht to account for his failure to capture Ms. Marvel. The analysis was brief and to the point as the one thing you didn’t do with Don Rigoletto was beat around the bush. “…and when we went back in to find out what was takin’ so long, da dame was gone an’ my guys was busted up.” There was a long silence and Hammerhead fidgeted nervously. He eyed the capo standing guard a few feet away, a gun sitting within easy reach in its holster. Glancing down, he was somewhat relieved that there was no drop cloth at his feet. No drop cloth means no blood spatter - perhaps he’d be treated leniently. Finally the Don looked up from the table where he’d been receiving a massage. Grunting appreciatively at a knot being worked out of his shoulders, he waved dismissively to the attractive woman at his side. Recognizing the need for privacy she swiftly went below deck. He spoke softly, in a voice like crushed gravel and tinged with a heavy Italian accent, “So, you’re telling me that after all that planning, you let that puttana get away? Do you have any idea how much she’s costing me? 40 years I’ve been building this famiglia and in 6 months she’s taken out over twenty percent of my business!!!” His voice rose in fury, “6 months!!! A quarter of a billion dollars!!! And you let her get away. Stronso!” He shook his head angrily, “Get me Fisk.” “Fisk? You can’t be serious boss, dat guy’s got no respect. He can’t be trusted!” Don Rigoletto pointed a finger at Hammerhead, “Basta! He’s got no respect for you! I said get me Fisk and count yourself lucky that you’re not sleeping with the fishes tonight. Now get off my boat.” He lay back down muttering, “Where the hell is Carla?” Hammerhead left without another word. It wasn’t a long walk back down the pier to his limousine but it felt like one of the longest walks of his life. Wilson Fisk was one of the rising stars of the Maggia, providing valuable business acumen and ruthless action when necessary. Hammerhead had recognized the threat Fisk posed to his own position and had manoeuvered him into several difficult situations. To his frustration, Fisk always seemed to escape those traps unscathed. Worse, it had forced the Don to take notice. And now Fisk had been gifted an opportunity to succeed in the wake of Hammerhead’s own failure. His driver held the door open for him and hurried to start the car. “Boss?” “Take me to da #@%$& tower,” he snarled. Across town, Felicia Hardy had just retrieved her mail and trudged wearily up the stairs to her apartment. Keeping positive had become a struggle. It seemed of late that all of her friends and family were avoiding her, apparently for good reason with all the bad luck following her around. The latch unlocked with reluctance as she had to jiggle the keys to make it turn. One of these days the landlord might actually respond to her complaints and fix it. Then again, she also may win the lottery, she mused with a derisive grin. “This loneliness is really starting to get to me,” she thought as she placed her cell phone and mail on the kitchen counter and reached into her liquor cabinet above the fridge. The lack of contents forced her to recall last night’s binge that had ended with her passed out on the sofa and a large booze stain on the carpet. A buzzing from the kitchen counter brought her back into the present. She retrieved the phone and unlocked it to find a waiting text. Her hope for a friendly chat was dashed by the unknown number on the screen. With a sigh she opened the message in anticipation of spam and was surprised by what she read. She quickly keyed in a reply and got a response soon afterwards. “Well, why not? I’ve always wanted to try sushi and it’s not like anyone else is asking me out.” To be continued...
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    Hello best community :-) Was thinking long time how to make quys other way, than most people. Here is result of 2 days work. Pedestrians can walk up on the ramps (under ramps are pedestians roads) It wasnt as easy as I thought... Without Move-It mod I can do anything... Thanks for best mod ever! :-) Screen before detailing.
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    It's been a busy week, but I've got one new one: HyVee.
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    It was for a secret project from last year I can't talk about that involved a certain local municipal government, but as you can see, I'm consider releasing it on the STEX and/or the LEX. Still mulling over exactly what I can/should do with it though... Indeed, though they do happen in real life more than you might think. In any case, NAM certainly has come along way. I'm always impressed by it...! I will never release them to see the light of day. They will forever remain an artifact of your most cherished memories. Or maybe not...
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    Thanks for the comment. The work being done for the RRW is really paying off! The REW may make it in but I think it is probably more of a NAM 37 item at this point. But who knows? We like to surprise people Thanks for the comment on the textures. The setup we have for the RRW means that you can make a set of rail textures with any Ballast, Sleeper combination with Rivit's GoFSH application. The partners in crime Rivit, rsc204 and Simmer2 have helped to make the project a reality. I really can't thank them enough The SAM textures are the same as in NAM 35. The new parts of course are the L1 ERRW which will make its debut in NAM 36! -eggman121
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    Trixies 2015 - 2016 Default Awards List - Trixies 2015 - 2016 are upon us, and its time to start submitting your nominations. Listed below are the default awards we are suggesting you nominate members for this time. There are more here than we have included in previous years, this was obtained by discussion with the community and further narrowed down by staff discussion. Each category, Custom Content, City Journals and Community is broken down into three subsections, this will help you in narrowing down which sections you are most involved with. Visit the Nominations Guidelines topic on how nominating has changed this year. Nom Nom Nom... Custom Content Awards Overall STEX Community Favourite When asked who was the STEX Community Favourite, most people chose this individual. Best Development Thread This award is for the person who curates the best development thread, through either providing an insight into their own creative process, writing tutorials or just by being the best at documenting the twists and turns of creating content for the STEX. Most Useful Feedback in Custom Content Threads This award is for the person who provides great, behind the scenes support for other people's BATs. Helping out, giving valuable instruction, and doing those annoying but necessary tasks needed to bring a quality BAT to the STEX. Highest Overall Quality This award goes to the person whose creations are consistently outstanding. Best Effort In Compatibility Most clear work dedicated to avoid one custom content to break the game when used in combination with others Best Large Scale Project The scale and scope of this project is so impressive that it's taken a great amount of work to pull off. This award goes to the member who has created the best large scale project. Most Beautiful Small Addition This award goes to the member who has created a tiny yet extremely beautiful addition to the game. Best Re-creation This BAT is the best recreation of a specific, real life building, done with total devotion to complete and thorough accuracy. Most Important Discovery/Innovation It seems that some relatively small steps for Modders can lead to some pretty giant leaps for simkind. This award has been invented for the one who sits at the desk in the Mission Control of Modding. Houston, we have a Trixie! Most Inventive Creation With many different cities come many different ways which buildings or creations could adapt to their surroundings, and the only way to overcome this is to make an inventive creation to cover all bases. This member created the most inventive addition to our game. Highest Technical Achievement in Custom Creations This award goes to the individual who has pushed the boundaries of custom content beyond what we once knew, and who have shared their discoveries with the rest of the community. Most Realistic Creation This award goes to the member who has created a BAT which is extremely realistic. This is a fictional building, yet is so well detailed we could be forgiven in assuming it was a real world recreation. Most Useful Creation These creations fill a void that many of us feel came with the vanilla game. They are useful because they make our cities feel more complete. BATs & LOTs BAT of the Year The nominations are in, and it was decided that this BAT was the best creation this year. BATer of the Year This member is the best overall BATer this year. Multiple BATs at an outstanding level of quality, mixed with their ability to constantly help others in BAT threads makes this member the best BATer this year. Best BAT Newcomer of the Year Big splashes have been made in the community this year by this new BATer! Best Industrial BAT of the Year Industrial parks are an absolute essential in our cities. But they are often under represented as BATers choose more glamorous subjects. That is not the case for this member. We feel a sneeze coming on due to their dusty realness, because industrial structures have never felt a more reverential touch. Big Building of the Year Buildings come in all sizes, but this is the best skyscraper, highrise or major complex created this year. Small Building of the Year Buildings come in all sizes, but this is the best small building, house, shack, service, warehouse created this year. Most Improved BATer This award goes to the BATer who has shown the most improvement during the year. Most Luminous Illuminator Lighting, or more specifically night lighting, creates such completely dramatic changes to the way we view our BATs in game. This award goes to the BATer who provided lighting that is the most realistic, most technically advanced, most beautifully fitting, or even the most outlandishly eye-catching. Favourite BAT team This award goes to the community's favourite BAT team. Lot of the Year Buildings must go on some kind of LOT, and this LOT is the best we have seen this year. Best Lotter This award recognizes the skill of the individual who puts a high level of polish to each lot creation, and has received acclaim from the community with every lot that is created. Best ReLOT Taking an existing building and giving it a new lease of life is an important skill. This award goes to the member who has created the best reLOT this year. Mods, Maps & Others Mod of the Year All votes are now in, and it has been decided by the community that this Mod was the best creation this year. Most Dedicated Modder This award recognizes the Modder who has stretched most to go above and beyond, to bring us their best possible work in some shape or form. Modding Tool of the Year Modding Tools are constantly being created to advance our creations. This award goes to the Modding Tool which has changed our game the most this year. Map of the Year This award goes to the Map of the Year, the best map which has graced the STEX this year. Best New Mapper This award goes to the Map Rookie of the Year Most Creative Map This award goes to the creator that has satisfied our need for maps that don't follow the normal trends. Not only are they playable, but they are the most original and creative map of this year Best Real World Recreation Map People love creating cities in real world locations, this map is the best recreation of a real world location. Best Fictional Map This award goes to the best fictional map created this year. Best Automata SC4 players are in love with their automata. We love to cruise the streets, hop a bus, ride the rails, and fly the friendly skies. This award goes to the member who has ensured we can do all of the above. City Journals Awards Overall City Journal of the Year The nominations are in, and it was decided that this City Journal was the best creation this year. Best City Journal Startup This award goes to our favourite new City Journaler whose first CJ has become an immediate favourite. Best Work in Progress City Journal Some people not only show their finished cities, but also the construction and all other building and planning processes. This award is for the member who's done the best behind the scenes Work-In-Progress presentation. Most Awe-inspiring City Journal This award goes to the City Journal that has held members in awe longer than any other CJ this year. Most Eye Catching and Original Title As a good headline is what draws us into a newspaper article, a good title draws us into a CJ. This award goes to the member with the best CJ title. Best Planning The best planner award recognizes the mayor who thinks ahead, looks at the region, and establishes a plan for what to do next before proceeding. Best Attention to Detail Many CJ's include pictures that are zoomed in to the max, showing their detailed downtowns, lots, and other features. This award is for the CJ that pays a great deal of attention to detail and perfection. Best Functional City Journal This award goes to the City Jorunaler who has created the city which could function the best in the real world. This Journal pays close attention to functionality over everything else. Best Narration This award goes to the City Journal that makes us feel at home in the city, providing familiar landmarks while telling us the story of a city Best Overall Design City Journalers pay close attention to how every part of their Journals look, from how their entries are formatted and posted, to how compose the images they post. This award goes to the member who has the best designed City Journal overall. Best Photoshopping This award goes to the member who has the best photoshopping of any CJ. From creating different worlds, to balancing image colours, this member used Photoshop to enhance their images in the most creative way possible. Best Roadgeek Every City Journal must have roads, but the recipient of this award paid attention to the detail of each and every road to ensure they had proper functionality and use for the Sims who would be using it everyday. Best Use of Added Media Not all that we see in City Journals is real. But of them all, this CJ stood out above them all with the best use of added graphics, sound, or video in a CJ at Simtropolis. Most Miraculous Mosaic A picture can be worth a thousand words. Three pictures meticulously stitched together can be worth a million. This award goes to member with the mosaic that shows them the most! Content Best Airports We've seen many examples of airports in CJs this year, this members CJ has paid close attention to the design of their Airport, and we celebrate them with this award. Best Application of a Single Public Transportation System This award recognises the the CJ who has paid close attention to a specific Public Transportation System. Bus, Rail, Monorail, Tram or Ferry, this system is the best, and inspires others to replicate its greatness. Best Transportation Network Not everyone drives to work, and not all businesses ship their goods by road. This CJ shows the power of a well-designed public transport network, from the smallest bus stop to the largest rail terminal. Ships, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; this award goes to the member who presents the best of the first three. Best CBD Every major city has a CBD, and our CJs love creating CBDs of their own. This award goes to the best example of CBDs that we've seen in CJs this year. Best Custom Lotting Most CJs make use of the great creations uploaded to the STEX, but this member has gone beyond that to create amazing custom LOTs for thier own city. Best Industry The gritty grime of the industry doesn't escape most cities, but this member has fully embraced the smog and pollution of their industry and created CJ which showcases how great their industrial zone is. Best MMP Use Mayor Mode Ploppables give us a great way to build amazing places within our city, adding an extra level of detail to our cities. This member has fully embraced MMPs to create an amazing area within their CJ. Best Natural Environment/Landscape Area Some CJs are designed to show off the beautiful beaches, river valleys, and mountains in their region. This award is for the CJ that best showcases the region's natural terrain. Best Parks Sometimes you need a break from the concrete jungle. Scenic beauty and recreation are elements of this award. This creator has created the ultimate in parks using a naturalistic setting. Best Road Map This award goes to the member who has documented their city in the most amazing road map we have seen this year. Best Rural/Agriculture Cities and skyscrapers are great, but rural towns are fantastic too. This award is for the CJ that best depicts a rural area. Best Suburban Area This award goes to the member who pays the best attention in designing realistic and liveable suburbs. Best Urban Area This award goes to the member who has created the best city overall. Many CJs exhibit great parts of their city, but this award goes to the CJ which creates the best city overall. Best Use of Railroads Railroads are the backbone of many cities, transporting freight or commuters. This award goes to the CJ which has given us the best example of what a railroad can be. Most Effective Use of Custom Content This award goes to the best use of Lots and BATs in a single City Journal. The owner of this Journal had many different brands of custom content, but had them placed so that they all complimented each other in perfect harmony Style Best North American Style City Journal This award goes to the CJ which is the best example of a city created in the style of other North American cities. Best Asian Style City Journal This award goes to the CJ which is the best example of a city created in the style of other Asian cities. Best European Style City Journal This award goes to the CJ which is the best example of a city created in the style of other European cities. Best Fictional City Journal This award goes to the best fictional city, a city which is neither sci-fi nor a real world recreation, but a city with its own style, history and location. Best Real World Recreation Many CJs are based off of real life locations, or share similar styles with real cities. This CJ goes beyond that to have the closest recreation of a real world location. Best Science Fiction City Journal The member who wins this award really deserves a lot of credit for designing cities and a region that we could only imagine in a Science Fiction novel. Best Historical City Journal City Journals introduced a new way of learning and living a bit of history. From the Roman Empire to the 19th century, some players decided to go beyond the four predetermined tilesets and write their own little part in history. This award goes to the member who has better told us ancient stories and ways of life. Best Grimy/Grunge City Journal This award goes to the CJ with the best dirty, grimy, yucky, garbage/crime infested cities. Quite a few cities out in the CJ's have some nasty areas. This award would go to the best grimy city in the Journals section. Most Entertaining City Journal This award is for the City Journal that is really fun. The text, the screenshots, and the everyday life of the theme city are very entertaining. Most Informative City Journal This award goes to the CJ which keeps us informed about real world events or topics, through its narrative it is able to keep us up to date with important topics or current events. Most Weird City Journal This award goes to the weirdest CJ that we've read this year. Community Awards Overall Best Avatar Some avatars are interesting; some not so much. This award goes to the member whose avatar was deemed the most entertaining. Merit of Team Spirit Without teamwork, a project can become chaos. This award goes to the team best able to overcome adversity and to stick together through thick and thin. This team has shown real dedication to making these projects work. Best Captain Every group has an enduring leader steering the ship. This award goes to the leader which has aided our groups the most this year. Best Collaboration Many creators have different strengths in different areas of their craft. This award goes to the members who combined their talents to create the best collaboration on any project. Chat Insomniac Award This award goes to the member who is up until the wee hours of the morning chatting and providing buckets of laughter at the same time. Friendliest Chatter This award recognizes the individual who has always been helpful and chatty in the chat rooms. Enduring Dedication Award Simtropolis has changed much through the ages. The award goes to a member whose dedication, work, and contributions have helped make the site evolve into its current form. Funniest Overall Member Pwning a troll is funny and all, but we don't have that many trolls anymore. While the others are waiting for a troll to declare their superiority over, this member keeps the rest of us laughing. Most Consistently Helpful Member The most consistently forumer is recognized for tirelessly answering questions when possible, often answering the same ones over and over with good cheer, is always eager to share knowledge and point the uninitiated toward the light. Most Improving Member Occasionally, a member will get off to a rocky start. Some never recover but others manage to learn the rules and become solid members of the community. This award is for the Simtropolian who has shown the greatest increase in socialization skills during their time here. Most Welcoming to Newcomers Some just give a simple "Welcome to the site" to new members who join the site. This member was always there to meet and greet newcomers to the community. Technical Denizen The threads in our Bugs & Technical Issues forums discuss many issues. This award honours the best techie who answers the wide range of questions that people raise. Staff Eye Within the Storm The staff member with the ability to keep their head when all about them people are losing theirs and blaming it on them. Forum Specific Friendliest Forumer This award recognizes the most friendly forumer, one who is always piping in with good cheer and making newbies feel at home. Highest Quality Poster Many members have high post counts, some stretching well into the ten-thousands. But sometimes its quality, not quantity, that matters. This award goes to the person who may not have a high post count, but puts a lot of thought into their posts to ensure that each one matters. Best Instructions in Gameplay/Strategies This award recognises the member who is consistently helpful in conveying gameplay strategies to others, either through the use of tutorials or suggestions in threads or CJs. Best Picture Post in a "Show us your ..." Thread Sometimes it's best to just show the world your masterpiece. This award goes out to the most fascinating addition to the "Show us your ..." threads. Best Tutorial While the game may be ten years old, new things and new ways of doing old things keep popping up. This award is for the member who demonstrated a useful procedure in a tutorial. Most Engaging Off-Topic This award recognizes the member whose contributions in the Off-Topic section are above and beyond the usual high quality. The winner has a positive attitude, and engages the readers of their posts by making relevant and useful comments. Most Informed Member on Real World Events This award goes to the member who is most likely to be reading the newspaper right now. This member is constantly engaged with global events and is relied on to keep us informed of what's going on in the world today. Other Most Active Non-City Builder This award is for the user who does not play a city builder game, but still contributes a massive amount to the Simtropolis forums. Most Creative But Impossible to Solve Request Sometimes we get questions or requests for a creation which is so unique that it is probably impossible to create. This award goes to the member whose request is so unique that it is impossible to create for our games. Most Promising Announcement Fulfilled We are promised great things from many creators, and are usually treated to the completion of their announcement. This award goes to the member who promised the most and has finally delivered their amazing concept to reality. Saddest City Builder Moment Caught on Picture This award goes to the creator who managed to document the lowest moment of their city. This could be from a natural disaster, a silly bug or from an incredibly bad planning decision. This members misfortune gave us a smile, and so we reward them with this token of our gratitude. Simtrop Walking Library Every community has a member who knows so much about the site we belong to. They are always there to provide us with historical facts about Simtropolis, and this award recognises them within the history of ST. The Member Who Was Everywhere This award goes to a member whose dedication, work, and contributions have helped make the site a welcoming and enjoyable place for all. We Miss You; Come Back In an online community such as this, people come and go as Real Life Syndrome takes over. Sometimes, we lose someone who we really would rather have kept among us. This award goes to the person we miss the most and wish to hear from in the next year. Ad Hoc Awards Remember, if you don’t see the award you wanted to give someone listed above, you may create a custom "Ad Hoc" award. Create a title, and write why you are giving them the award in your description. The Admins will review all custom requests and decide if the award has enough merit to be given to that member.
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    This is Vila Inglesa Station (Something like English village in English) It integrates Lines B, C for the Railway and 2 for the Metro, as usual in Line 2, you can see Avenida Metropolitana too That's the other part from lines B and C
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    I'll sneak in another oldie but goodie. This one may have been briefly identified long ago, but any past such mention has evaporated from the net. Behind the pink and blue towers inspired by Hong Kong's former Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Tokyo's NEC Supertower is an awkward building that I thought even back when playing SimCity 3000 Unlimited had really awful proportions. It resembles something historical out of Shanghai, Chungking, or Hong Kong, a decrepit old carryover from the pre-Revolutionary era just waiting to be demolished for some shiny new tower, but I never could pin it down. I no longer even remember its name in the Asian tileset nor can I even find picture of it showing its front, but I now realize what was the inspiration that Maxis vertically "enhanced" into a hulking tower block. Tokyo's Shisei Kaikan (市政会館), the "Municipal Research Building" in Hibiya Park. This is a surprising choice to me, because unlike most of the other buildings of the Asian tileset screaming to be pencil towers and Asian Tigers, this building is deeply entwined with the war for most U.S. audiences, who likely will not even realize they have been seeing it as a backdrop in period newsreels of riots, political conventions, coup attempts, and Japanese wartime military rallies. Wikipedia tells us the building originally was completed in 1929 as a civic affairs center and home bureau for the newly founded Dōmei Tsūshinsha, the Federated News Agency, whose wire service partnership owners hoped to rival Reuters and compete in the international newsphere. The Gothic Art Deco landmark in Tokyo's first Western-style urban park also housed Hibiya Public Hall, a cavernous auditorium for concerts and radio shows, and the stolidly muscular red brick building would become a symbol of the reconstruction of Tokyo after the 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake. I guess it was good that I could only find backside views of the Maxis version online, because it was the backside and peaked roof of the auditorium contrasting against the ziggurat clock tower that gave it away. I certainly wouldn't have guessed from the color or height. "Spring at Hibiya Park," from "One Hundred Views of New Tokyo" by artist Kawase Hasui. Kawase's prewar woodblock prints incorporating Western perspective drawing and lighting with nostalgically traditional themes are all hauntingly atmospheric, depicting a bygone era slipping away for a bygone era that would soon be firebombed away. The calendar hanging on my bedroom wall is still dated for 2004...I cannot bring myself to take it down because this particular calendar's pictures are reprints on heavy paper of gorgeously colorful woodblock scenes by Kawase Hasui! Unfortunately, the briefly flowering "Taishō Democracy" had ended just as the Shisei Kaikan was completed, and as political parties and the free press were being curtailed by rising nationalist militarism, the Dōmei News Agency became fully nationalized into the official State News Agency and propaganda arm of the Empire of Japan. Dōmei's heavily censored radio broadcasts were scrutinized by the Allies for wartime intelligence, and it was through Dōmei that the Allies received unofficial word of Japan's acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration and surrender. Both Dōmei and NHK would broadcast Hirohito's infamous speech ending the war, and it was Dōmei's reporters who first photographed and distributed the sobering images of the wasteland ruins of Hiroshima. After Japan's defeat, Dōmei was broken up, with the best internationally known chunk spun off as today's Kyōdō News. The Shisei Kaikan returned to being a municipal public administration building for news services and public performances, and the former symbol of the old "New Tokyo" is now overshadowed by the shinier towers of postwar, modern Tokyo. Neighboring the Shisei Kaikan's indoor hall is the Hibiya Open Air Amphitheater, a popular venue for rock concerts. Coincidentally, as I typed this, I was handed my mail-received DVD of The Elepant Kashimashi playing the Hibiya amphitheater.
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    Heya Linoa06! Actually the paths you see are not taxiways, but service paths for road vehicles. Take a look at the shot below, and you will see its a functional airport (works in game aswell)
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