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    Version Version 35 (Offsite Link)


    The Network Addon Mod (NAM) combines all transportation network-related fixes, additions and new creations that have been released so far. It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes. This is the Windows version of the Network Addon Mod, featuring an installer. A Mac version is available here. NOTE: Due to some technical issues, the file is not directly hosted on the Simtropolis server. The download button presently will take you to an off-site, registration-free mirror at ModDB, which can also be accessed here. We hope to have the file available directly through the STEX again shortly, and apologize for any temporary inconvenience. Installing over previous versions: NAM 35 should be installed directly over top of any previous NAM releases, to ensure that your previous installation options are retained. A clean install is not recommended. For more information, see here. Tech Support: Since NAM 35 is now the most recent release, technical support for NAM 34 and earlier is no longer available. Special Thanks: The NAM Team would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community for their continued support over the past 12 1/2 years the mod has existed.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a fictional classical building designed by me. This just a eyecandy landmark in game. Install: There are two versions available , pick one -Dark nite version or Maxis nite version. Drop all files into your documents/SimCity 4/Plugins Dependencies: LBT Mega Prop Pack vol 01
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    Jaruna Islands [part 1/2]

    Ahoooy ST! First of all I'd like to apologize for my English. I understand this language very well, but there might be few harmless mistakes in my writting Today I'd like to introduce my CJ called Principality of Jantra. We'll start with not big project called Jaruna Islands. This place is little bit inspired by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ertholmene. I'm going to divide this update on 2 parts, today I'm gonna show you general shots taken on spring time. 1. It's small archipelago. Actually there are two inhabited islands: Jaruna Island (bigger one) and smaller Dziewanna Island. 2. An entrance to the harbour: 3. The strait between the islands creates a perfect natural harbor: 4. There is small but charming town called Jaruna, only 100 inhabitants: 5. Main street: 6. 7. 9. A footbridge between Islands: 10. Short stone wharf on the Dziewanna Island: 11. A little bit of nature, there are a lot of lupins and other dwarf plants: 11. Rocky wharf: 12. A lighthouse on the top hill: 13. General overview: Cheers!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Ever since I started downloading new content I always wondered if there was a complete set of pipes to use when designing a realistic city map and always fell short on finding one, well no more, because this is, as far as I now, the most complete set of surface pipes in SC4 ever. With a total of 36 pieces, this set, was made to satisfy even the most demanding of players. Bridges over rails, roads, streets, avenues, highways, ravines and even rivers as wide as 6 tiles. Curves, diagonals, pump houses, in ground, valves and elevation transitions, making this the perfect set for all your projects. All bridges are overhanging therefore you can have any network you wish, run under them with no issues at all. I call them SM2 Aqueduct (Water pipes) they are 2 meters in diameter with no markings, therefore you can use them for whatever industry you like, natural gas, water, oil etc. making them very flexible. All 36 pieces were carefully made to match, they are also super MMP friendly and have no base textures. Only one piece will show the dreaded water bug and that is the one with a single rail overlay piece. Just click on the zone button on and off and it will go away. The rest of the pieces are "water bug free" Only one piece will require electricity, the rail piece. The rest are neutral lots with a slight park effect. I also made an MML lot however as you already know MML's have that annoying issue of having to pluck lots off the lineup every time you plop it thus making multiple plops a tedious affair. You will have the choice to use it or not. Alternatively you could make a DAMN menu and resolve the issue once and for all. No cost to plop, bulldoze or maintain, easy on the wallet, easy on the eye. You will find all lots in the park menu and the MML, if you wish to use it, will be in the landmark menu. I made the MML as a separate download, if you are going to use it, please place the file in your plugin's root. Usage. Make sure you flatten the pipe path for perfect connections. The river/land spans lots are based on the 15 meter rule (height) that means that if you start at sea level you can go up to any elevation but in 15 meters increments. The land bridges work best on flat surface. The river pylons can be placed on water deeper than 15 meters but no less than. So if you place a river or land span your must plop the bridge on a 15 meter elevation in order to have a seamless pylon to bridge connection. The possible combinations you can achieve are enormous, your imagination is your limit! Please refer to the included pics for more details. For even more pics, please browse my thread at this link http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17211.620 NO DEPENDENCIES! Simmer2 PS. the rail piece is also compatible with vanilla Maxis rails.
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    XXXIV ・ A Sanese Autumn (Part 1)

    I was busy in the past three months. First of all, school started. There was literally no time for this update to happen. Second of all, I went to Europe for 2 weeks which was related to my school activities. A site visit can really change your perspective of the place and I would like to offer this as a more refined review of spatial qualities between form, space and order. だから申しあけございません (Sorry) --- Good Morning, Okaiken, today is Tuesday, November 1. Isn't it beautiful day with all of those fog lingering in the city? It will stay with us until the afternoon when the sun evaporates all of those fog. The forecast for the city will be bleak so enjoy the sun while it lasts. Today, we are going to give you a quick round around the waterfront district, where preparations for the New Years' Eve party are already underway. Check back in the end of this program to see if your favourite artist is going to play this year! It's 6:02; here are your main headlines: Okaiken to sign a trade agreement with 3 other East Althenian Nations today... "Good morning", said one. "Good Morning to you too", said another. "Have you prepared our lunch, baby?", answered by the man. "Yes I did, they're ready on that bento box". "Sir, wake up. You have a meeting at 8:30", said an attendant. "It's too early, wake me up at 7:30", answered by the business magnate. Can you at least prepare the coffee and the breakfast for me? "How far are we?", said a cyclist. "We are almost at work", said another cyclist. A third bicyclist came behind them and he told the two, "let's stop at that coffee place to get something". "Dad, wake up. It's time for us to check out of the hotel room", said one concerned teenage traveller. "I'm coming!" "We need to find a parking stop", "but I don't see any", said two carpooling members going to their own workplaces. "Shigetomo, wake up. Did you stay up all night at your station?" said a manager. Shigetomo tried to answer but his manager waved his finger as a tool for discouragement. -30- Thanks for the comment guys! Much appreciated. I'll do another one soon so expect individual comments to be answered on the next update. --- VISIT THIS SITE to learn about the 2017 edition of the New Year's update. As a special, you can take a look at my other, continuing work at this wiki to know more about Okaiken. Who knows that we had a wiki? Also, don't forget to visit the Okaiken website. Who knows that I have a website? じゃあ~ いってきます!(^も^)>
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    Been working on figuring out my mysterious "Draggable FA Power Plyon". After fumbling around my test city tile for well over an hour, I have finally found a reliable way to replicate it. Infrastructure fans take note! 1. Our goal is to link 1A with 2C. Start by placing a cluster of three plyons, with the center one (B) as the anchor. B is your standard 45 degree angle. For this example I'm using a 4-tile diagonal gap - this will result in FA 1.66 (5 x 3), or 31 degrees. 2. Perform a special diagonal drag from center to center. Take note of the standard dragging on the left versus on the right (lower $ cost). Make sure the opposite center pylon is highlighted blue - I found that placing the cursor right in center between the 3 pylons works the best. 3. Voila! 1A and 2C are now connected. You may bulldoze the helper pylons at will. NOTE: Depending on your dragging direction relative to the city tile, you may get 1C and 2A to connect instead. Also note that 1-tile gap versions have inconsistent behavior. 4. To continue your pylons, treat the 2C pylon as your new 1A. Drag out a set of helpers and repeat the process. 5. Proof that it is definitely not 45 degrees. There's still a couple of things left to figure out but I think I got the brunt of it here.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Love this MOD.  My brown boxes have never looked so good!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a DLL for SimCity 4 that adds a few more cheat codes beyond Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL. SievertBeGone — removes all radiation from a city, including from buildings that produce radiation when plopped (such as the advanced research center). Chernobyl — irradiates an entire city hazmat — creates a toxic spill disaster on whatever tile the mouse is pointed at UncivilDisobedience — creates a riot disaster on whatever tile the mouse is pointed at. The mouse must be pointed at a road, street or avenue tile. The development thread can be found at this link. Source code can be found here. Make sure to follow this file in case more cheats are added! Installation Move to Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins. Compatibility Tested and working on 1.1.641.0 (Steam/GOG/Origin) on Windows. Also works in combination with SC4Fix and the Extra Cheats DLL. Untested but should work with any version of SimCity 4 Deluxe or SimCity 4 w/ Rush Hour. Mac and Linux users This mod is untested on Mac and Linux platforms but my understanding is that SimCity 4 for Mac and Linux is essentially a Wine wrapper. Compatibility is not guaranteed, but it's worth a shot. If you're playing on Aspyr's PowerPC version of SimCity 4 this mod will definitely not work, but if you're using that version of SC4 you probably have other issues to deal with.
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    As promised, a screenshot of a custom rail mesh. It's a simple test version made in 5 minutes. Default segment textures. Comparison (left is vanilla)
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    Version 1.0.1


    Brief Introduction This pack contains mostly medium density w2w buildings based on RL buildings in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. These buildings look best in older downtown environments, just like the RL buildings. Basic Information - Lot sizes: 1x1, 1x2 (corner), 2x1 (corner) and 1x3 - Stages: 3 and 5 - Tileset: all Dependencies If you've downloaded my previous pack, then you should already have it: Notes I've included more versions for two buildings, namely "Viamonte" and "Realico" (see image above): - There is a R$$ version of "Viamonte" - There is a fire station version of "Realico" as well as a parking lot version, just like in RL. Don't want these extra versions? Simply delete unwanted folder. You can follow my work here. Enjoy!
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    Improved night view: dark areas were pitch black, now brighter & blend in better (was due to reflection map to dark) reflection splotches on the extension removed improved lobby appearance (MoMA signs visible) crown platform with desaturated light, less hypnotizing now that I put people in it lol lights in the sky garden minor fixes Taking a final look at the day view now, then getting ready towards release.
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    Version 2.0.0


    Maxis Highway Override - Concrete Retexture by @Bipin, @rsc204 and @Samerton Information - This mod will replace the textures for the Maxis Highway Override network included in the Network Addon Mod to a concrete texture. Installation - To install this mod, paste the folder entitled "z____Concrete_MHO" directly into your plugins folder. - If you are installing the mod into a custom folder within your plugins, ensure it loads after the Maxis Highway Override itself. - Four optional files are included, please remove any that aren't needed: - z_BTM_Patch.dat For users of the Shinkansen (BTM) mod included in the NAM - z_Moonlinght_Alternate_ELR_Patch.dat For users of the Alternate El-Rail mod included in the NAM - z_RRW_Patch.dat For users of RealRailWay from the NAM - z_JapNAMFL_Overpasses_Patch.dat For users of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mods Overpasses. Ensure this loads after the Japanese NAM Facelift mod itself. Including these files without having the corresponding mods installed may cause issues. - To uninstall this mod, simply remove the folder containing the mod (by default "z___Concrete_MHO") from your plugins folder. Dependencies - Network Addon Mod with Maxis Highway Override installed Special Thanks - Thanks to @MandelSoft for providing the model files for the Maxis Highway Override tunnel entrances - A huge thanks goes to @rsc204 for the new version 2.0 models and fixes - check out other projects by rsc204 here Support - If you're experiencing an issue with the mod, you can find the support thead here: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/59701-samertons-retextures-development-and-support/ Textures created by @Bipin and Samerton - check out other projects by Bipin here Modded by @Samerton
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    Ciudad del Lago's Plaza de Armas. Literally "square of arms", it was common on colonial latin america to store arsenals on the main city square, where usually the town market was held, on front of the gubernatorial palace. In this case, the 18th century refurbished Palacio Colorado ("Red Palace") dominates the scene, now occupied by the municipal government; at the east, the Orthodox-styled Catedral Mayor separates the square from the homonymous avenue, while the south and east blocks host commercial buildings: the 1880s Galería Francia at the west and the headquarters of El Tribuno newspaper, the oldest standing media company in the country.
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    Made a station for One-Way Tracks mod: Arrowhead Junction Edition A public version will be released in December Check out the playlist on YouTube
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    Version 1.0.2


    I present to you my first housing pack based on various old buildings throughout Santiago, Chile. These are all low-wealth, low density residential w2w houses. They grow on 1x1 and 1x2 lots. There are a total of 34 unique lots, as you can see in the pictures. If you like these houses, you may also like my other BATs that I'm currently working on. You can check them out here. If you have any questions, or comments, please let me know! Edit: I noticed I used an old picture for the primary screenshot. The textures on the last picture for the last set of houses are the final version, not the ones on the main picture. This is the only slight difference. Edit 2: ...I also noticed that I've uploaded this file to the wrong category. It should fall under "SimCity 4 Buildings (BATs)".
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    Again not much time, but maybe I can present some shots on what im working on atm, a set simular to brooklyn theme, were I can integrate all my euro buildings. This time it will be high residential. Starting from this, buildings will grow into big 5-6 story buildings. The Idea is, that every building with the exeption of 6stories can be used 2-3 times to maximise variety and provide hight differences. 1 Story: L1,L2 2 Story: L1,L2,L3 3 Story L2,L3,L4 4 Story L3,L4,L5 5 Story L4,L5 6 Story L5 Some have 512² textures, some 1024x512 but most have 512x256 ones, 7 buildings are finished so far.
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    A random picture from Staatsbergen. On the right side of the picture you can see the remains of Leona square and Leona clock tower. Some 40 years ago this area was filled with the classic grachtenpanden (Dutch canal homes) but during the reconstruction and city's rebranding1 years most of them got torn down to make room for high density multifunctional towers. 1 That's what the city counsel told to its citizens.
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    Hi, longtime inactive member here. Sharing my Cities:Skylines work Downtown shots from afar (it thats alright)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Van Prooijen Trading is one of the tallest buildings in the SimCity 4, created by the Maxis designers, this is a 1990 Houston Style glassy building, and one of my favorites. NOTE: This is a version that I made for personal use, I changed the original design, I made it a little taller and Narrowed, It supposed that I'll never upload this creation, but my machine suffered a huge problem, I loosed many files and hours of work,but in the middle of the ashes I found this file, I never created a Dark Nite version and the 3DMax file is lossed. I'm Working very hard in my free time to remodel lossed buildings that I couldn't upload, So wait for them, You'll enjoy them soon! but for now, Enjoy Van Prooijen Trading. Diego Del Llano. Regards! This file Includes: Functional Landmark with 4,500 CO$$$ Jobs, the lot size is 4x4, Just Maxis Nite. To install this Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins
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    Likely to be released this weekend , a small steam cargo ship from the 1918's ! including compatibility with @Acc3ssViolation's vehicle effects ! i just need to get rid of the second steam effect and add the effect for the ships water wake this post will also function to showcase completed mods and also some sneak peaks of what im working on !
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    From the album Ancient Civilizations (S3-14-M)

    A section of the Great Wall of China, freshly built during the Han dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.). This picture offers a glimpse into the past, as much of the wall has fallen into disrepair and the pagodas are long gone. --- Also, these are all in game models. Models were imported into 3dsmax, rendered, and placed onto either overhanging lots (wall sections) or into an MMP (pagodas). Pagodas can be downloaded here and Great Wall sections downloaded here (this is just one example of his work, there's plenty more.)
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    Thanks, I really should get back into it and finish the bridge. Maybe could stream today. In the meantime new mod: Sharp Textures http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793176674 This mod makes textures appear sharper by increasing anisotropy and decreasing mipmapping. Settings can be adjusted in real time. Anisotropy makes textures look better at grazing angles. The vanilla anisotropy varies between 0 and 8 for various textures. Mipmapping makes textures lower resolution as you zoom out, this mod decreases this effect. Decreasing mipmapping may introduce noise / moiré patterns / aliasing problems. Combining this with the dynamic resolution mod will make it look even better by improving clarity and countering the aliasing isssues. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406629464 FPS may get slightly lower depending on settings, this mod puts a bit more load on the gpu. I've always noticed the textures being a bit blurry, especially roads, trains and decals at grazing angles. So I looked around using mod tools and found that every texture has a setting for anisotropy and mipmapping. Then I contacted TPB for help with coding and he made the first script which cycles through almost all textures and changes those settings, but it didn't change the vanilla assets. I contacted boformer and he made a new script which made it work for all buildings, I just had to add the code for props, vehicles, trees, citizens and networks. After that TPB made it into a mod which can change the settings in realtime, and also save them and load them. We had a new problem where the mod couldn't change the settings on map load for texture replacement mods like roads united, but TPB also figured out how to fix that. Thanks to @TPB and @boformer for basically creating the mod, and thanks to @Tim The Terrible and @Jerenable for testing it out.
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    I recently reached a population 150.000. Here's some random shots of the city by the time i breached the 150.000 wall: Overview: Downtown: One of three railyards: The second railyard: The third railyard (main passenger station) Thats it for now, untill next time!
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    Frisian Fishing Camp

    From the album Ancient Civilizations (S3-14-M)

    It is early morning at a Frisian Fishing camp, circa 475 AD. This camp is just a short distance from a small village. Resources appear to be plentiful, this small outpost may become something more...
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my relot of the LBT's Zamora General Hospital. I liked the building, it was a good size and works well in almost any city type. It was originally only made for my personal use, and such is a little dependency heavy, with some from non-English sites, including the model itself. The lot is more intended for a Tropical/Sub-tropical environment with the many palm trees and other tropical plants. To get the model it is located at Capital Simcity , you will only need the Zamora General Hospital model file, made by the LBT. The dependencies are: Neko Prop sets 2 and 3 SHK Parking Pack BSC - VIP girafe urbanpack vol. 1 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 3 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 LBT Prop Pack LBT Mega Prop Pack Dutch Prop Pack Murimk Bicycle Props BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 PEG MTP Super Pack (Texture DAT is only one that is needed) RMIP ( All you will need is the jzo_RMIP2vol2_textures.dat file) I know it is a long list of dependencies but many of them are necessary for many other lots. I have tested it numerous times, but if there are any issues please do PM me, write in my new Lot editing topic Tankmanks Lots. And i just hope that you will enjoy it.
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    As promised, the "extra extra cheats" DLL with the radiation and disaster cheats has been updated to take advantage of the mouse's position when spawning disasters, rather than trying to shove them into random tiles. The STEX upload is over here. While researching game methods for that, I came across a class called cGZWinLuaScriptConsole that appears to provide a debugging interface for Lua scripts. I don't think this is even enabled by Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL. If anyone knows if this has been implemented before I won't really bother with it, but otherwise I can try and add a cheat code that attempts to re-enable it. Aside from that, I do want to move on to creating some properly organized documentation for all of this before doing any deeper dives to make it easier for the select few people in this community who do know C++ to work with this kind of modding.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Have you ever thought about making content for SimCity 4, but didn't know how to get started? The My First Mod tutorial will guide you through the basics of creating Lots for SimCity 4. The tutorial covers how to make both Ploppable and Growable lots for your game. All you need is the Lot Editor and Plugin Manager tools which come on the disk versions, or can be downloaded here. Included are some useful resources to help get you started creating and some tips and advice to avoid some of the pitfalls. In addition to the tutorial, I've set up a special support thread here, so if you are having problems following along you can ask for help. To install, simply extract the .zip file into a folder of your choice. Ensure you do not move the folder "MGB My First Mod_files", it must be in the same location as the .htm file for the images to display correctly. Enjoy, MGB.
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    I took time off from completing the Umbrella Pine to make some Fall trees (before winter). The 4 piece Sugar Maple Fall Set is now on the workshop. Included in this set is a green Summer version which can be used in all situations. Note also that I made Fall versions of the Oak Tree, Silver Birch and London Planetree. I am debating if I should release them as new or just add them to the existing Workshop items. I will keep you posted about that. They should be released very soon. It's addictive adding such color to the landscape. Have fun! Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793658461
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    Released! I would have preferred to release this yesterday, but I was still in the middle of making the icons by the time I passed out for the night. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793404813 Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I dropped it into Water General after all. I don't like it, but a pipe is a pipe, feels more fitting than anything else. I spent the last week optimizing, over 500 tris pruned from each asset. but they are still kinda heavy for my likes. I should have thought about the pipe organization earlier on so I could get the detail density I was after without having so many faces that are only visible from the side. Shoving this much detail in an asset (not to mention 4) was grueling, I'll probably make some other stuff first before returning to the pipeline sets. Thanks all!
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    so, here's the second stack im working, on much better than the first one i think, you're welcome to let me know what you think !
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    here it is, in nighttime, with fireeffect and nightlights !
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    ahh back to Rail oops meant to include this one
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    Re: uploading the DLL with the radiation cheats to the STEX, I'll get on that once I've finished a couple of additions to it. In the code repository I have for this project, I already added a couple of cheat codes for spawning riots and toxic spills at will. Right now this only tries in random locations, though, so I'm currently trying to make it so that they spawn on the tile that the mouse is pointed at. I'd be content with uploading it once that's done.
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    #11: A New Sunrise - Times of Change Welcome back to Cagayan. I'm still struggling to sweep up behind the fallout of the game update. I'm able to load the city, but not everything could be restored properly, mostly due to my attempts to get the city start up at all. I'm already seeing that I cannot continue as I had been doing this up to now, as the game doesn't want me to load that much stuff anymore.Which means that the city will have to change fundamentally. Some of my most beloved areas will have to go, but I guess those deserve their own treatment anyway. But enough of these ramblings. What has been an amazing change to the game is actually the lighting. Not many people talk about it, but the following screenshots were taken without Daylight Classics mod, just with the same LUT I had been using through most of this CJ so far. One thing I miss from the long time I had been living in Arizona are those glorious sunrises and sunsets. You get all these striking blues, pinks and oranges in an intensity you simply don't get in the North. At least before the stark daylight sucks all contrast out of everything and leaves an overall brown impression. I find it nice that you can get these colorful sunrises here in the game. The first light is subtle enough, and the morning fog emphasizes the tree contours. This also gives the rolling hills in this rural area a nice impression. Okay, I guess we had this before, but it's always nice to look at. Exactly opposite, you get the already known sun glare on the facades, like here in San Lorenzo. I notice that my sun position reset to the point where it was in the beginning. Yay! The same reflection downtown. Do you recognize the left of those three taller buildings in the foreground? Look at all these colors in the sky and on those buildings: Artificial canyons. Further downstream: The major boulevard: Also, on Isla de Cagayan, things look quite pretty, like here in Santa Catarina: The view from Casa Antigua: And with the sun reset, I can finally reproduce the very first image of this CJ that showed a building: Thanks for watching.
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    A complete map over Saint Malin Republic
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    I tend to think CS is doing much better than SC2013, but that's my opinion. The game isn't perfect and doesn't have a lot of replayability. Here is a demonstration of my thoughts: Positives: + $30 at launch for base game versus $60 for SC2013 + Much bigger city tiles than SC2013 + 3D graphics aren't an improvement over SC2013, but CSL is closer to SC4, and that was 2D, so this is a positive. + Electricity and water aren't using the Agents system that SC2013 did, which helps immensely + Water simulation is fantastic. + First DLC added day and night cycle, which is fairly important for any city simulation game + First DLC added specific commercial specialisations. + Industry specialisation by district is a fantastic addition to the game. + Highways and a fair amount of road network options (6-lane, 4-lane avenues) + Easy to create tunnels and bridges + Curved roads is a big improvement over SC4 + Roads can be built under other roads, unlike SC4 + Aspects like crime, firefighting and education work well overall. + Policies implemented on a district or city-wide basis add an extra layer of depth and I think are an undervalued addition to the simulation. They add far more options to gameplay and give Mayor's more freedom to give distinct areas certain features. + Base game accomplished by a team of only 9 people originally. +++++ Modding has added immensely to the game. One can give oneself many more tools to oversee and customise their transport networks. More buildings can be added to the game. Steam is a fantastic venue for such a service, and it adds longevity to the game and will ensure new content is added to CS long after Paradox have moved on. Negatives: - Perhaps lacks the 'fun' factor that made SC4 and previous titles so addictive. This is hard to emulate. - Game can be quite... two dimensional. One play through can often leave me unwilling to return to the game for some time. - Traffic issues - Death waves - I feel Snowfall lacked direction. Not having dynamic seasons was a mistake. - Natural disasters don't appeal to me. - City sprawl isn't really satisfying. Buildings at higher densities hit a level and then the skyline of your city becomes quite... boring. - Lacks a challenge. Once you overcome early finance issues (if you encounter them at all), it is easy to run away with the game. It becomes a painter. - CO doesn't necessarily seem to want to address the issues which have plagued the game since day 1. DLC is important for their survival, but I would prefer there to be more patching whereby bigger problems with the game's simulation are tackled. This would make it easier to justify the purchasing of further expansions on my part. - District specialisation has become somewhat ignored by the devs now. This was a great addition to the game at first, but it is disheartening to see that this has not become something CO has developed on. This is a big point of difference between CSL and the Simcities, so I think CO should redouble their efforts on policies and districts as a means of giving the game a greater point of difference. - Industry becomes irrelevant after your first highschool. After that, you just can't find workers for non-office industry, even in your original existing industrial areas. This is a shame, because I feel having the choice to push your city into becoming an industrial giant or farming breadbasket would be a great move. My idea would be to add another wealth level of industrial, which is less polluting, employs more highly educated workers and still produces plenty of goods to be shipped into commercial zones and outside. Creating high-tech industrial cities in SC4 was rewarding, but it simply doesn't exist in CSL. - (edit) Tourism needs work. Overall, there is plenty which CS gets right. There are a number of things which haven't been fixed yet, which is disappointing. Have I given up on the game? Not yet. I can't play at the moment anyhow, since I am living temporarily overseas without my desktop PC. I do think the game can be improved in many ways and I think these need to be widereaching. My suggestions for what Paradox/CO should do next: > Giving more transport types in a Rush Hour DLC > Overhauling industry to make it a viable growth path in the mid-game in a comprehensive DLC > Fixing the glaring issues with death waves and traffic in a single patch > Overhaul tourism in a comprehensive DLC.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A remake of the original Commercial Center by Citymax. The quality is admittedly lower than what I was hoping for, but due to a poorly timed vacation (in reference to the competition) and a new job, it was the only thing I was working on at the time. Regardless if you do not vote for mine, please take the time to vote in the gallery. It's the least you could do ... ======== Contents: ======== (1) 13x5 Plopable Landmark providing 421 CS$$$ Jobs. As you can see, the rear of the lot contains a small parking lot which is expandable with KOSC's Modular Parking. ============ Dependencies: ============ Props -------- Commercial Center 1 Nams PROPS PACK Vol 2 BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSCBATPropsMattb325_Vol02 CM Champs Elysee Prop Pack TSC PorkieProps - Vol1 SHK Parking Pack Textures ----------- NDEX Base Texture Set 1 Flunight Textures Vol 01 SuperSHK MEGA Texture Pack Enjoy ... nos.17
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    Thanks. I guess you are more into skyscrapers . Thank you. I enjoy your city journal, too. Happy that you like it. Thanks, and your assets help a lot with giving the city character. ______________________________________________________________________________ #12: It's raining... Admittedly, this is only half a real update. I'm lacking time for the game lately, so it will be mostly atmospheric images again. The reworking I wanted to do hasn't even started yet, but I did a few tests with the airport. Some of you may remember that I had a few issues with runway use, and someone on the Paradox forums gave me the helpful hint that you should never have any runways or taxiways below flight paths, because that confuses the plane simulation. Sure enough, one of the major flight paths crossed my city airport. As a consequence, I tried some simple, custom airport up on the rim. It's far from ready, and you can see the city in the background: The runway is outside of the city borders, which works well. However the taxiways change quite a bit, depending on the theme you use (some themes convert them to grass ). You can see the city border easily, even without border markers (hint: the major taxiway is directly on the border): I guess I will be moving it slightly into the city to make it look less silly, but the concept is sound. I have already built a train line up there, but we will get to that one another time. So yes, rain has come to the city, and I quite like the lighting effects with it. Here is San Lorenzo in the light of the setting sun: Of course, the western view is much more dramatic (even if the sky lighting is all wrong): Plaza de la Victoria: Macabalan: Some parts need to be reworked and look a bit eclectic at the moment: Even garbage handling can become quite picturesque if the light is right: A view towards downtown: Thank you for stopping by.
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    I edited a Interchange a friend of mine built, so there are two links to the nearby town Link goes to an album with more shots
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    Alright, second one is almost finished, will still need to edit some things on the model that dont seem right, when that is done im going to use @Avanya's pipelines to connect the second silo, i will also use her stairs props to connect the platforms. and i will add the fire marker when done.
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    Ancient Far East Village 2

    From the album Ancient Civilizations (S3-14-M)

    An ancient Asia east village.
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    This journal entry is an example of using SC4 entirely as a simulator with consideration also of aesthetics. Using no mods, cheats or tricks, I started a large tile city and began construction from one corner, keeping notes of my actions, and proceeding through 3 stages of development to the completion of the city and its stability. This entry is also a monologue of my spiritual journey with the SC4 city simulation game. Stage 1: In SimCity 2000 the game had a reasonably achievable end with the launching of the arcologies, but neither versions since are designed that way. In SC4 I suppose you could call yourself a master if you successfully gained all the rewards starting from the most difficult setting with the disasters enabled and launched a space shuttle, but the city itself may be unstable and headed toward destruction. The final conclusion, the mastery of the game, seems more so the social, financial and environmental balance of a city, a constant balance of dynamics rather than a static end. In SC4 you can get kicked out of the game and be forced to run for the senate if your city is a complete financial failure, and that is the only programmed end point. Otherwise, you may consider yourself a master if you can build a large city with most of the rewards and the city can be left alone to run with only basic maintenance such as replacement of utilities when they wear out. Stage 2: In the tradition of gaming as in the arts, there is always a greater master, never a final master. One can only hope that a greater master will arise, and another, and on and on, so to continue learning and being productive. I fondly remember the first time SC4 kicked me out of the game informing me that I was now qualified to become a politician. It was a moment of pure cosmic revelation, a mind-blowing insight into the true workings of the universe. I had lost everything, I had totally failed, and yet I could now go and succeed as a politician, no longer a technician. Is that so bad really? I mean, I would get lots of money and power and fame, but lose my soul, lose my integrity and honor, have no mind or meaningful existence. Life is nasty, brutish and short anyway, right? Why not go into politics and have a good time while it lasts? Intermission: Then a feeling surged strong in me, a determination of self-respect and the urge to fulfilment of meaning and purpose... I re-started the game and tried again. In conclusion, yes, I do still have my notes that I made while playing this session of the game, and I was going to publish them with this journal entry so that someone else could read them and apply some of my moves, but why boast? Why give information unless it is sincerely asked for? It is better to incite the will of another to spar, to joust, to juggle and jest in struggle to master the game for themselves. To become greater than the greatest indeed, always the lesser in process of victory over the electronic beast. Stage 3: Game Over, Please Try Again... Any Questions? EDIT: Here are the stats for the 3 stages of gameplay above: Stage 1: Pop: 5,400, §1,700, about 90 minutes of gameplay Stage 2: Pop: Over 90,000, §18M, about 5 hrs. of gameplay Stage 3: Below are the stats realized at the point that I stopped building and running the simulator, slightly skewed as the pic is shot after re-installing the plugins. The third stage was developed over about a week, about 20 hrs.
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    Another new quick mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793346248 This mod allows changing the hover area for big decals in real time. I was watching arrowhead junction and Flux complained that decals get in the way when bulldozing stuff, so that gave me the idea to do this.
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