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    Version Version 35 (Offsite Link)


    The Network Addon Mod (NAM) combines all transportation network-related fixes, additions and new creations that have been released so far. It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes. This is the Windows version of the Network Addon Mod, featuring an installer. A Mac version is available here. NOTE: Due to some technical issues, the file is not directly hosted on the Simtropolis server. The download button presently will take you to an off-site, registration-free mirror at ModDB, which can also be accessed here. We hope to have the file available directly through the STEX again shortly, and apologize for any temporary inconvenience. Installing over previous versions: NAM 35 should be installed directly over top of any previous NAM releases, to ensure that your previous installation options are retained. A clean install is not recommended. For more information, see here. Tech Support: Since NAM 35 is now the most recent release, technical support for NAM 34 and earlier is no longer available. Special Thanks: The NAM Team would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community for their continued support over the past 12 1/2 years the mod has existed.
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    *Here comes a snowplow to remove the dust that has accumulated* Time to post something here! I've been setting my programs back up (finally) and fiddled around with things today. Yes, I really haven't set everything back up since I reinstalled my OS last year. Had to re-familiarize myself with the workflow process. Aren't creative slumps great? I didn't really do too much new stuff today, but I'm working towards finishing the props for Simmer2's oil refinery mega lot. A refresher: the pipe props are mostly intended to replace and expand upon NBVC's pipeline set, and the vehicles are meant to replace and expand upon the stuff Simmer2 used from the jes prop packs. I went back and catalogued everything I had finished or worked on for it, exported several things that had not been exported, and made a new thing or two. There's still several props I've yet to export and several more I need to make (some of which are partially finished or just need to be assembled from already-finished components), but here's some images. Most of this is stuff you have seen but some of it is newly exported and some of it is entirely new. This is only stuff that is officially finished, so there are several other things that may as well be but I just haven't exported them. Don't mind the lack of cast shadows... these were taken in the LE which doesn't display them... I have a lot of unexported pipes, so there will be a fairly large increase in the versatility soon... Looks like this is my 1,900th post...
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    Thanks everyone! @T Wrecks, you know I have to tease. So, I figure the best way to get back up to speed is to take stock of my current WIPs: Let's take them each in turn. 1. Kilbourn Tower: One of the last BATs I was working on before I fell off the map. This was inspired by an existing building in Baltimore, and I'm currently trying to decide whether to convert it to a full re-creation or just finish it up as is. This one will take a while - it's substantial, still needs quite a bit of modeling work, and I haven't even thought about textures (the ones that were on my last update for this BAT were just placeholders). 2. Garfield Block: Another one that's well on its way but needs a considerable amount of work. The modeling is done but the textures are a mess. Also, literally a year+ of experimenting with glass textures have led me to the conclusion that I need to model the interior because the windows are so large. 3. Lindsay Bros.: A new(ish) BAT I've never shown before. This is an existing old warehouse building in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood. The facade is the biggest part of this building, so it shouldn't take me too long to finish it up. It will be a 7x3. 4. City Savings Bank: Another previously unseen WIP. Loosely based on an existing former bank here in Milwaukee; should be a quick one to finish. 5. Aluminum Conversion Technology: Along with Kilbourn Tower, one of the last things I introduced in this thread. This needs a lot more work, including skylights (the gray boxes on the central massing), loading bays along the eastern wall, some more work in the courtyard that surrounds the smokestack, and tons of roof junk. This'll be a while, but I do hope to finish it sometime this year. That's really it - I wasn't doing much BATing during my hiatus. That said, I might have a couple more tricks up my sleeve, but a real pro never shows his hand too early. Hope everyone is doing well!
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    As you may have heard there is research going on in the labs to bring together a new mod that gives you the ability to make any colour version of RRW you desire. We think RRW is the rail to follow. Like the MGB Grass and Paving Mods by RSC04, this mod too will be based on the capabilities of GoFSH which I know a number of you are putting to good use for your own ends. Put simply the Mod will edit the original RRW textures in such a way as to change the ballast and sleeper colours, but in every other way be compliant with RRW. Below is a pastiche (in a very ordinary test region) of 5 such experiments so you can see what I mean. The Tramway (same texture for ballast and sleepers) represents a way of bringing RRW style Tramways to the game too. (eventually) Now while it would be nice to be able to announce imminent release, there are rather a lot of tiles to do and a few technical things we still need to master, But it's probably true to say the proof of concept is here.
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    Hello again, everyone! This week is my final week at the university (finally) so I decided to leave you a little departing gift as I don't know if I will be able to get back alive hahaha. I hope you guys understand why I'm in such a hurry and don't answer your posts as I used to do. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! It's a medium-wealth medium-density residential building. It's almost done but it's, nevertheless, a W.I.P Thank you very much for stopping by, guys! I hope to sou you all again here!
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    Working on trying to piece together this small section of my city. Lots of texture making and lotting required.
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    この物語はここに終わり。 Major announcement at the bottom of this entry. Please read it, thank you. --- There’s a weird feeling when the journey has reached its end. In the beginning, you start out small and careful, thinking of the great things that you could do someday. However, as you move forward towards your dream, that bright light of the future begins to dim. Like a flow of a river, the once raging currents slow into a meander. What now could be of use now that we have almost reached the end? Will the journey continue across the vast oceans? I thought I would have to share this story about my friend who had reached his end about a week or two ago. I don't know what exactly happened with him, but I could still not believe that he is gone. I feel the urge to move on, but I can't seem to do so without him. With all my strength I must tell it to you. Would you mind hearing me out for a couple of minutes? "Yes," Rairen responds. "I feel bad that we are about to lose Shigetomo this sudden. There is much adventure that he had going for him." He turned his head toward the Buddha and started to chant the nembutsu. Naotaka looked on as Rairen begins his ritual, eventually joining him in prayer. As the two finished their prayers, Naotaka turned towards Rairen to tell his story. "A few weeks ago..." *UPDATE SONG* http://picosong.com/rqAj *UPDATE SONG* --- “So where are we exactly?” replied Shigetomo, looking left and right to the various building geometries in an intersection. An electronic screen billboard that was left on by the signage advertising agency caught him with its flashing white lights, displaying the mysterious message “WILD WILD WILD” to him. Below this electronic billboard is a dimly lighted entrance of a train station. Shigetomo initially did not agree to come with him at the station, since he was still finishing his work at the Ministry of Transport. After his co-worker insisted him to come, Shigetomo agreed to excuse himself from work and told the new Minister for transport that he will be away for a little bit to become a chaperon for his friend. They got on a limited express train bound for Kanaizawa at the Okami terminal but stopped immediately at a station located west of the city. “Kanda,” replied a co-worker with a smug on his face. His hands are placed in his suit pocket and had been touching something. Shigetomo thought that the person is a little perplexed, and his hands were visibly trembling inside his pocket. He believed that since this was a new area unfamiliar with them, it is natural for him to be a little frightened on what would happen to them. Shigetomo asked if he is alright, but the coworker smiled and asked if he could sit down beside the station's ticket machine. It took more than five minutes before his coworker came out of the washroom. "There you are," Shigetomo uttered with an increasingly impatient look. "So (redacted name), what brings us to Kanda today?" Shigetomo inquired. The coworker seemed to have reacted differently with a frightening glance. Shigetomo then noticed something strange about the area. The canopy had been built, but there are no stores open. What should have been a busy shopping area (Kanda is usually teeming with shoppers during the day) is replaced by people who he may not want to talk to. Quite spontaneously, Shigetomo notices that something is not right. On the other end of Kanda lies a Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect. As the priests and monks of the temple prepare for their Shojin Ryouri (Vegetarian Dinner) for the evening, an ominous bang was heard throughout the temple. At first, the monks were mesmerized to see what had happened but 3, 4, 5, and many more bangs later, they realized what had going on. Chaos had descended just before the sun sets in the background. ("I don't know what to say, Rairen," replied Naotaka. "You need to hang on. I know it's difficult but I am all here for you," Rairen answered.) At Kanda, things were as grim as the overcast skies that were above Okami that day. A major gang battle had gone between two rival factions that I myself do not know the details of. The two were hit in the crossfire. The coworker was hit in the head and was laying unconscious in the tiled alleyway with his head bleeding. Shigetomo was hit in the stomach but was still able to leave the area in horror. He ran towards the temple seeking for help, not knowing that he was mortally wounded. Soon, he became dizzy and eventually lose consciousness in front of the temple. Before he lost his consciousness he uttered "Nao-taka," and that was when the Tendai priests took his mobile phone and called the emergency contact. --- "Now, the government had asked me to be a liaison for Shigetomo while they are in charge of his health. However, doctors have told me that he would not be able to survive it since it damaged his liver and one of the bullets had lodged in his spine," Naotaka mentioned to Rairen while tears are flowing. "In a way, I would not be able to see him anymore." Rairen comforts Naotaka and provides him solace while they wait for the news. The news came at around six o'clock in the afternoon. Honda Shigetomo is dead. --- Naotaka had a difficult time digesting the grim news, but in the end they managed to compose themselves and take the body for its immediate burial at the temple in Okami. It was a disappointing end to his short adventures around Okaiken, and Naotaka is left alone in the middle of the journey. A few days later, Naotaka had lost most of his motivation, asking the public school that he is working at for a leave of absence so that he could attend Shigetomo's burial. He boards a train bound for Kanda. Skies continued to be grim during that day. As the train passed over a road, Naotaka noticed that it had been mostly desolate, with only one to two cars traversing the avenue. It feels like something was not right in the district at all, as if the people suddenly disappears. At a nearby temple in Igawara (Kotai-ji), where Shigetomo's lifeless body is interred, a monk prepares to embalm his body when he noticed that there is something that is unusual. He found a functioning watch that he kept in back pocket. In the watch, the clock is set at 4:29 in the afternoon, which is unusual since it is already close to seven o'clock in the afternoon. The priest corrects the time to the usual time and suddenly, Shigetomo's body seemed to disappear out of nowhere. At the edge of Kanda on an AirBNB stay, Naotaka was informed about the timepiece according to the priest. He advised the priest to keep it under the temple's ownership as he was not named as the beneficiary of Shigetomo. He had been thinking if he should even pick up his body for burial, but he knows that as his best friend, Shigetomo would not be happy in the end when they reach The Pure Land. The grim days continued for Naotaka. By Saturday, he had been always seeking his sect for emotional help. He had considered suicide but he remembered from Ichijoudani not to kill himself as he promised Shigetomo that he is going to live in a future without him. He returned to Shigetomo's Okami apartment to gather Shigetomo's personal belongings. At first he did not know it due to the rows of houses that dominate over the area. However, seeing this exercise before he managed to find his apartment. The landlord had given him keys for 3 days so he can package and send Shigetomo's belongings to either him or Rairen. Naotaka complied and began to one by one sort through his belongings. While unpacking a box that contained Shigetomo's work at the ministry, Naotaka found a small gear on the timepiece. It seemed to have fit into one of the missing gears on the timepiece. On another box that came from their souvenir trip at Onjuku, he found another one that would have completed the timepiece. Naotaka was in awe and decided to call the temple if he can have Shigetomo's timepiece. The temple agreed, and Naotaka bolted out of the apartment building and towards the temple. Naotaka's feelings began to improve. He called Rairen in order for them to meet at the Tendai-sect temple. Kanda, however, was still in a state of trauma after the battle, and many streets were lacking people. The temple was on sight. However, in a wicked twist of fate, they found the temple surrounded by yellow tape. "Why is it surrounded by police?" Naotaka asked the policeman who was guarding the property. "The police is currently investigating the head monk of the temple as the instigator of a gambling ring that may have caused two gang factions to fight," muttered the police. Naotaka seemed to have lost hope into recovering the timepiece. In tears, he kept the gears onto his chest and prayed for the safe passage of Shigetomo. Rairen never heard of Naotaka again after the incident. He had regret not helping Naotaka recover from his depression, and he may have believed that he had died. In truth, no one knows what happened to him until I met him at Ninohe. I had recently checked the school that he works on and he's not there anymore. They said that he had moved to Chino, a rural village near his hometown of Ichijoudani to work at the prefectural office. At Chino, locals said that Shigetomo had left the town after three years work at the town office. According to officials, Naotaka said that he moved to Ninohe to work as a tourism promoter of the area, but they were not sure if he is still employed there. It was a chance that I would finally see him at Ninohe. I finally met him at a ramen-ya. He seemed to have fully adopted a normal, happy life with his new wife and his young boy that he called "Tomo" when we sat down together. When we settled down I told him that I work at the Nikkan Shinbun. He seems surprised that I had determined where he lives as he did not really tell anyone, even his friend, about his whereabouts. I told him "I was here as part of an investigation about corruption at the City of Okami," and asked, "do you know this timepiece?" I showed him the device and he was stunned to see it. He frantically searched for the two gears and then found them in a small, locked wooden case. "May I borrow that?" he said. He ran towards the jewelry shop across the street with his family and asked the man to quickly repair the watch. After he fixed it he told his wife and child about the timepiece and then gave it to me. He seemed to have finally be settled in peace. After the interview to him was finished, he told me to keep the timepiece and discover the meaning of life through it. I was intrigued to try it so I am going to do it tonight. "The train rolled by as I began to wind the timepiece on its correct time. And then he disappeared," Naotaka states. "Thank you, Shigetomo, for bringing me to a life that I am happy with. It may not be the pure land, but it's a start of a new life that I am happy with. I will fight on without you!" Naotaka shed tears as he remembers his adventures with Shigetomo. It is time to move on and cheer. --- Shigetomo had woken up back in an army camp near the Ichijoudani River. It was just before the Seige of the Castle begins but could not determine if they had won or not. He looked at the reflection of himself into the river and saw that he had been wounded and had bandages around his stomach. "My lord, you are still not healed yet," replied one of his assistants. "We found you in front of the castle by yourself trying to make negotiations with Naotaka but then you were shot. I thought that you were about to die so we sent our forces to retake the castle." "Naotaka, where's Naotaka?" Shigetomo asked in panic. "Hotta Muneshige had captured him. He awaits your orders." Immediately after that, even in pain, he ran towards Muneshige's camp at Mount Hiei. There he found a group of farmer's houses. It was becoming increasingly foggy as the elevation becomes higher but Shigetomo, even in utmost pain, climbed towards the house. As he reached it, he asked for both Hotta, who was about to finish his breakfast, and Naotaka, who is still tied up. "Naotaka." Naotaka did not respond as if his spirit was taken away from him. "Muneshige, taking his sword, suddenly took his sword and... Shigetomo watched in horror of what had happened. He can be heard screaming Muneshige on top of his lungs. He then slumped to the floor. A sailor from an Insular navy had just landed in the Mitoyagi Islands setting his sights into new opportunities in Okaiken regarding diplomacy. He had hoped that a new deal with his nation would materialize with the new bakufu government at Okami. Dignitaries from the bakufu had already boarded the vessel for exchange of information about shipbuilding. Initially, the captain refused but eventually accepted. "We want you to sign a deal collaborating with other sovereign nations of the world," said the captain. "We agree," responded by the dignitaries on the ship. As the sailor walked through Kanda, he saw two heads that were displayed on the gate of the temple. He did not know the two but they seemed to have a high status of power because of their hairstyle or the helmets. A black helmet adorned with deer antlers can be seen to the left of one head; the other, a red helmet with tall yellow horns can be seen to the right of the other head. The citizens were seemingly interested with the beheaded officials. Most of them kept mum, some were in tears. At one of the temples, they were seemingly busy with burning the bodies in order for them to turn it to ashes. A lot of people were also near the area, curious about what is going on inside the temple. The sailor asked to himself "If the new bakufu government is installed, that means that those two were part of the previous bakufu?" The sailor continued to travel around the district to see the disappointed faces of the majority as the new shogun of Mitoyagi takes over. Streets were becoming emptier as soldiers begin to secure the city against supporters of the previous shogunate. Evening fell, and the sailor closed his eyes in one of the local ryokans that are dominant in ancient Okami. --- At Ichijoudani, the head priest begin to chant the nembutsu. It's the start of the Futarigyo Festival where the priests mourn the dead of the past and celebrate the future. The river continues to flow through the town and its contents spilled over to the vast oceans. Here lies a spot where the pain ends and an optimistic future begins. Even though the two's journey had been cut short, It gave us the time to reflect on what is possible and what is not. It was the graves of Ii "Bizen no Kami" Naotaka and Honda "Izumo no Kami" Shigetomo. "Thank you for hearing out our stories," said Rairen. --- Thank you for reading the update! I hope that you enjoy the journey that we had today regarding our main characters. I know it's a little bit depressing to see their fates sealed in a small timepiece that had distorted time it was also great seeing their adventure unfold over the past two years. It had been my passion to see the characters and the storytelling and the city building grow into complete fruition. It had been my mouthpiece when I am interested in a topic or become interested in things that I want to have a say on. It was fun to interact with friends and viewers of the journal to see what could be done and what was done better. I would like to give you my gratitude for being there with me. And now, time for the sad news. I have decided to shut down Okaiken. While it may seem fun at first, recent events in my real life mean that my time in this journal has passed and it is time for me to move on into other endeavours. It feels like for me, I had been travelling alone for too long and I had lost a lot of friends like what you saw in the journal update later. It feels like if I keep straddling the same road I won't be able to recover anything. I must take a different road now. When I last did a farewell message in 2011 I was optimistic with what would happen next. I got what I had wanted back then, I managed to put Okaiken in USNW while participating in Queensferry's Wars; A Thousand Words was published after 20-some chapters and it got solved; finally, The Times of Troix remained open as a functioning community newspaper that it even won a Trixie! My heartfelt thanks to all of you guys! Okaiken took me to the craziest of places, introduced me to my Japanese friends and the Japanese language and my passion with landscape architecture and city planning as well as even Asian history. Without it, I could have wondered where I may ended up... Anyway, time for the final replies of the journal! @JP Schriefer Thank you for being a regular visitor of the journal. I hope you enjoyed the last 5 years of it. Happy New Year to You! @raynev1 Thank you so much for visiting the journal and supporting it along the way. That film with the boxer was although non-understandable was about fulfilling dreams. Once again, thank you so much and I hope to see you around! @MeMyself&I Thank you for the compliments! And yes, I can answer that question for you. The composer is Toshiyuki Watanabe. He had composed great, original soundtracks and classical music pieces in Japan. Didn't know if he's that big elsewhere but he's capable of conducting really beautiful music for anime, TV shows and movies. There's Joe Hisaishi (if you want Ghibli soundtracks), Yoko Kanno (composer that did this beautiful update music), Takayuki Hattori, Akira Senju, Kenji Kawai, Tomita Isao, Shinichiro Ikebe, etc. Lots LOL @Ln X You have been such a wonderful regular of this journal, and I would like to thank you for your support! See you around at some time @slickbg56 Welcome back, before you went MIA you were a great contributor and a regular of this journal! Happy new year and enjoy your new endeavours. @_Michael thanks for being a great regular to the journal! (PS please PM me if you have question about you know... ) @kschmidt Thank you very much! Happy new year to you as well. @Ln X I hope you enjoyed that last update! @raynev1 thanks for tuning in! @jmsepe Thanks for being a great rival to the journal, you have been a good critic (Waiting for your CJ to come soon HAHAHAHA). @kschmidt Thanks! @123deoliveira4 Thank you very much! I hope you enjoyed the main update as well! @kingofsimcity Thanks for being a regular visitor! I hope to see you around sometime soon. @CorinaMarie Thank you very much for the input and the visit! I hope to see you at the staff room @CT14 thank you! I hope you enjoyed this journal during its run and I hope to see you again around the site. @JP Schrieferthanks! @kschmidt thanks! @raynev1 yeah, working with a wide range of Japanese music sometimes lead to an interesting update LOL, but I won't go truly Initial D on that one @korver thanks for visiting! Sorry to close this CJ at this time, but you are so awesome at stuff. Hope you can recreate Japanese scenes for us next time lol @_Michael thanks! @Takingyouthere Thanks for being a regular visitor. Hope to see you again on site and keep up the good work! @jmsepe so it comes down to you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Final word of thanks to the team: @jmsepe, @__A, @NielsC007, @jayguum, @TowerDude, Aran, and SimEmirate Thanks to the former USNW members for their input, my Japanese friends and teachers for culture notes, my professors for those critiques. They are essential to the very blood of this journal. I leave you now with this clip from NTV (Nippon Television/NNN). Good Night, and I'll see you along the way...
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    Made some tweaks to the wall alignment for I-D and added the mirrored version - works well for the most part. Added the beginnings of an I-M version, though alignment is just a tad off at the moment. Also got distracted and made this on a whim. I've been meaning to re-lot SG's entire shopping catalog for a while now but haven't found the motivation to do so.
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    The Fires of Fall

    From the album Nature Scenes (S3-19-E)

    The beautiful colors of fall showcased in Cities: Skylines
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    Hey all! Here is a compact, high-capacity, whirlpool interchange. I don't post often, but I felt pretty happy with this one. -Blade
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    Hello! First of all, I managed to release my next project which is the Heretic Slope Side Walls, now you can download it. Well, I made a bunch of stuff in this year, which was never intended to release, mostly fillers, parks etc, to enchance my cities. I put together them into one picture (well there is more but they are under remaking, when I started to make them I didn't realy know how the things work so make a lot experimental stuff. I beleive in some of my game crashes happened due to this.) Well, @T Wrecks brought to us the IRM and its fillers. After @rsc204 previewed his wonderfull SAM11 - Industrial SAM mod a while ago, I got the inspiration to make an addition to the diagonal IRM Wall fillers to match more situations. With roads/AVEs the custom sidewalks version (in my pictures that is the Paeng Sandstone texture) works fine, with the new SAM the full concrete versions, and I think there is a version for the RRW where it gets dirt sides, so the third version fits more or less with that. Oh yeah, on the diagonal concrete I-D filler on the outer side there is an I-M base texture based overlay which was made by @Simmer2 for my request. Thank you again! And here is two interchanges. The first one is North Harbour (more pictures about this city above or my previous posts) third intersection/change with some OWR 4 connection. The second one is from my next WIP city Counterpoint. The interchange where the innercity highway connect to the main highway system. At least that is the plan. - Tyberius
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    First post here, longtime member and player. This is just a little snapshot of a CBD that is very much a work in progress. The city is a peninsula with a long beach. Hope to submit a CJ when i'm finally done! In there I'll give a proper thank you to all of the SC4 community for the amazing mods and BAT's. Need to figure out how to fix the CLC parks (which are awesome) from changing textures when I zoom. Open to suggestions for buildings to place (or replace).
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    After a while without playing, I decided to try to do something today ... Updating my CJ soon? Who knows?
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    I've been working in a new region inspired by the hometown of my mother in The Netherlands, I hope you like it...
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    A scene from Cromney- an area of Erinsberg.
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    One of the more fun to plan out city that I've made in a while. It's still in development but here's some screenshot of what I've been up to.
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    Nice to know you like them, Aaron I decided to put the building in a real image @matias93 It is, and I realized now the render cut the top dome of the building '-' I forgot to post the most important image There are still a lot of things to model on the base, but I decided to start testing some textures and I like none of them to be honest. Tips are welcome.
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    Canary date palms and walnut trees are released I finished as well the flags: Next project, surely to finish the HD automatas
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    Here's a small farm I am working on. I widened the gravel path/road so the pick-up truck , (when it shows up), could connect to the dirt path which connects to the actual gravel road. Let me know what you think. Do the man-made paths look ok? Or does someone have a suggestion on how to improve them. I see the order got a little mixed up when I submitted the reply.... HaHa just noticed the cow in the garden plot. Boy is she in trouble!!
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    I've begun creating yet another monstrosity +new textures. I'm not quite satisfied with the "eye" in the middle though. 20x11:
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    Improved night view: dark areas were pitch black, now brighter & blend in better (was due to reflection map to dark) reflection splotches on the extension removed improved lobby appearance (MoMA signs visible) crown platform with desaturated light, less hypnotizing now that I put people in it lol lights in the sky garden minor fixes Taking a final look at the day view now, then getting ready towards release.
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    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone. And a brief update on the Guardian Building: Bits here and there are getting finished up, but not all of the parts are *exactly* in their final position yet. Next I'll start the base. @Sciurus There's a small amount of similarities that are not a coincidence. The architect of the guardian building had studied historical cultures including ones in south america. American architecture at the time was not very intellectual so I wouldn't expect much, but out of all of the ancient cultures, however much he was inspired by the incas, and however much connection there is between the inca and the current aymara people, that is the amount of similarity between the guardian building and this other guy's buildings. The guy is trying to make a new regional architecture based on the local culture, but, as it's emphasized in the article, he's not an architect. So he picked some superficial elements, applied them to normal buildings in a superficial way, and as far as I can tell hasn't even copied the actual forms (in my brief googling nothing I saw had the shapes that his stuff did). And so as a result to me it looks like a tacky aymaran themed casino from las vegas. I'm guessing the architects thought that such an architecture should be based off of how people live, what kinds of traditions and cultural events they need space for, what expectations of privacy, or communalness they have, and things like that. So in the US, teenagers often turn their house's basements into places to hang out with their friends, and even aside from the basements their bedrooms are usually big enough to have friends over. In Japan teenagers do most of their socializing out in public so they have small bedrooms. Or in the US there's thanksgiving, so the dining room needs to be big enough to host a dinner for the extended family. And there's christmas, so the living room needs to be big enough to put a christmas tree in. And there's an expectation of privacy for the house, but not so much to build a wall around the house like many countries do, which in the US would be antisocial. Japanese people take their shoes off inside their houses so there's always a little area at the front door for shoes. But one of the difficult things about this is that these people already live in buildings which presumably already satisfy their cultural needs. Unless the buildings were somehow unnaturally forced upon them, these types of considerations are already built into the buildings to cater to the local market. And then there's also the issue that humans around the world are pretty similar, so no matter what your culture is, the buildings are going to be very similar around the world. And then of course there's also the problem that this type of thinking has in general, the idea of consciously created regional architecture is its own can of worms. When does having a regional architecture cross the line from a healthy positive expression of local identity, to chauvinism? And if the areas is culturally diverse, who gets to decide what the local identity/architecture is? So it gets very messy.
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    Probably the most unique flyover ramp I've made:
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    This is the 10th update from Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga. So for this update no long stories and facts, just 10 random pictures of: Port de Caravella. If you like it, let me know!
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    Well, seems that mine will be the first post in 2017 in this thread... This is an old airport, originally placed at the fringe of the city, nowadays surrounded by suburbs and middle-class neighborhoods. Cheap property and rent prices and good transport connections appealed many residents to this area, who live next door to aircraft like the A340. The approach to this airport, following the Columbia river, is loved and feared at the same time by pilots, due to the panorama views of the City of Columbia and the valley. The procedure is challenging and landing almost on the river requires a bit of practice. This old airport went through one renovation and one expansion since its opening in the 1920s. The terminal building offers 7 jetways, already struggling to cope with the increased traffic caused by the rising of low cost carriers and the growth of the city. The pier, capable of handling 3 wide-body aircraft at the same, time opened in the 1990s to meet the demands of both airlines and the city. Cargo traffic thrives in this airport during the late hours of the day. Columbia is a regional hub for FedEx Express, with one B757 stationed here. This airport is also a focus destination for Delta Airlines, which is gradually moving its operations to the newer, larger Columbia International Airport. A B757, bound to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is a staple at the end of the Pier in this airport, easily seen from the highway nearby.
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    Total political craziness! I run local elections on my region, and this is the results map, which also doubles as an useful chart to remember where the municipal borders are, and their names: Cheat sheet: as the party names say basically nothing (because party ideologies change with the time) And if you think this results are simply random numbers thrown at the keyboard (well, they are indeed ), here is a peek to the vote count (which I think @Cyclone Boom would enjoy): parties not only won or lose municipalities, they got different percentages of the vote, depending on the demographic characteristics of each place and some random coyunture (i.e. corruption scandals stripping the communists of some safe seats on working-class boroughs): All of this for what? Total political nerdism and excess of free time: I didn't like to see my username repeated all over the region view, so now I can name the actual mayor of each place (well, in some cases the party hasn't decided the name of the mayor, but you can help with that ): Surely, the next election will be when finally reaching a development stage which justifies to create a CJ of the region, ideally before march...
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is New Market Crossfit, come join the cult! Housed in an old auto repair garage this CS$$ building meets all your sims lifting needs. Unzip file and select Darknite or Maxisnite Dependency for Darknite - Simfox Darknite mod.
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    Yes. I took some stone texture, mapped it out, then I used Illustrator to draw the road markings, apply some layer styles, etc. I'll show you. The city is a pretty "loose" creation using a lot of buildings from London. I wanted a European feel so I made this little square. (It also doubles as a staging area for the rail station adjacent to the square, city and long distance bus service.) It seems as if a lot of people liked those images, so I'll share another. So far I have a pretty basic skeleton of the city & all the transit excluding the underground lines, enjoy. A lot of the streets are modeled after London neighborhoods. [FULL SIZE] [FULL SIZE]
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    Various industry along the canals in Bison.
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    Completed this part of town. Population is currently between 85-100.000. Overview of the more or less the whole city at it current status: Finished up the urban area across the bay A shopping area, easily accessible from the highway: Quite a jungle out there! Last shot is taken from other side of town. Some high end apartments by the beach. Right now im working on what will be a new city center, with a big ass railyard being part of it
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    A diagonal suburban residential area in a big city.
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    Overview of Sydney's world famous skyline. You can check out the rest of my Sydney update here.
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    Currently working on some filler cities/ tiles in the region. One issue that I have is where to place the airport, because as far as I can tell I have absolutely no idea.
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    Strip mall fever. I think I'm going to go for all sort of configurations with this set - left corner, right corner, straight, U-shaped, etc. Should be a lot of fun to make. Will be incorporating some new FA textures with these too.
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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=848344284 It's been a while, released this new building:
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    It's been a while I have some time for SC4. I am working in making the whole Kaijo Metropolis, the capital of Teiko in SC4. It uses the Fukuoka Map. The shot below is not even a tenth of the whole region. Goal: 12.8 million sims. Currently: 1.12 million sims.
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    Downtown Athens at night, featuring the National Library of Greece. You can check out the rest of my "Scenes From Europe" update here.
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    Looks like everyone got sacked from Microsoft HQ... Edit: After a close inspection I discovered that the public transport suddenly ceased to exist for some odd reason.. Hmm looks like EA released an undocumented DLC called: City Wide Stike Add-on.
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    Eamonn Isle, WIP. @simmytu Thank you!
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    Now, on a totally different endeavour, trying my hand MMPing some native fernandezian forest for a nature reserve: It's not an easy task, in not small amount because no fernandezian flora has been created for the game; not even the relatively similar New Zealand flora is well represented, so I had to take some artistic liberties: what you see there are mostly amazonic plants, mainly from Flunight's Río MMPs, and some generic tropical flora from CP. While the highest trees are not a big problem to mimic, the underbrush, mainly comprising giant rhubarbs (Gunnera) and arborescent ferns (Dicksonia and Thyrsopteris) indeed are, both with a very characteristic and clearly visible shape: huge, lush leaves. In general, my model to follow is this: ^This is not Juan Fernández, but the superficially similar Tristan da Cuhna
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    Beggining a relatively small reservoir that will surely end on a very urban setting, given the time. I plan to make the upper water body navigable, using Diggis' lots and the CAN-AM, while for the lower one, begun with the same set but it could be changed for MMPs if I learn how to do it (and for now, I'm not ambicious enough)
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    The harbor is nearing completion!: The main hospital of the city.
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